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5 · exterior there’s nothing over-elaborate or fanciful about our accessories they integrate with the vehicle to form a harmonious whole 1963 saw the first-ever porsche 911 sports car styled the way we envisioned today sees the latest 911 styled the way we—and you—envision a fully personalized 911 can be your dream come true with the porsche tequipment range of accessories you can make your 911 even more distinctive whether you opt for the aerokit cup sport exhaust system sport tailpipes or new wheels the decision is entirely yours the following pages will show you everything that’s possible all accessories available from porsche tequipment were developed in parallel with the 911 itself how else could we have achieved such a harmonious combination

11 · exterior porsche has kept its feet on the ground since 1948 exterior · 12 make an impression by combining [1 20-inch sportdesign wheels with summer tires [2 20-inch sporttechno wheels with summer tires [3 20-inch carrera s wheels with summer tires [4 20-inch carrera s wheels painted platinum with summer tires aesthetics dynamic performance set of one-piece alloy wheels with set of one-piece alloy wheels optimized set of alloy wheels with an elegant your porsche delivers excellent and safety styled and tested without motorsport-derived multispoke design for low weight using flow-forming dual five-spoke design dynamic and dynamic performance and so do compromise they are the perfect and optimized for low weight thanks technology center spokes with gt powerful—just like your porsche vehicle these wheels the 20-inch carrera s complement to your 911 sports car to flow-forming technology silver metallic paint finish and front wheels with summer tires and a paint

• • tire specifications wheel/tire set front 8.5j x 20 et 51 rear 11j x 20 et 70 front 245/35 zr 20 91y rear 295/30 zr 20 101y xl 20-inch carrera s wheels painted black high-gloss with summer tires1 6 911 carrera s 911 carrera s cabriolet 20-inch carrera s wheels with summer tires1 6 wheel dimensions offset et in mm 911 carrera 911 carrera cabriolet wheel/tire set 911 carrera s 911 carrera s cabriolet exterior · 16 911 carrera 911 carrera cabriolet 15 · exterior • • front 8.5j x 20 et 51 rear 11j x 20 et 70 front 245/35 zr 20 91y rear 295/30 zr 20 101y xl • • front 8.5j x 20 et 51 rear 11j x 20 et 70 front 245/35 zr 20 91y rear 295/30 zr 20 101y xl wheel dimensions offset et in mm tire specifications part no 991 044 602 02 part no 991 044 602 04 20-inch carrera s wheels painted platinum with summer tires1 6 part no 991 044 602 06 • • front 8.5j x 20 et 51 rear 11j x 20 et 70 front 245/35 zr 20 91y rear 295/30 zr 20 101y xl 20-inch

19 · exterior exterior · 20 [1 wheel centers [2 anti-theft wheel protection [3 crested valve caps [4 wheel spacers with the body of the car package set of wheel center caps with full-color set of four steel bolts with highly secure silver-colored valve caps with embossed wheel spacers create a wider track for consists of a set of four spacers 5mm porsche crest the perfect finishing touch locking system porsche crest enhanced stability and presence on the including extended standard and anti-theft road when fitted your 911 will look even wheel bolts in black with highly secure sportier as the wheels run virtually flush locking system for the wheels of your 911 sports car carrera s wheel sportdesign wheel 970 044 600 14 sport techno wheel 991 044 600 20 w/o spacers 991 361 057 00 w spacers 991 361 980 00 part no 000 044 602 15 part no 991 044 500 00 carrera classic wheel 991 044 600 19 carrera s wheel in black 997 044 600 47 carrera s in silver paint 991 044 600 21 1 2 3

23 · interior interior · 24 the 911 symbolizes creative freedom not least on the inside [1 leather [2 mahogany1 [3 carbon [4 aluminum [5 alcantara® leather is a traditional natural material— mahogany is a dark fine wood carbon is a light but highly brushed aluminum sets clear accents and this high-quality material is easy a true classic items made of leather are its fine grain gives it a very durable material which has its gives the interior a sporty minimalist look to care for washable and has both timeless and hardwearing modern and elegant look origins in motorsport its look excellent non-slip properties is the ideal complement to the since wood is a natural product there 1 car’s race-bred engineering may be variations in color and grain 1 3 1 3 2 4

27 · interior interior · 28 [3 pdk gear selector in aluminum [4 pdk gear selector in alcantara® [5 sportdesign steering wheel one for pdk the pdk version is this package consists of inlays in [2 center console trim in brushed aluminum specially designed pdk gear selector in this pdk gear selector highlights the this steering wheel in leather adds a equipped with gearshift paddles brushed aluminum on the gear lever or every detail should be exactly as you aluminum the pdk gear selector inlays close association of porsche with distinctly sporty accent two versions are the right-hand paddle shifts up pdk gear selector and decorative strips imagined this trim in brushed aluminum feature leather trim in the interior color motorsport finished in black alcantara available one for the manual gearbox and the left-hand paddle shifts down in brushed aluminum on the dashboard enhances the sporty feel of the interior part no part no pdk 991 044 800 45 part no manual 991 044 800 47 [1

31 · audio and communication your 911 is a technical masterpiece communication technologies included tradition and innovation style and functionality performance and everyday practicality the 911 combines them all it’s what you expect from a porsche the 911 embodies passion for the sports car like almost no other vehicle it is a demonstration of engineering excellence the interior is no different which features intelligent communication equipment from porsche tequipment this has an important role to play on the road by helping you to reach your destination quickly and safely the sporty way audio and

35 · transport and car care did you expect our transport and carcare accessories to offer anything less than supreme performance the 911 sports car and roof attachments that may sound like a contradiction but it isn’t not when our favorite pastime is reconciling seemingly contradictory thoughts you can drive your porsche and bring your gear along for the ride after some heavy lifting your porsche deserves a rest and some tlc the following pages will show you everything we have to offer from car covers to microfiber cleaning cloths transport and car

39 · transport and car care transport and car care · 40 a real performer can always shoulder a little more burden [1 roof transport system [2 bike carrier [3 roof box [4 ski/snowboard carrier [5 front cargo liner not shown versatile base rack offering maximum lockable carrier for standard adult and lockable plastic roof box in silver two versions of this attachment are waterproof and easy-to-clean loadspace roof load of 165 pounds compatible children’s bikes up to a maximum frame grey with a load-carrying capacity available the first version can carry liner offering tailored protection against with a wide range of load-carrying tube diameter of up to 3.3 inches up of approximately 10 cubic feet up to four pairs of skis or up to dirt and damage for the luggage attachments which are easy to fit to three bike carriers can be mounted with integrated ski carrier can be two snowboards the second larger compartment with porsche logo and feature anti-theft protection on the roof

43 · transport and car care transport and car care · 44 [1 car-care case coupe [2 car-care case cabriolet [3 wheel-cleaning kit [4 refill bottle not shown aluminum case containing high-quality cleaning fluid and brush set for refill bottle and wheel cleaner [5 microfiber cleaning cloths not shown [6 ice scraper aluminum case containing high-quality car-care products specially approved car-care products specially approved alloy wheels cleaning fluid also for the wheel-cleaning kit pack of three microfiber cloths telescopic handle for easy removal for your porsche includes insect for your porsche includes shampoo available separately as a refill remover shampoo paint polish wax wax glass cleaner leather cleaner and glass cleaner leather conditioner and conditioner convertible top conditioner a selection of other accessories all and a selection of other accessories products are available separately all products are available separately part no part no 000 044 000 89 part no 000 044