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5 · exterior the more you change it the more it becomes like you a porsche is often a decision for life two thirds of all porsche cars ever built are still being driven today that’s not by chance—it’s because they are cherished and well cared for by their drivers even a relationship as solid as this one can welcome change once in a while a few tasteful refinements can freshen your car’s appearance and make it even more expressive the porsche tequipment range of accessories helps you to make your boxster even more unmistakable and charismatic are you thinking about some new wheels or do you like the look of the sport tailpipes choose from a number of exterior enhancements that reaffirm the motorsport heritage of your boxster

9 · exterior performance and everyday practicality what goes for your car goes for your wheels too exterior · 10 can you imagine your boxster equipped offering even greater driving pleasure they bring added individuality [1 20-inch sporttechno wheels with summer tires wheels with the tire pressure monitoring with one of the wheel and tire sets from porsche tequipment we can combined with a high level of agility set of one-piece alloy wheels optimized by their imposing design and size and safety keeping your feet on the for low weight thanks to flow-forming clearly defined lines means that they ground need never be boring technology the 20-inch sporttechno are extremely easy to care for system tpms are characterized part no 981 044 602 10

part no s s front rear 8.5j x 20 et 57 10j x 20 et 50 tire specifications front rear product 235/35 zr 20 88y 265/35 zr 20 95y 20-inch carrera s wheels in platinum with summer tires 1 3 incl tpms ssss wheel dimensions offset et in mm front rear tire specifications 8j x 20 et 57 9.5j x 20 et 45 front rear 235/35 zr 20 88y 265/35 zr 20 95y 8j x 20 et 57 9.5j x 20 et 45 front rear 235/35 zr 20 88y 265/35 zr 20 95y 981 044 602 10 part no 20-inch carrera s wheels with summer tires 1 3 incl tpms part no boxster s 20-inch sporttechno wheels with summer tires 1 3 incl tpms wheel dimensions offset et in mm boxster product boxster s exterior · 14 boxster 13 · exterior s s front rear 8j x 20 et 57 9.5j x 20 et 45 front rear 235/35 zr 20 88y 265/35 zr 20 95y 981 044 602 06 20-inch carrera classic wheels with summer tires 1 3 incl tpms 981 044 602 02 part no for footnotes please refer to page 16 981 044 602 08 front

17 · exterior exterior · 18 [1 wheel centers 18-inch boxster wheel set of four wheel center caps with 20-inch carrera classic wheel full color porsche crest the perfect finishing touch for any boxster wheels 991 044 600 09 991 044 600 19 [3 wheel bolts in black including anti-theft protection [4 crested valve caps [5 wheel spacers comprises a set of four spacers 5 mm set of four steel bolts with highly silver-colored valve caps with wheel spacers create a wider track for including extended standard and anti-theft secure locking system thatcham set of 20 wheel bolts in black four of embossed porsche crest enhanced stability and presence on the wheel bolts in black with highly secure road when fitted your boxster will look thatcham-approved locking system [2 anti-theft wheel protection 20-inch carrera s wheel 970 044 600 14 20-inch sporttechno wheel 970 044 600 20 which are anti-theft wheel bolts two w/out spacers 991 361 057 00 versions available for vehicles with w spacers 991

21 · interior interior · 22 you have highly developed senses for a reason [1 leather [2 mahogany1 [3 carbon [4 brushed aluminum [5 alcantara® leather is a traditional natural material— mahogany is a dark fine wood carbon is a light but highly brushed aluminum creates striking this high-quality material is easy a true classic items made of leather its fine grain gives it a very durable material which has its accents and gives the interior a to care for washable and has are both timeless and durable modern and elegant look origins in motorsport its look sporty minimalist appearance excellent non-slip properties is the ideal complement to the since wood is a natural product there 1 car’s race-bred engineering may be variations in form and grain 1 3 1 3 2 4

25 · interior interior · 26 [3 pdk gear selector in aluminum this package comprises inlays in brushed [2 center console trim in brushed aluminum specially designed pdk gear selector in [4 pdk gear selector in alcantara® gear lever in alcantara® not shown aluminum on the gear lever or pdk1 every detail should be exactly as you aluminum the pdk gear selector inlays this gear lever/pdk gear selector gear selector and decorative strips in imagined this trim in brushed aluminum feature leather trim in the interior color highlights the close association of brushed aluminum on the dashboard enhances the sporty feel of the interior part no black alcantara® [1 brushed aluminum interior package manual 981 044 800 47+cc pdk 991 044 800 45+cc part no porsche with motorsport finished in 9g1 426 980 01+cc 991 553 981 04 u03 part no 970 426 990 01 7-speed porsche doppelkupplung pdk 1 +cc color code see your authorized porsche dealer for more color options 1 2 3

