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the 911 introduction the 911 the path to intelligent performance when the first 911 was revealed to formulated to achieve a balance of priorities in balance seamlessly integrated into the most speed transmission for porsche transmission balances the thrill of variations on a theme embodied in every generation of this the world back in 1963 its design engineering priorities the 911 became in the 911 porsche applies this singular rewarding 911 interior yet created vehicles allows for precise control of lightning-quick gearshifts with the if there is one tradition we hold sacred legendary car—race-bred performance reflected the mindset of the company’s a rolling laboratory for what porsche balance to the priorities of a new era engine power while also improving rewards of improved fuel efficiency it is our commitment to innovation if everyday practicality—have once founder prof ferdinand porsche calls intelligent performance tradition dictates that a 911 must the

the 911 the 911 carrera cabriolet here’s to every day being 72 degrees and sunny the 911 carrera cabriolet if it seems curious to combine the an advanced design minimal wind noise integrated directly open-top performance words “practical” and “cabriolet” in smooth and firm light and robust the behind the rear seats the wind deflector the performance figures of the the same sentence consider this design of the cabriolet top is impressive does not consume any interior room 911 carrera cabriolet reflect the with its re-engineered cabriolet top in terms of both appearance and or cargo space when not deployed ambitious goals achieved by our made of lightweight materials and construction it is made from three operation could not be easier and it engineers the rear-mounted an integrated fully electric wind ultra-lightweight magnesium supporting allows for quick and easy transition 3.4-liter flat-six engine delivers 350 deflector the 911 carrera cabriolet

the 911 transmission porsche doppelkupplung pdk milliseconds with no interruption in the fuel consumption and engine noise moment the other closes gear changes coasting another way to reduce fuel consumption is in short driving that utilizes the 7-speed pdk is available as an flow of power improving acceleration by reducing engine revolutions can therefore take place in an instant the “coasting” function available to utilize the coasting function on downhill coasting mode makes a real impact option for all of the 911 models giving while reducing fuel consumption when the sport button is engaged with porsche doppelkupplung pdk gradients that are gentle enough for you on fuel consumption without any the driver the ability to enjoy driving pdk is essentially two gearboxes in a pdk is optimized for rapid shifts enables you to save even more fuel to maintain a constant speed efficient on need for compromise on comfort in either manual or automatic mode pdk has seven forward

the 911 body and chassis sport tuning at the touch of a button additional performance systems still in sport plus mode for safety dynamic engine mounts sensors the stiffness and damping this results in greater traction and it is set to intervene automatically dynamic engine mounts are included performance of the engine mounts more stable handling under load change only when abs assistance is in the new sport chrono package adapt to changes in driving style and conditions and in fast corners required on both front wheels based on the dynamic engine mounts road surface conditions which is formerly available in 911 gt3 and achieved by use of a fluid magnetized in cars equipped with porsche 911 turbo models they make a decisive in an electrically generated field doppelkupplung pdk the selection contribution to dynamic performance of sport plus adds two additional by controlling centrifugal forces high-performance functions ideal for motorsports the first is launch the electronically

the 911 safety electric parking brake airbags also included are knee airbags for the new electric parking brake which the 911 models offer advanced airbag both the driver and passenger you can activate and deactivate technology in the form of full-size driver manually releases automatically as you and front-passenger airbags which pull away the hold function assists the are inflated in two stages depending driver in making a comfortable smooth on the severity and angle of impact impact sensors are located near and roll-free start on an incline the for example frontal or offset frontal system automatically detects that the in less serious accidents the airbags vehicle has been braked to a halt on an are only partially inflated thereby incline provided a gear is engaged the minimizing discomfort to the occupants brake pressure is maintained at all four wheels for approximately two seconds porsche side impact protection posip system an upward-inflating head airbag each all of the 911

the 911 comfort roof transport system sunroof luggage compartment porsche entry drive anti-theft protection all 911 models are equipped the optional electrically adjustable available as an option for the coupe the luggage compartment volume in the with the optional porsche entry tilt/slide sunroof for the coupe models the new aluminum roof 911 carrera and carrera s models is 4.7 drive you can enter and drive without with anti-theft protection which models features an all-new design transport system is aerodynamically cubic feet 135 liters and 4.4 cubic feet removing your electronically coded key includes an immobilizer with in-key that opens outward so that it efficient very lightweight and in the carrera 4 and carrera 4s models from your pocket as soon as you touch transponder and an alarm system with radar-based interior surveillance doesn’t sacrifice headroom easy to attach a range of the luggage compartment is fully the door handle or the porsche crest another advantage

the 911 responsibility earth is a beautiful place to drive the 911 helps to keep it that way porsche and the environment in a racing series every competitor through its application porsche has long service intervals are not only more reads the same rulebook—which is why managed to reduce fuel consumption convenient—they also reduce ownership so many arrive at similar solutions at in every model range when compared costs they promote a more sparing use porsche we realized long ago that the to their predecessors at the same of consumables and replacement parts best way to beat the competition was by time we’ve improved acceleration which for you lowers costs and saves thinking and doing the unconventional and responsiveness to make time perhaps the greatest benefi t performance vehicles that are better however is for the environment our approach to the environment for the environment and the driver is no different we share with other this is achieved through a

the 911 personalization standard interior with partial leather seats with leather front seats with leather seats leather interior roof liner 1,2 carpet black black platinum grey floor mats natural leather interior.1 leather/soft-touch paint in interior color roof liner 1 carpet floor mats agate grey agate grey espresso espresso espresso espresso agate grey pebble grey agate grey carrera red black carrera red carrera red black platinum grey black floor mats leather interior special colors two-tone color combination roof liner 1 carpet black black agate grey agate grey platinum grey platinum grey platinum grey agate grey and pebble grey luxor beige luxor beige luxor beige luxor beige black and platinum grey yachting blue black yachting blue yachting blue roof liner in alcantara ® roof liner is always black cloth in cabriolets 1 2 97

the 911 personalization porsche car configurator european delivery create your own identity the first time that you drive your and precision goes into everything we history here you can visit the porsche of our instructors hone your skills new porsche will be a truly special do you can then take time to reflect museum to experience and learn about on-road on the fia-certified test circuit taste personality style you decide moment nevertheless you can make on your experience over a leisurely every aspect of the porsche marque or off-road in a porsche off-roader how to refine the 911 carrera to your it even more special with porsche lunch and look forward to the high with legendary models from a sports on our very own off-road track personal preference with the porsche european delivery come and collect point of the day taking delivery of your car history spanning over 60 years car configurator you can see the result your porsche in stuttgart-zuffenhausen porsche our specialists will