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Catalog 2015 Porsche Boxster Spyder Version 2

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boxster spyder

true beauty needs no filter design unfiltered which means that you could the result a design that’s focused on as well as being extremely effective at exterior mirrors the 20-inch wheels barely get a sheet of paper between you the countless challenges of the past and cooling the middle air intake also directs designed especially for the new and the world that every detail of the the tireless endeavours of our engineers the air upwards through the vent in front boxster spyder combine lightweight of the luggage compartment lid to reduce construction with a unique design exterior brings you closer to the true 12 design driving experience with no unnecessary no wonder that the front of the new ballast instead just clearly defined form boxster spyder literally says competitive that follow function above all else athlete straight away the large air other striking features are the black intakes show how seriously it means it – bi-xenon™ headlights and the

open to all although sometimes you might want to drive with it closed roadster top with such a radically open car you might compared to the previous model it restricting the luggage compartment almost forget about it the roadster top has become much more practical for volume of course as an option the the new boxster spyder cuts a dynamic everyday use and it can be driven at top supplemental safety bars can also be figure even when it’s closed with side speed with no constraints it unlocks painted in the exterior color and there’s contours flowing seamlessly into the electrically and then the lightweight a mesh wind deflector available at no streamliners on the rear lid the roadster roadster top can easily be stowed away extra cost top runs back into two taut fins by hand beneath the rear lid – without www.porsche.com/boxster-spyder-top design

the comparative form of road roadster chassis the new boxster spyder can definitely boxster the wide track taut shock be described as extreme after all not absorbers and a suspension that’s 20 mm for a long time has a roadster stuck so lower than the boxster make every drive radically to its roots to every inch of an exciting ride body roll and pitch are road and so too an especially unfiltered practically non-existent porsche torque driving experience vectoring ptv with mechanically locking rear differential improves traction and this is aided not insignificantly by the further increases cornering performance lightweight sport chassis the long wheelbase that’s characteristic of the engineering

the sport chrono package provides even the damping force and stiffness of the reduced and you benefit from a higher sportier tuning of throttle response and transmission mounts are adapted to more even amount of drive force handling characteristics when the driving style and road surface conditions on the rear axle greater traction and sport plus button is pressed the trigger better acceleration threshold for psm is raised the button under load change conditions and in fast also controls the dynamic transmission corners handling becomes noticeably with a moderate driving style the ride mounts they minimize the oscillations more stable and precise vertical becomes more comfortable thanks and vibrations of the entire drivetrain oscillations of the transmission when to a softer setting of the dynamic especially the transmission in doing so accelerating under full load are also transmission mounts 28

designed for the open road interior every pound that we’ve taken out of the the shell of the optional sport bucket overall the interior has an impressively boxster has an effect on performance seats is made from glass carbon-fiber clear design style the color is black with the ascending center console means only reinforced plastic for even more of a the only exceptions being the pointers in a short distance from the small sport weight advantage the ‘spyder’ logo is the round instruments which are white steering wheel a typical feature of racing stitched on the headrests the alcantara® and the trim strips on the dashboard and cars to the gear lever while the three seat centers are reminiscent of motorsport center console which are painted in the round instruments with central tachometer an impression that is enhanced by the exterior color alcantara® on the door provide you with all the relevant information minimalist door pull loops pulls armrest steering

modern materials classic design spyder classic interior package the spyder classic interior package the optional spyder classic interior colors with simple elegance and are pays homage to the legendary spyder package means that the legends live on in deliberately reminiscent of the race cars models back in 1958 in its second year the new boxster spyder the predominant of the sixties if you want to make it the 718 rsk spyder took third and feature in the interior is garnet red especially authentic you’ll choose the fourth place in the 24 hours of le mans leather – based on the color that caused spyder classic interior package in and won the european hill climb champion­ a stir in the historic spyder models – conjunction with the exterior color ship in 1959 there followed victory in the and then contrasting with that black gt silver metallic targa florio a huge amount of power alcantara® like in motorsport despite the small cubic capacity and

solid exterior colors metallic exterior colors roadster top color black white1 carrara white metallic1 agate grey metallic1 racing yellow rhodium silver metallic1 jet black metallic1 guards red sapphire blue metallic special exterior colors black1 1 gt silver metallic1 recommended exterior colors in conjunction with the spyder classic interior package 44 personalization personalization

­porsche car configurator how the unfiltered driving experience feels you can find out for yourself how it looks you can decide with the porsche car configurator – on your computer in four easy steps you can create your own boxster spyder add or take away any options you like the price is always updated straight away how does it look very attractive as everything can be displayed in 3d you can look at your configuration from all angles you can even see how it will look at night visit www.porscheusa.com to access the ­porsche exclusive porsche car configurator and many more fascinating things about porsche with the range of options featured in this even before it leaves the factory your taste you will find a wide range of for the truly personal touch contact our catalog you can make your porsche even aesthetically and technically inside and design options in the separate porsche porsche exclusive personal design more special introducing porsche outside using fine

technical data dr ing h.c f porsche ag is the owner of standards standard equipment options porsche cars north america inc numerous trademarks both registered and other elements shown are subject to one porsche drive and unregistered including without change without notice some options may atlanta ga 30354 cylinders 6 top track speed 180 mph limitation the porsche crest ® porsche ® be unavailable when a car is built some www.porscheusa.com displacement 3.8 liters 0–62 mph 4.5 secs 911® and other model names and vehicles may be shown with non-u.s max power din at rpm 375 hp 6,700 rpm weights numbers and the distinctive shapes of equipment please ask your authorized effective from 04/15 max torque at rpm 310 lb ft 4,750–6,000 rpm the porsche automobiles such as the porsche dealer for advice concerning the printed in germany federally registered 911 and boxster current availability of options and verify compression ratio