29 · interior interior · 30 door-entry guards [1 door-entry guards in carbon the clean sophisticated look of stainless [4 door-entry guards in stainless steel illuminated [5 pedals and footrest in aluminum a striking performance look carbon [2 door-entry guards in carbon illuminated [3 door-entry guards in stainless steel a real eye-catcher whether you choose door-entry guards in carbon or stainless is an extremely lightweight high door-entry guards in carbon steel is accented with the model logo these door-entry guards with the pedals with footrest all made steel they provide a stylish and dramatic tech material with model logo with white illuminated model white illuminated model logo from lightweight and durable yet add a touch of elegance visually appealing solid aluminum boxster 981 044 800 10 manual 990 044 700 02 boxster s 981 044 800 11 pdk 991 044 700 00 finishing touch if you select illuminated door-entry guards the white illuminated boxster 981 044 800 20 model logo is

33 · audio and communication audio and communication · 34 [1 pcm with navigation module and cd/dvd changer module has a hard drive containing map [2 electronic logbook 1 bluetooth ® or the usb interface the [3 telephone module 1 the bluetooth ® capability of a mobile [4 voice-control system 1 not shown data other features include dynamic the optional electronic logbook data can be evaluated on your home the optional quadband gsm telephone phone can be used to make calls almost all of the pcm functions can the central information and communication route calculation a 3-d map display enables the automatic recording of pc using the software supplied module offers convenience and excellent through the sim access profile sap 2 be activated by voice control the system with a high-resolution seven-inch and automatic route recording mileage route distance date and part no audible feedback guiding you through color touchscreen is easy to operate the radio is equipped with an rds

37 ·car care you should never have to do without neither should your porsche car care · 38 there are many things that are difficult to [1 indoor car cover [2 outdoor car cover tailored indoor cover made from tailored outdoor cover in silver [3 cargo liners front and rear rear not shown both cargo liners carry a porsche live without your boxster is one and so are the accessories and car-care products breathable antistatic and dirt colored fabric with porsche crest these made-to-measure waterproof the boxster silhouette from porsche tequipment all 100 percent resistant fabric with full-color and logo water-repellent it provides and washable plastic containers porsche for extra peace of mind porsche crest and logo excellent protection against a range of are ideal for carrying a variety of weather conditions including strong items such as shopping or sports sunlight with anti-theft protection equipment inside the vehicle part no 981 044 000 00 part no 1 logo and the rear liner

41 panorama 42 porsche european delivery porsche exclusive porsche tequipment online porsche roadside assistance porsche financial services driver’s selection by porsche design porsche online imagine touring the original factory realize your vision of the perfect you’ve already taken delivery of your your ownership experience is enhanced competitive convenient and our distinctive collection of clothing and for all the latest news and information and then being handed the keys for porsche with our factory customization porsche are you now thinking of giving with complimentary enrollment in the carefully crafted financing options accessories combines timeless elegance from porsche go to porscheusa.com an even more gratifying opportunity program from styling enhancements to it a personal touch our tequipment porsche 24-hour roadside assistance can be customized to meet your with unmistakable quality visit your touring europe in your brand-new performance upgrades all

index · 44 exterior page interior page model designation on doors 7 mahogany interior package sport exhaust system 8 heated multifunction steering wheel sport suspension 8 in mahogany 23 sport tailpipes 8 center console trim in mahogany 23 carbon interior package 24 20-inch sporttechno wheels with summer tires 10 20-inch carrera s wheels with summer tires 11 23 heated multifunction steering wheel 11 19-inch boxster s wheels with winter tires 12 18-inch boxster wheels cargo liners front/rear 38 34 car-care case cabriolet 39 voice-control system 34 ice scraper 39 microfiber cleaning cloths 39 40 40 40 brushed aluminum 25 pdk gear selector in aluminum 26 pdk gear selector/gear lever in alcantara® 26 sportdesign steering wheel 27 with porsche crest 28 16 floor mats with leather edging 28 wheel centers 17 rubber floor mats 28 anti-theft wheel protection 17 key pouch in leather crested valve caps 17 door-entry guards wheel spacers 18 pedals and footrest in aluminum 18 33 telephone