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a duel between gts and targa both prevail the 911 targa 4 gts concept all that matters is performance in short sportiness meets style gts meets gts the genes of a race car packed into targa with its design this 911 belongs a 911 power has been further increased to the avant-garde with its power it performance enhanced and the traction leaves the avant-garde behind of the all-wheel drive is nothing short of impressive a sports car for those who wouldn’t be satisfied with anything less with extra all that matters is design in short targa horsepower a particularly exquisite a timeless icon with its stylish targa bar specification and even greater revolutionary roof concept and the driving performance feel of an open-top porsche a sports car that has never before existed in this form the new 911 targa 4 gts

it doesn’t just attract glances it turns them into gazes exterior design at porsche design has always been about the sporty design of the front fascia is much more than good looks design has clear to see – yet pared down to the always had a function too only then essentials aerodynamics are excellent does it possess genuinely captivating thanks to the optimized front spoiler power and hold the admirer under its while large air intakes ensure the supply spell of fresh air is maximized we’ve given the new 911 targa 4 gts typical of a gts are the bi-xenon™ everything that a sports car needs for headlights including the porsche dynamic captivating appeal a powerful front a light system pdls in black as well as broad rear a sharpened design sportdesign exterior mirrors all of which furthermore carmine red paintwork are fitted as standard which was launched with the 911 gts and is available as an option on all 911 models highlights those elements of the

how do we measure driving pleasure in rpm drive engine sport exhaust system a naturally aspirated engine in the rear fitted as standard the sport exhaust with six horizontally opposed cylinders system makes the characteristic porsche for unadulterated performance sound even more resonant and even more sporty you can see it in the black the uprated 3.8-liter boxer engine in the chrome-plated twin tailpipes and hear it new 911 targa 4 gts with direct fuel in the even more powerful 911 sound injection dfi and variocam plus which changes with driving behavior develops a mighty 430 hp at 7,500 rpm and achieves a maximum torque of during relaxed driving the sound is 325 lb ft at 5,750 rpm typically earthy but becomes distinctly edgier with a sportier driving style a the 911 targa 4 gts with optional button in the center console activates porsche doppelkupplung pdk takes a the sport exhaust system – and makes mere 4.1 seconds to sprint from 0 to your

what matters as far as the chassis is concerned street credibility chassis porsche active suspension management pasm example the control unit evaluates the the results are improved dynamic driving conditions and modifies the per­form­ance and increased ride fitted as standard pasm actively and damping force on each of the wheels in comfort at all speeds as well as continuously regulates damping forces accordance with the selected mode optimized turn-in and even better load transfer characteristics according to the driving style and road conditions in addition the body is the results are tangible increased lowered by 10 mm driving stability improved comfort and in simple terms the tires and vehicle enhanced performance hold the road better and you can steer through corners faster and in a more pasm has two modes which can be porsche dynamic chassis control pdcc relaxed manner which is why pdcc is console ‘normal’ which is a blend of performance and comfort and

nothing against aesthetic minimalism but here we’re radical maximalists balance brakes the demands of racetrack use mean the smoked led front light units one special feature of pdls is the the front axle features red six-piston that additional maintenance tasks incorporate direction indicators daytime dynamic high beam function a camera aluminum monobloc fixed brake calipers will be required alongside the routine running lights and position lights detects the lights of vehicles ahead as while the rear wheels are equipped with maintenance work scheduled as part four-piston equivalents the brake disc of standard maintenance intervals led headlights including porsche dynamic light system plus pdls on the data from the camera the superior sporty design led headlights the headlight range accordingly this enhanced stability and excellent braking bi-xenon™ headlights including porsche dynamic light system pdls with pdls are available as optional continuous stepless control

a wolf in wolf’s clothing comfort conformist perhaps not but the sportdesign steering wheel 911 targa 4 gts does afford its driver the material alcantara® the style plenty of puristic comfort and clever motorsport the aesthetics porsche in ergonomics in other words all that conjunction with pdk the standard-fitted matters behind the steering wheel sportdesign steering wheel features two gearshift paddles these are made instruments from a strong alloy and are ergonomically sporty not kitsch practical not fanciful located behind the left and right-hand the five circular instruments have one steering wheel spokes pull the right-hand purpose above all to provide information paddle and pdk shifts up pull the left-hand they do so efficiently and accurately with paddle and pdk shifts down a styling that is typically porsche and a tachometer in the center with the ‘gts’ an additional display in the left and right logo on the dial hand spokes indicates when the

you always knew exactly what you wanted everything summary refusing to settle for anything less rejecting compromises demanding everything giving everything to be given everything in return this mentality inspired the creation of the new 911 targa 4 gts conceived to offer more performance more design more punch more style more motorsport more passion all that matters in a 911 as unique as the people who drive it