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highlights 13 how do we defend our position by always being one idea ahead drive and efficiency our formula for success could not be more change is no exception that’s why the simple more ideas per hp applied to the 7-speed manual transmission is precise and drive system of our cars this means athletic just like the optimised porsche greater power output but lower fuel doppelkupplung pdk featuring six sporty consumption gears and a long-ratio seventh gear pdk delivers even better figures – for this formula is also employed by the new acceleration and fuel consumption that’s 911 carrera thanks to their turbocharged how we interpret efficiency engines offering immediate responsiveness considerably more torque and even greater you can also rely on peak performance power output in other words huge power thanks to new active air intake flaps and immediate acceleration combined with depending on driving style and manner the high rpm limit and legendary sound of a they

highlights 17 another word for pioneering trailblazing the driver and the future the direction is clear forever forwards security services other features of the it just begs one question how do we get connect plus module include the telephone there the best way is with technologies module and wireless internet access that are always that little bit ahead of their time sound package plus with eight loudspeakers and a total output of infotainment as standard for a new 150 watts delivers excellent sound generation enhanced porsche communication management pcm new in the 911 lane change assist it uses including an online navigation module radar sensors to monitor the areas to the and a new 7-inch multi-touchscreen rear of your vehicle and the blind spots on in addition all functions can be operated either side for improved comfort and by voice control safety particularly on motorways the new connect plus module integrates an even wider array of infotainment and real-time

design 23 the rear encapsulates the heart of the conspicuous in the best sense of the 911: the engine this is where it has word is how to describe the prominent been beating ever since 1963 and will three-dimensional led taillights the high continue to do so in the future however level third brake light is integrated directly the turbocharged drive system of the above the slats of the rear lid grille new 911 carrera models needs a lot of air to breathe new to the rear is the design of the tailpipes in stainless steel the central that’s why for the first time on a 911 the tailpipes of the optional sports exhaust slats of the rear lid grille are arranged system are derived from the 911 gt3 for longitudinally but where a lot of air comes harmony of form function and sound in a lot of air must also be able to get out on the rear apron this requirement is sharp sporty and timeless the contouring fulfilled by the two side outlets for the of the rear is even more

drive 33 active air intake flaps the active air intake flaps in the front air intakes act to reduce fuel consumption during everyday trips and to achieve superlative performance on sporty drives as on the 918 spyder the flaps close automatically while the car is in motion and thereby reduce drag on demand or in sport or sport plus mode the flaps open and help to provide optimum engine cooling this means that cooling air is supplied only to the extent that it is actually needed that’s efficiency of the intelligent

drive 37 the road to the future has its ups and downs and its fair share of twists and turns chassis ­ orsche active suspension management p pasm rear-axle steering more dynamic and parking is noticeably rear-axle steering is available on request easier to manage pasm is fitted as standard in all 911 models for all s models until now reserved for the first time this electronic damping exclusively for the 911 turbo and 911 gt3 the advantage for sporty driving during control system actively and continuously models it enhances performance and high-speed manoeuvres the system steers adjusts the damping force on each wheel everyday practicality in equal measure the rear wheels in the same direction as based on current road conditions and for particularly nimble handling combined that of the front wheels driving stability is driving style with a significant increase in driving increased by the virtual extension of the stability wheelbase and agility is enhanced by the pasm

comfort 47 do you feel there’s a special connection between you and your porsche your 911 agrees infotainment ­ orsche communication management p pcm the universal usb interface and the aux apple carplay® input in the glove compartment are fitted with apple carplay you can use the apps wireless internet access gives you in-car part of the 911 standard specification as standard your ipod or usb stick can of your iphone even when you’re on the online access from wifi-enabled client for the first time enhanced porsche be operated conveniently using pcm the move – via pcm or voice control the voice devices e. g tablets laptops smartphones communication management pcm steering wheel or the voice control system control system available as standard can or netbooks simultaneously if necessary ® including online navigation module – wireless internet access ® ® also be used to make phone calls and with your control centre for audio

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