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5 · exterior performance and excellence explore the possibilties of your cayman with the cayman it’s all about performance excellence it’s a concept that permeates every aspect from driving dynamics to design allowing you not only to explore the physical limits of your car corner after corner but the limits of your imagination too why not use that imagination for example to make a few changes to the appearance of the cayman sports car you can make it even more emotive and expressive or perhaps you’d prefer to emphasize the dynamic unmistakable and uncompromising character of your cayman whatever your preference the products from the porsche tequipment range including a selection of wheels and model designations for the doors will give your car an incomparable presence and make it your own

11 · exterior exterior · 12 [1 20-inch carrera s wheels with summer tires tpms [3 20-inch carrera s wheels painted in black high-gloss with summer tires tpms [4 20-inch carrera classic wheels with summer tires tpms [5 18-inch boxster wheels with winter tires tpms [6 19-inch boxster s wheels with winter tires tpms [7 18-inch cayman wheels with winter tires tpms [8 19-inch cayman s wheels with winter tires tpms the design of the 20-inch carrera s [2 20-inch carrera s wheels in platinum semi-gloss with summer tires tpms elegant highly polished 10-spoke these one-piece alloy wheels are not only the dual five-spoke design of these the minimalist dual-spoke design of the classic five-spoke design of wheels with the tire pressure monitoring the 20-inch carrera s wheels with tpms with the center spokes painted in wheels with a two-tone finish the the ideal match for your porsche—they wheels will accentuate the performance these 18-inch alloy wheels accentuates these 19-inch

15 · exterior exterior · 16 during the colder months of the year note on the use of winter tires summer tires provide optimal only then can you enjoy the highest performance at ambient temperatures standards of active safety from your above 44°f below this point the tire cayman sports car all winter tires compound begins to harden and braking approved by porsche are identified by distances are increased we therefore an “n” designation on the sidewall s compatible winter tires up to max 149 mph not compatible with 5mm wheel spacers compatible with snow chains if no spacers fitted 5 not compatible with snow chains—for winter tires only 6 optional use of 5mm spacers on front and rear axles to widen track 2 – not compatible 1 if your vehicle documents do not contain details of the correct wheel and tire combination please request a technical approval certificate from your authorized porsche dealer all tires are designed exclusively for porsche as

19 · performance where individuality rules right from first sight it’s clear where the new cayman models want to be—out in front every line every technical detail reflects the car’s character and its irrepressible urge to forge ahead and yet there is still plenty of room left to enhance the appearance performance and sound of your cayman it would be a shame to waste the opportunity

23 · interior after all it’s not just the outside that reflects the inner you the cayman simply exudes dynamism and not just on the outside on the inside the new clearly structured interior architecture and the continuation of the car’s exterior lines into the interior have helped create a taut distinctive purposeful look the focus is clearly on what matters—you our range of interior equipment and packages includes a choice of exquisite materials such as mahogany carbon aluminum and alcantara® enabling you to style your cayman sports car to your own exact requirements after all we don’t focus solely on the exterior when we design our sports cars so why should you

27 · interior interior · 28 number of audio navigation and [3 center console trim in mahogany [4 carbon interior package telephone functions at your fingertips the center console trim in mahogany this package comprises inlays in [5 heated multifunction steering wheel in carbon gives your cayman a personal and carbon on the gear lever or pdk1 the multifunction steering wheel in carbon gear selector and decorative strips brings you closer to the racetrack thanks manual 991 044 400 08+cc in carbon on the dashboard to the integrated buttons you have control pdk 991 044 400 06+cc this package comprises inlays in [2 heated multifunction steering wheel in mahogany mahogany on the gear lever or pdk1 the grain on the mahogany multifunction gear selector and decorative strips steering wheel is as unique as a manual 991 044 400 05+cc in mahogany on the dashboard fingerprint thanks to the integrated pdk 991 044 400 03+cc buttons you have control over a pdk w/sport chrono 991 044 400 04+cc

33 · interior interior · 34 door-entry guards non-illuminated versions all door [1 door-entry guards in carbon entry guards are available with both a sporty and striking effect [2 door-entry guards in carbon illuminated [3 door-entry guards in stainless steel door-entry guards are sure to attract a brilliant highlight revealed the moment [4 door-entry guards in stainless steel illuminated admiring attention and provide a stylish the cayman and cayman s model created by carbon fiber which door-entry guards in carbon you open the door showcasing the why not lead by shining example these and dramatic finishing touch they logos on illuminated versions the is an extremely lightweight high with white illuminated model model logo inscribed in stainless steel door-entry guards with illuminated are available in carbon or stainless model logo is lit in white providing tech material with model logo logo place equal emphasis on steel and in both illuminated and an additional eye-catching

37 · audio and communication audio and communication · 38 [1 pcm with navigation and cd/dvd changer1 and automatic route recording [2 electronic logbook 2 once you have downloaded the logbooks [3 telephone module 2 not shown cordless handset alternatively the additionally the six-disc cd/dvd the optional electronic logbook enables from the optional pcm via bluetooth or the optional quadband gsm telephone bluetooth capability of a mobile phone the central information and changer plays cds and audio dvds the automatic recording of mileage route the usb interface the data can be module offers convenience and excellent can be used to make calls through the communication system with a high and is mp3-compatible audio playback distance date and time starting point evaluated on your home pc using the reception by inserting a sim card directly sim access profile sap or the hands phones please contact your authorized resolution color touchscreen is easy to of video dvds is also supported

41 · car care you didn’t entertain the idea of compromise when you chose your car so why start now the cayman sports car places considerable value on the thing that matters unadulterated driving pleasure after an exciting drive your porsche deserves a rest and some care and attention porsche tequipment has everything you need to tend to your cayman car

45 · car care car care · 46 [1 car-care case coupe [2 microfiber cleaning cloths [3 ice scraper [4 wheel-cleaning kit [5 refill bottle aluminum case containing high-quality pack of three microfiber cloths practical accessory featuring an aluminum cleaning fluid and brush set for refill bottle and wheel cleaner [6 porsche charge-o-mat ii not shown car-care products specially approved allowing the pcm touchscreen and telescopic handle for easy removal alloy wheels cleaning fluid also for the wheel-cleaning kit battery charger with charge for your porsche includes shampoo other delicate interior surfaces to of ice and snow from your porsche available separately as a refill wax glass cleaner leather cleaner and be cleaned safely and efficiently integral rubber lip for removing water part no conditioner convertible top conditioner and a selection of other accessories part no 000 044 000 95 part no maintenance and monitoring 000 044 001 86 955 044 000 02 function an adapter is

50 exterior page performance page pdk gear selector/gear lever 29 30 model designation on doors 7 sport exhaust system 21 sportdesign steering wheel 20-inch sporttechno wheels 10 sport tailpipes 22 sportdesign steering wheel 20-inch carrera s wheels 11 fuel filler cap with aluminum-look 22 in alcantara® pedals and footrest in aluminum 22 storage compartment lid with 20-inch carrera s wheels in platinum semi-gloss 11 20-inch carrera s wheels painted in black high-gloss 11 20-inch carrera classic wheels 11 18-inch boxster wheels with winter tires 12 19-inch boxster s wheels with winter tires page 30 12 19-inch cayman s wheels 45 all-weather floor mats 32 wheel-cleaning kit 45 key pouch in leather 32 refill bottle 46 32 porsche charge-o-mat ii 46 33–34 27 audio and communication page electronic logbook 37 with winter tires 12 in carbon 28 telephone module 37 snow chains 17 center console trim in carbon 28 cordless handset for wheel centers 17 brushed aluminum interior crested