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exclusive examples sometimes it’s a fraction of a second that counts sometimes it’s a fraction of an inch porsche exclusive is the ultimate for your inspiration the following in personalization offering a wide pages feature two customization range of styling options meticulous examples from porsche exclusive precision and genuine exclusivity would you like an interior finished in whether your wish is to make your high-quality leather with selected details porsche sportier more comfortable painted in the exterior color of your or even more individual porsche car how about a pdk gear selector exclusive can help our goal is to in aluminum or painted wheels you create something truly special during tell us what you want and we will do the consultation and planning phases our best to give it to you—provided you can be assured that the utmost of course that it is technically feasible care will be taken to ensure that your and does not compromise quality wishes are met

creative freedom is given to even the by the use of carbon on selected items most subtle details on the boxster s in such as the center console trim and the guards red for example the headlight decorative trims on the dashboard and cleaning system covers are painted in door panels alcantara ® is featured the same color as the vehicle exterior on the finish of the pdk gear selector the rear side air-intake grilles and the this authentic motorsport material is rear fascia also have a painted finish non-slip and particularly easy to clean 2 3 which further enhances the sporty look the high-quality agate grey leather the car’s extremely imposing interior reinforces the design’s clear appearance is emphasized by sense of purpose the seat belts 20-inch sporttechno wheels with and ignition key are finished in the a dynamic five-spoke design same color as the vehicle exterior guards red also in guards red is the sportiness is also the theme of the sport chrono stopwatch

the luxor beige leather interior has as you can see when it comes to timeless and classic appeal yet with styling your boxster you have all some selective and exclusive details the freedom you could possibly wish you can also make it as individual for provided that your requirements as you want it to be the steering are technically feasible and meet column casing the seat-belt buckles porsche quality standards 2 3 and the slats on the air vents have all been covered in leather even in the end independence is more the personalized floor mats feature than just a feeling it is a lifestyle a leather edging the headrests that makes it possible to have a mind on the sport seats plus and the of one’s own to make one’s own storage compartment lid have been decisions and to live one’s own life embossed with the porsche crest where better to enjoy this freedom than in a roadster styled personally by you 1 storage compartment lid with porsche crest and seat-belt buckles in

colors and materials exceptional exquisite excellent in a word exclusive leather alcantara® leather is a traditional natural this high-quality material is easy material—a true classic to care for washable and has excellent non-slip properties we offer a comprehensive selection of colors and materials for you to choose from when designing your new porsche a range of colors to sample for the interior and exterior is available as are mahogany1 carbon high-quality materials such as leather mahogany is a dark fine wood carbon is a light highly durable alcantara® elegant mahogany carbon its fine grain gives it a very material which has its origins in and aluminum to enhance the interior modern and elegant look motorsport its performance look you can find out what is possible at is the ideal complement to the your authorized porsche dealer engineering of the boxster alternatively an appointment with our specialists who can provide you with private exclusive design advice

boxster s boxster option code page s s xls – s s xlf – engine transmission chassis and wheels sæ3portætailpipes sæ3portæexhaustæsystemæ s s xrt 7 10 sæ7heelsæpaintedæinæ0latinum2 s s xdh 11 14 20 sæ7heelsæpaintedæexterioræcolor1 s s xd9 6 s s xda 2 20 s s crx – 1 sæ inchæ3port4echnoæwheels sæ7heelsæpaintedæblack 1 1 sæ7heelsæpaintedæcontrastingæexterioræcolor includes wheel centers with full-color porsche crest not compatible with 20-inch carrera s wheel includes wheel centers with full-color porsche crest 1 1 2 – not available æextra costæoptionæ sæstandardæ !æavailableæatænoæextraæcost 19 · exclusive options 2 1 20-inch carrera s wheel painted black 2 20-inch carrera s wheel painted platinum exclusive options ·

