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the new boxster a higher form of intelligence a pure expression of independence has it really been 15 years since the porsche in the harmonious blending of exterior and interior design that debut of the original boxster an instant style functionality and innovation the puts aesthetically appealing lines design classic a powerful mid-engined new boxster is nothing less than the total and curves in all the right places sports car a purebred roadster it was refinement of porsche’s belief of what a clear the boxster did full justice to its roadster should be honed and sharpened more independent of spirit than ever predecessors in the porsche lineage to give it a completely new expression before the boxster is now even more as porsche engineers planned the third powerful visceral and intense generation boxster the question was we achieved this with intelligent how could it continue to do so in the performance with increased power future how could the boxster evolve into that is

the engine is in the middle but everything else is in the extreme boxster s the engine is in the middle but producing 315 horsepower at 6700 rpm yet even this exceptional level of optional porsche torque vectoring 19-inch boxster s light-alloy wheels in the interior of the boxster s the everything else is in the extreme the and a maximum torque of 266 lb ft dynamic performance can be further ptv offers increased agility and with a double-spoke design create door panel armrests and the storage boxster s is an even more vehement at 4500–5800 rpm the 3.4-liter flat enhanced with the optional porsche driving pleasure at the same time as an exceptionally powerful presence compartment lid in the center interpretation of the porsche roadster six engine with dfi and variocam plus doppelkupplung pdk transmission and improving traction and handling the slats on the front air intakes are console are additionally upholstered it has been engineered to provide an delivers an added 50

variocam plus the system first differentiates between system then imperceptibly adapts valve integrated dry-sump lubrication powerful lateral acceleration it also to help reduce power losses and increase variocam plus is a two-in-one driver inputs that typify normal operation to the prevailing conditions integrated dry-sump lubrication has additional cooling functions efficiency an electronically controlled engine concept for adjusting the everyday driving and those inputs intake camshafts and switching that demand maximum performance the result instant acceleration and when a performance driving style is the oil tank is located in the engine inside the engine when required this the lift of the intake valves the electronic engine management extremely smooth running adopted and the vehicle is experiencing eliminating the need for an external oil results in an optimal supply of oil lower tank and saving both space and weight fuel consumption and reduced emissions performance 

1 2 steering new electromechanical system uses the new steering system even improves low speeds power steering plus the the boxster models now employ a new energy only when the steering wheel the steering feel its variable-steering optional speed-sensitive power-steering electromechanical steering system unlike is actually turned fuel consumption is ratio provides precise and direct feedback system further minimizes steering effort a conventional hydraulically assisted reduced and the absence of hydraulic for more agile response at higher speeds during maneuvering and parking steering system that draws engine power fluid reduces the need for servicing while at the same time achieving a high continuously the electric motor in the performance  |  chassis 1 front axle of the boxster s 2 rear axle of the boxster s level of comfort and steering ease at

3 4 1 lights input offer a longer service life and clear glass halogen headlights are have an unmistakable appearance fitted as standard on the boxster the bi-xenonâ„¢ headlights including porsche dynamic light system pdls 2 5 uniform illumination of the road whether the system also includes a speed at lower speeds such as in city traffic automatic headlight activation dipped or high beam is selected sensitive headlight range control function stage 2 is designed for driving at in the new boxster models automatic with adaptive light systems it is possible higher speeds such as when on the headlight activation is available as why should independence be enjoyed boxster s is equipped as standard with led technology opens up entirely new only at night the optional porsche the dynamic cornering light function for the maximum range of the dipped highway another function of pdls is standard the system automatically bi-xenonâ„¢ headlights on both models possibilities for designers not

fuel economy and recycling intelligent lightweight construction has been fundamental to the porsche identity since 1948 for both technical and ecological reasons this forms the basis for achieving efficient fuel consumption values in conjunction with outstanding performance on the technical side various components on the ecological side all materials recycling recycled plastics are used of a vehicle’s life it starts at the co2 from the atmosphere the release servicing are made with a high proportion of used are meticulously selected we use where they meet our exacting technical planning and development stage of hydrocarbons from the fuel system long service intervals offer clear aluminum magnesium plastics and only innovative and environmentally requirements in short the new boxster has been minimized thanks to the advantages for you they reduce costs super high-strength sheet steel the friendly components all synthetic is approximately 95 percent recyclable fuel active carbon

