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first it takes your breath away then the fun begins cayman gt4 concept the new cayman gt4 is the long-awaited for this reason we’ve given it everything step beyond the boundary the step over it needs – not just to survive on the to the other side of the frontier – onto the racetrack but to blow it away more racetrack it’s our tribute to all the downforce more traction more capacity motorsport enthusiasts and performance more thrust more power more than any motivators to all those who really do cayman has ever had before that’s what mean business to all the victories of makes it the cayman gt4 the super gt tomorrow to all the personal bests still with the distinctive mid-engine layout the to be achieved hero of weekends the rebel of the racetrack the new cayman gt4 rebels race on for fuel consumption co2 emissions and efficiency class please refer to page 63 6 cayman gt4

the origins of the new cayman gt4 are the powerful finale is presented by the most clearly discernible at the rear end black rear apron in diffuser look with two the fixed wing with uprights in aluminium centrally positioned tailpipes also in is the very epitome of motorsport in black the sound is nothing short of conjunction with the spoiler underneath explosive – thanks to the sports exhaust featuring an integral separation edge – system fitted as standard the gurney flap – it produces a noticeable amount of downforce at the rear axle every element of the exterior combines the sideplates of the wing are tuned for to produce one and the same result optimum aerodynamics further proof rampant performance summed up and that all details have been deliberately cut straight to the point by the black rear designed to co-exist in harmony logo ‘gt4’ design and aerodynamics

sports exhaust system ratios it also happens to sustain an the sound of the new cayman gt4 makes exceptionally engaging driving experience a statement of its own thanks to the every corner and every burst of throttle selectable sports exhaust system with becomes a trial by fire – where every two-tract sports tailpipe in black it success is your own – for a performance produces an even more powerful sports measured not merely in figures but also car sound at the push of a button in an abundance of driving pleasure six-speed manual transmission sport button the high power output of the engine is the sport button activates automatic transmitted to the road by the exact and throttle-blipping for downshifts and particularly lightweight six-speed manual provides sporty gear changes transmission with its specially tuned gear for fuel consumption co2 emissions and efficiency class please refer to page 63 20 drive engine and

­porsche stability management psm interventions in addition the systems psm maintains stability even at the limits can be completely deactivated in of dynamic driving performance in two stages addition to the anti-lock braking system stability control esc and traction control porsche torque vectoring ptv including rear differential lock tc sensors continuously monitor the fitted as standard ptv further enhances direction speed yaw velocity and lateral dynamic performance the rear acceleration of the car using this differential lock helps to provide greater information psm is able to calculate the traction and a significant increase in both actual direction of travel at any given lateral dynamics and driving stability moment if the car begins to oversteer or under load changes in corners and during understeer psm applies selective braking lane-change manoeuvres when the car is on individual wheels what’s special about driven assertively into a corner selective

the racetrack is no place for ifs and buts passive safety driver and passenger airbags the new cayman gt4 is equipped with porsche side impact protection system posip full-size driver and passenger airbags fitted as standard posip comprises two which are inflated in two stages side airbags on each side an integral depending on the severity and type of thorax airbag is located in the outer side accident e.g frontal or offset frontal in bolster of each seat while the door less serious accidents the airbags are panels each contain an upwards-inflating only partially inflated thereby minimising head airbag each thorax airbag has a discomfort to vehicle occupants volume of 10 litres and each head airbag 15 litres ensuring excellent protection in ­ the event of a side impact posip additionally includes high-strength steel side impact protection elements in the doors passive safety safety

designed for the most important performance factor of all the driver interior now it’s about exploiting performance logo clarity is enhanced by yellow compartment in the centre console and option the trims in brushed aluminium are potential to the max with an interior that needles and increment markings ideal on the a-pillars and roof lining it is also also available in anthracite gives the driver the best possible chance prerequisites to those critical split-second used for the seat centres of the sports of setting superlative standards with decisions seats plus which are fitted as standard with the optional leather interior package the bolsters and headrests of the seats a leather trim is additionally applied to the driver-centric solutions such as the ascending centre console which positions even the materials in the black-themed are upholstered in black leather the upper section of the dashboard the the gear lever close to the sports interior breathe motorsport the door

can you imagine victory without the victory anthem audio and communication cdr audio system cdr plus audio system fitted as standard the cdr audio system the cdr plus audio system with porsche communication management pcm including navigation module with 7-inch colour screen is intuitive to nine loudspeakers and a total output of optional pcm is your control centre for control it features a cd radio with fm 235 watts is available as an option it audio communication and navigation twin tuner with rds 30 memory presets also features an analogue and digital twin functions thanks to the high-resolution dynamic autostore and speed-sensitive tuner an mp3-compatible cd/dvd drive 7-inch touchscreen it is intuitive to use volume control for quality sound it a usb port and an aux interface and includes a navigation module with boasts four loudspeakers and an high-speed hard drive an aux interface integrated amplifier with a power output and a usb port for connecting suitable of

i no page code 48 exterior metallic paint code wing uprights in black 802 64-litre fuel tank 085 bi-xenon headlights in black including porsche dynamic light system pdls 620 windscreen with grey top-tint 567 automatically dimming mirrors with integrated rain sensor p13 deletion of model designation 498 49 xyb chassis ­porsche ceramic composite brake pccb 450 31 50 wheels painted in silver colour 346 24 wheels painted in satin black xdk 24 51 exclusive i no page 003 35 51 six-point racing harness for passenger seat 579 35 homelink® programmable garage door opener 608 cruise control 454 clubsport package roll cage at rear preparation for battery master switch supplied ready to install six-point racing harness for driver’s side fire extinguisher with mounting bracket cayman gt4 wheel painted in satin black two-zone automatic climate control 573 deletion of air conditioning system 574 interior surveillance 534 preparation for porsche vehicle tracking system pvts 674 light

technical data ­cayman gt4 engine ­cayman gt4 performance cylinders 6 top speed 295 km/h displacement 3,800 cm3 0–100 km/h 4.4 secs max power din at rpm 283 kw 385 hp 7,400  0–200 km/h 14.5 secs max torque at rpm 420 nm 4,750–6,000  flexibility 80–120 km/h 5th gear 5.5 secs compression ratio 12.5 : 1 weights unladen weight din 1,340 kg transmission unladen weight ec 1 1,415 kg layout rear-wheel drive permissible gross weight 1,640 kg manual transmission six-speed dimensions/aerodynamics length 4,438 mm front axle lightweight spring-strut suspension anti-roll bar selected suspension mountings ball-jointed width including exterior mirrors 1,817 mm 1,978 mm rear axle lightweight spring-strut suspension anti-roll bar selected suspension mountings ball-jointed height 1,266 mm steering variable steering ratio power-assisted electromechanical wheelbase 2,484 mm turning