boxster s boxster option code page s s eer 22 s s xdm 22 ssss czt – cge – cgj – cgg 8 10 22 interior sænterioræpackage æpainted1 1 sæ$ashboardætrimæstrip æpainted sææ3portæ#hronoæclockædial æcolored luxor beige racing yellow white guards red ssss 1 paint in exterior color 1 – not available æextra costæoptionæ sæstandardæ !æavailableæatænoæextraæcost 21 · exclusive options 1 interior package painted and center console trim painted 2 dashboard trim strip painted 3 sport chrono clock dial in guards red and air-vent slats in leather 2 3 exclusive options ·

boxster s boxster option code page s s eea 26 28 s s xvp – interior leather sæ,eatheræinterioræpackageææ sæ$ashboardætrimæstripæinæ,eatherææ s s cxm 26 sæ$oorætrimæpackageæinæ,eather1 s s czw 26 sæ2earviewæmirroræinæ,eather1 s s cvw 3 s s czv 14 s s xns 26 s s cur – 1 sæ$ashboardætrimæpackageæinæ,eather 1 sæ!ir ventæslatsæinæ,eather sæ3teering columnæcasingæinæ,eather 1 sæ0 æpackageæinæ,eather leather in interior color unless otherwise specified at the time of order 1 – not available æextra costæoptionæ sæstandardæ !æavailableæatænoæextraæcost 25 · exclusive options 1 1 steering-column casing in leather 2 door trim package in leather 3 leather interior package dashboard trim package center console in leather and door trim package in leather 2 3 exclusive options ·

boxster s boxster option code page interior alcantara® mahogany,1 carbon sæ0 ægearæselectoræinæ!lcantara ® s s clh 8 10 30 sæ-ahoganyæinterioræpackage s s eeb/eec 12 14 30 eed/eef sæ-ultifunctionæsteeringæwheelæinæ-ahoganyæheated s s xhf 12 14 sæ#enteræconsoleætrimæinæ-ahogany s s xhg 12 30 sæ#arbonæinterioræpackage s s eeg/eeh 8 30 eej/eek sæ-ultifunctionæsteeringæwheelæinæ#arbonæheated s s xhl 30 sæ#enteræconsoleætrimæinæ#arbon s s xhm 10 30 since wood is a natural product there may be variations in color and grain 1 – not available æextra costæoptionæ sæstandardæ !æavailableæatænoæextraæcost 29 · exclusive options 1 1 carbon interior package multifunction steering wheel in carbon heated and center console trim in carbon 2 mahogany interior package and center console trim in mahogany 3 pdk gear selector in alcantara® 2 3 exclusive

boxster s boxster option code page eel/eem 32 interior aluminum sæbrushed aluminum interior package s s een/eep sæpdk gear selector in aluminum s s xya 32 sæcenter console trim in brushed aluminum s s xye 32 sæpedals in aluminum s s efa – 1 – not available æextra costæoptionæ sæstandardæ !æavailableæatænoæextraæcost 31 · exclusive options 1 brushed aluminum interior package and center console trim in brushed aluminum 2 brushed aluminum interior package and center console trim in brushed aluminum 3 pdk gear selector in aluminum 2 3 exclusive options ·

exclusive expertise when did a dream last seem so real lateral thinking and finding one’s own way at porsche this approach was destined to lead us in an entirely different direction indeed an exclusive one it was a direction toward limited-edition production runs and custom-built designs which were piloted in the early 1980s with the 935 street as part of the porsche “sonderwunschprogramm” special request service in 1986 the service was renamed porsche exclusive and this is how the dream lives on today 35 · exclusive expertise exclusive expertise ·

to celebrate the 25th anniversary of porsche exclusive we resumed our tradition of the limited production run with a car that once again showed exactly what we can do it is a car that takes you back to the origins of the dream and pays tribute to the first-ever porsche model the porsche 356 this is also why we decided to limit production to exactly 356 cars we called it the 911 speedster the 911 speedster may have been limited in quantity but your dreams are not with the porsche exclusive program you can personalize your porsche to your own requirements these options include the extras featured on the 911 speedster do you want a pdk gear selector and handbrake lever in aluminum exterior mirror attachment point finishers and lower trims with a black-painted finish or door-entry guards with a personalized logo almost anything is possible this is the way in which unique cars continue to be made and how dreams come true perhaps your dream will be next 37 · exclusive expertise exclusise