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engine i 2  5 intake manifold 911 gt3 rs is supplemented by a sports exhaust system composition of the exhaust gas the 911 gt3 rs is equipped with a plastic resonance pipe incorporating a flap the sports exhaust system has two front separately in each exhaust tract while variable intake manifold in interaction with the flap opens or closes based on silencers two catalytic converters and another pair monitor pollutant the sports exhaust system it helps to the current engine speed to provide one rear silencer made of lightweight conversion in the respective catalytic ensure efficient gas cycles and high optimum cylinder charge titanium the large volume of the exhaust converters throughput system reduces exhaust back pressure this results in an impressive torque and thus increases power output to guarantee high torque and power curve a high maximum torque level and across a broad engine speed range the considerable power output across a the two lambda sensors of the stereo

32i  chassis being proactive not reactive being there now not soon instantaneous not immediate there is no room for hesitation at the limit chassis the rear axle has a multi-link suspension rear-axle steering shortening the wheelbase the turning the chassis has been engineered to following the lsa lightweight stable fitted as standard the new rear-axle circle is reduced to make it easier to meet the challenging demands of agile concept height camber track steering with sports tuning combines park the advantage for sporty driving motor­sport in conjunction with a series and the anti-roll bars can be individually performance and everyday driveability during high-speed manoeuvres the of specifically tuned chassis components adapted for use on the racetrack an electromechanical adjustment system system steers the rear wheels in the this means that the new 911 gt3 rs additional ball joints on both axles help at each rear wheel enables the steering same direction as that of the

active safety i 4  3 driving at the limit but never beyond brakes brake booster the red six-piston but also at the rear thanks to their two at the limit you need one thing above all aluminium brake calipers on the front piece construction with cast iron brake reserves not only for power but for axle and the four-piston equivalents at discs and aluminium brake chambers safety too this is possible only with a the rear are designed as monobloc units they reduce weight and thus the unsprung race-proven technology on which the this makes them tougher and enables a and rotating masses the brake discs driver can depend at all times only this more rapid response and release of the are cross-drilled and internally vented can free up extra room for manoeuvre brake even under heavy loads for powerful braking even in adverse especially in the red zone weather conditions or when pitted that’s not all the brake dimensions have the new 911 gt3 rs is therefore equipped been enlarged to cope

interior i 5  1 designed for high speeds speed of travel and speed of thought interior faster use of it this requirement is instruments the sports car environment in the fulfilled by the ascending centre console precise not fanciful minimalist not and outside temperature and allows you 911 gt3 rs is perfectly adapted to the with ergonomic gearshift paddles on the trendy true to porsche style the five to view tyre pressure monitoring tpm driver man and machine are as one steering wheel itself and by controls round instruments integrated into the information as well as data from the which is just as well because on the positioned within easy reach cockpit lead the way the rev counter stopwatch of the optional sport chrono racetrack there is usually only a speed and fuel consumption fuel range resides in the middle of both models its package it also reminds you of your fraction of a second in which to make motorsport heritage is apparent the dial face is titanium-coloured and bears

68i  environment the true challenge not merely getting faster but better environment emission control development centre in weissach aims we’ve already spoken about our vehicles manufactured by porsche to demonstrate a high degree of water-based paints each lightweight contribution to motorsport to be more demonstrate that even high-performance environmental responsibility here material is easily recyclable and all plastic precise about our responsibility for the sports cars can achieve moderate technological developments are carried components are labelled to facilitate future of motorsport we meet this consumption and emission values in out with ecological requirements in mind future separation for recycling in all the responsibility with intelligent technology their respective category the goal is to enhance performance – 911 gt3 rs is around 95  recoverable unconventional ideas and optimum performance predominantly environmentally friendly but preferably

76i  personalisation i 911 gt3 rs 911 gt3 rs personalisation i no cdr audio system • standard 55 cdr plus audio system • p25 55 583 sound package plus • 490 55 • 810 porsche communication management pcm including navigation module • p23 55 storage net in passenger footwell ■ 581 digital radio • 691 seat belts in black ■ 555 mobile phone preparation • 619 telephone module • 666 online services • un1 voice control system • 671 six-disc cd autochanger • 692 six-disc cd/dvd autochanger • 693 sport chrono package including porsche track precision app and lap trigger preparation • 643 deletion of cdr audio system ■ 609 option i no page interior leather interior package in black and silver grey seat heating • 342 fire extinguisher • 509 smoking package ■ floor mats 47 interior leather 1 page audio and communication 1 leather interior package in black and lava

summary i 8  5 you thought your exams were behind you not every corner has been devoured not for this reason boundless possibilities every race has been fought – yet but if open up wide in front of you where setting a new personal best the allure of you genuinely believe that you’ve seen before there was only a corner there the sports car which overwhelms you and done it all you should finish this is now the ideal line where before there when you exceed your own threshold chapter here and now was a car in front there is now the next opportunity to overtake where before the new 911 gt3 rs has an enormous there was no way forward there is now hunger for sporty driving it offers out­ the road to completely new horizons standing performance and extraordinary manageability its racetrack heritage is undeniable driving at the limit the fastest circuit the new 911 gt3