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boxster engine with the optional 7-speed porsche its 2.7-litre flat-six engine with direct doppelkupplung pdk it races from fuel injection dfi and variocam plus 0 to 100 km/h in 5.7 seconds and produces 195 kw 265 hp at 6,700 rpm achieves a top speed of 262 km/h and maximum torque of 280 nm between together with pdk and the launch 4,500 and 6,500 rpm the top speed is control feature of the optional sport 264 km/h with the six-speed gearbox chrono package p. 59 the boxster fitted as standard the boxster accelerates can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h from 0 to 100 km/h in just 5.8 seconds in a mere 5.5 seconds for fuel consumption co2 emissions and efficiency class please refer to page 134 280 440 260 420 240 400 380 195 kw 265 hp 200 360 180 340 160 320 140 300 280 nm 120 280 100 260 80 240 60 220 40 200 1000 1500 2000 2500 3000 3500 4000 4500 5000 5500 6000 engine speed rpm boxster 195 kw 265 hp at 6,700 rpm 280 nm

1 always mid-engined never middle ground at porsche the mid-mounted boxer outstanding agility and cornering in short the mid-mounted engine belongs excellent manoeuvrability especially the engines are equipped with variocam what else could we have given the mid engine is more than a tradition it is a dynamics and proved to be a key factor in at porsche and it belongs in the boxster when cornering plus and direct fuel injection dfi as mounted engine an even more agile legend the countless victories achieved on some the advantages speak for themselves standard as well as efficient technologies response one press of the sport button of the world’s most famous racetracks the centre of gravity is low and in the combining the intrinsic values of high such as auto start/stop electrical system on the centre console makes engine one of the most renowned examples of in the 1960s the 718 rs 60 spyder middle with the weight uniformly performance with comparatively low fuel

a love of freedom is no reason to lose self-control chassis even when you want to take a break the boxster models have a wide track ­ orsche active suspension p ­management pasm from everyday life you should still keep and a long wheelbase this increases your feet on the ground stability the independent suspension pasm is available as an option and is features lightweight spring-strut axles fitted as standard in the boxster gts it with longitudinal and transverse links and is an electronic damping control system excellent match for the powerful engines at the front cross members that have which actively and continuously regulates axle components are made predominantly been refined for optimum control the chassis of the boxster models is an of aluminium thus keeping the weight the damping force for each wheel according to the road conditions and of the vehicle and its unsprung masses what does this mean for you more driving style in addition the suspension low resulting in

if you can take all the time in the world you ll always aim for the best sport chrono package 1 time is precious and every hundredth damping more direct steering and gearshift process an even more engaging by overrun downshifts and the throttle of a second counts the sport chrono therefore even more intensive roadholding experience blip function for uncompromising driving boxster and boxster s and fitted as the trigger threshold for psm is raised in conjunction with the optional porsche standard in the boxster gts provides agility is perceptibly enhanced when doppelkupplung pdk the sport chrono an additional display in the steering wheel you with a priceless driving experience braking for corners with psm allowing package comes with two additional or instrument cluster shows when the thanks to an even sportier tuning of even sportier braking and exit functions for a sporty drive bordering on sport buttons have been pressed and throttle response and handling acceleration for

fuel economy and recycling on the technical side various bodyshell of the boxster models has a each material is labelled to facilitate its in addition porsche uses a high proportion fuel atmosphere the release of hydrocarbons light-alloy content of approximately 46  separation for recycling the reduction in the number of plastic variants helps to servicing of environmentally friendly water-based the boxster models are designed to from the fuel system has been minimised long service intervals offer clear paints for us environmental protection operate on fuels with an ethanol content thanks to the active carbon filter and the advantages for you they reduce costs intelligent lightweight construction has components are made with a high been fundamental to the porsche proportion of aluminium magnesium identity since 1948 for both technical plastics and super-high-strength sheet on the ecological side all materials ensure more efficient recycling recycled does not begin at the end

2 1 fully electric hood closing processes are completed in think a sense of freedom isn’t available at the push of a button think again 3 4 net-type wind deflector the hood design blends in elegantly with the body the especially powerful the hood stows away compactly above the large rear screen is made from glass around nine seconds the hood is the contouring of the boxster models as silhouette promises excellent dynamic the engine compartment without reducing and is electrically heated and scratch the boxster s and boxster gts are operable up to a speed of 50 km/h a key design feature it accentuates the performance and delivers impressive the luggage compartment volume the resistant so you can continue to enjoy equipped with a net-type wind deflector the boxster models are equipped as when the vehicle is stationary the stretched side view of the vehicle the aerodynamics hood motor runs exceptionally quietly and your freedom whatever the weather standard with a fully

there is a bluetooth ® handset available online services digital radio notes see page 121 on request for the telephone module it is with the free-to-download aha radio app digital radio broadcasts in the dab 1 online services stored in the centre console and features you can access radio news feeds dab and dmb audio formats which offer a display and keypad podcasts and audiobooks directly with far superior sound quality automatic pcm it is also possible to call up local changeover between digital and analogue bluetooth ® mobile phone connection is information such as the weather point of ensures optimum reception of the also available separately with mobile interest searches with subsequent direct selected station reception is dependent phone preparation selection as your navigation destination on local digital network availability are also supported online content is received by your smartphone and controlled by means of pcm 1

standard interior colours two-tone combination 5 special colours and natural leather interior leatherette/leather1 soft-touch paint2 interior colour carpet black black roof lining leather package 1  2  4 also available in standard colours interior colour carpet black agate grey and lime gold3 agate grey roof lining leather/soft-touch paint2 interior colour carpet black agate grey and lime gold3 lime gold3 roof lining leather in special colour soft-touch paint2 interior colour carpet roof lining black agate grey agate grey black carpet roof lining platinum grey3 platinum grey3 black agate grey and pebble grey3 agate grey black agate grey and pebble grey3 pebble grey3 black natural leather soft-touch paint2 interior colour luxor beige1 luxor beige black1 agate grey and amber orange3 agate grey black agate grey and amber orange3 amber orange3 black espresso espresso black black and luxor beige luxor beige black garnet red3 garnet red3 black see separate price

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