sit here and it’s hard to imagine yourself anywhere else seating sport seats sport seats plus power sport seats adaptive sport seats plus roads also included is the personal seat heating and ventilation the standard sport seats are comfortable the optional sport seats plus are if you don’t want to sacrifice sportiness the optional adaptive sport seats memory for all seat positions apart from seat heating is available as an option for and provide support even during upholstered in smooth-finish leather for comfort the optional power sport plus are the ideal combination of sport the side bolsters on the driver’s side all seats seats are heated in the seat performance driving the seat centers the side bolsters of the seat cushion and seats offer fully electric adjustment of and comfort offering 18-way power as well as the positions of the steering cushion backrest and side bolsters are finished in alcantara ® a material backrest are more prominently defined seat

universal audio interface bose® surround sound system in combination with the optional porsche vehicle and adapts music playback in conjunction with pcm you can the optional bose ® surround sound communication management pcm the instantly and automatically so that access content from your ipod ® or system really strikes a chord bose ® surround sound system enables a consistent sound is maintained— audio playback of dvds and is thus able whatever the driving conditions any other compatible usb device the usb port safely located inside developed specifically for porsche to make full use of the impressive sound the glove compartment can also and optimally tuned for the interior spectrum of 5.1 digital recordings of the result is a balanced faithfully recharge your audio device you can of the new boxster models it can course you can still play other audio reproduced sound and a captivating control your ipod ® or usb device be combined with the optional sources such

building your porsche dream efficiently now we’re offering select options option package as part of a series of packages a few indulgences that increase your driving pleasure the porsche option packages our most popular options grouped to offer you our option packages make it easier to more porsche more efficiently than ever personalize your porsche in the most efficient manner and at a better cost to you making it easier to build that porsche you have always dreamed of option packages page bose ® surround sound system bring advanced audio and information features to the cockpit of your boxster infotainment package porsche communication management pcm with navigation module 77–78 sound package plus 76 siriusxm satellite radio ® receiver 78 infotainment package with bose ® siriusxm satellite radio ® receiver with the optional navtraffic ® personalization  | choices page porsche communication management pcm with navigation module 77–78

porsche car configurator independence begins with an idea taste personality and style you decide how to refine the new boxster to your personal preference with the porsche car configurator you can see the result instantly on your computer just five steps is all it takes to create the porsche of your dreams to access the porsche car configurator please visit porscheusa.com porsche exclusive creative freedom is another form of exclusivity and exclusively tailored to your wishes our overriding principle that your your porsche dealer will be happy to even before it leaves the factory car is uniquely handcrafted to your answer any questions about porsche aesthetically and technically inside taste you will find a wide range exclusive that you may have please note with the range of options featured in this and outside using fine materials and of design options in the separate that delivery times may be extended for catalog you can make your porsche with customary porsche quality porsche

index a colors comfort61–80 83 85–88 airbags  52 air-conditioning system  69 alarm system 72 d anti-theft protection  72 design9–14 audio and communication 75–80 audio interface universal 79 audio system 75–76 automatic climate control two-zone f n fuel consumption 21 24 26–27 30–31 navigation module p water-repellent side windows “welcome home” lighting storage options 69 wheels  recycling  57  handset for telephone parkassist  72 rollover protection 51 t dry-sump lubrication integrated  25 module cordless parking brake electric 40 dynamic gearbox mounts 45–46 personalization83–100 s tft screen programmable garage door opener 72 porsche active suspension safety49–52 thermal management management pasm  27 electrical system recuperation 28 i porsche car configurator electric parking brake 40 instruments63–64 porsche ceramic composite b engineered body design  49