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thrust i 25 motorsport history can be written in 60 years or in milliseconds porsche doppelkupplung pdk clutch transmission that porsche had no interruption in the flow of power to pro tuned to match the 3.8-liter engine this it’s the year 1984 porsche unveils the been continually refining since the 1960s vide faster acceleration and low fuel con is the first time that it has been fitted in 962 and a turbocharged flat-six engine in the porsche 962c it enabled extreme sumption a 911 gt3 and it comes as standard capable of producing 680 hp it’s a ly fast gear changes shaving off seconds racing car intended to push through in motorsport and minutes in the 24-hour and yet our engineers still were not goal achieved racing feel included existing limits and write its own motor race satisfied – at least not with the develop with seven performance-oriented gears sport history ment of the new 911 gt3 so they where even 7th gear has a sport ratio the subsequent

ideal line i 33 dynamic engine mounts engine and combines the benefits of a our engineers have solved this problem also reduces the vertical oscillations of simply responding at the limit means that hard or soft engine mounting arrange by enabling the engine mounts to adapt the engine when accelerating under you’ve already lost on sporty drives in ment their stiffness and damping performance full load the results are greater and to changes in driving style and road sur more uniform drive force at the rear particular it is essential not to underestimate the unforgiving forces of physics a hard engine mounting delivers optimum face conditions this has been achieved axle increased traction and better instead they should be exploited in the dynamic performance because it offers by use of a fluid with magnetic properties ­acceleration whenever a less assertive interests of dynamic performance this is the highest degree of handling precision in interaction with an electrically

reserves i 43 porsche ceramic composite brake pccb the cross-drilled ceramic brake discs are the key advantage of pccb is the high-performance braking systems we now 410 mm in diameter at the front extremely low weight of the ceramic recommend that all brake components porsche side impact protection system posip from the start porsche has been synony and 390 mm at the rear for even more brake discs which are approximately be professionally inspected and replaced posip fitted as standard consists of mous with motorsport ever since 1948 formidable braking performance 50  lighter than standard discs of a where necessary after every track event side impact protection beams in the we have pushed the boundaries of ­similar design and size as well as doors and two side airbags on each side dynamic performance on the racetrack the use of six-piston aluminum monobloc enhancing performance and fuel econ­ driver and passenger airbags an integral thorax airbag is located in

cockpit i 51 cdr audio system sound package plus cdr plus audio system functions are operated using the controls fitted as standard the cdr audio system the optional sound package plus is ideal to experience the limits of audio sophisti on the connected device itself usb features a seven-inch color monitor for your racing soundtrack nine loud cation tune into the optional cdr plus sticks mp3 players ipods® or iphones® that also acts as a touchscreen giving speakers and a separate amplifier with a audio system with an output of 235 watts can be plugged in directly via the you quick and easy access to the most total output of 235 watts create a sound and nine loudspeakers all functions usb port giving you immediate access important functions and menus experience that has been perfectly tuned can be controlled directly from the high to your music library podcasts and for the car’s interior resolution seven-inch wvga tft touch audiobooks with support for cover art screen

pit stop i 59 gt racing gt3 cup challenges 20 years since the first porsche carrera racing teams which use two to three ‘gran-turismo’ or gt racing cars are the gateway to semi-professional motor cup germany was staged in 1990 a ­racing cars in the championship the exclusively prepared for competition sport race locations include australia ­further seven porsche carrera cups have events take place mainly as part of the use however regulations state that they brazil central europe great britain become established in france great european grand prix with a race dis must be based on road-legal cars with japan scandinavia switzerland usa ­britain scandinavia italy japan asia tance of approximately 44 miles the modifications restricted to a few specific canada and the middle east races and australia races are held on almost drivers which include established person areas in the early 1990s porsche was are governed by the regulations of the every weekend of the

68 i pit stop on the ecological side all materials used protection does not begin at the end of this has been accomplished not least by fuel are meticulously selected each light a vehicle’s life it starts at the planning the two catalytic converters and stereo all porsche models – including the new weight material is easily recyclable and development stage lambda control circuits which monitor 911 gt3 – are designed to operate on and all plastic components are labeled each cylinder bank separately for each fuels with an ethanol content of up to to facilitate separation for recycling emission control exhaust tract two lambda sensors regu 10  e.g ‘e10’ ethanol has a positive the reduction in the number of plastic the new 911 gt3 meets the lev ii late the composition of the exhaust gas impact on the co2 balance since the variants helps to ensure more efficient emission standard in the usa vehicles another lambda sensor for each cylinder

76 i personalization personalization option i no page 76 i 77 interior leather leather interior package in black • code leather interior with decorative stitching in red • 749 gt3 sportdesign steering wheel in black smooth-finish leather ■ 840 48 audio and communication • cdr audio system1 p27 51 porsche communication management pcm including navigation system • p23 53 sound package plus • 490 51 mobile phone preparation2 • 619 telephone module • 666 • 671 • 692 1 3 2 voice control system 2 six-disc cd autochanger 1 six-disc cd/dvd autochanger1 • 693 hd radio ® receiver • 688 • 686 siriusxm hd radio receiver • 690 sport chrono package • 639/640 siriusxm receiver ® ® leather interior with decorative stitching in red seat belts in guards red and other optional equipment 51 • cdr plus audio system 1 ®   i number/extra-cost option •  standard equipment

limits pushed i 85 when your real work day is a sunday summary and when doing so it continuously driving to the max the fastest lap a new one thing is clear already the new adapts to deliver what the driver wants personal best the passion for the sports 911 gt3 is going to change its driver car that comes with pushing your own where before there was only a corner with outstanding performance and by there is now the ideal line where before offering excellent manageability it breaks there was a car in front there is now through existing limits in the mind and the next opportunity to overtake where on the tarmac it compensates for weak before there was no way forward there nesses and turns them into strengths is the road to completely new horizons limits in the new