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sports car

design  roof system the roof materials are as pioneering as the roof closed an extendable wind either side a surface finish in aluminium hood design line is elegant the hood opens or effective suppression of wind noise practically draught-free driving and the fully automatic roof system of the the overall concept two magnesium deflector is integrated into the and the ‘targa’ logo left and right the fabric hood of the 911 cabriolet closes in around 13 seconds – up to a thankfully however even the hood’s minimal wind noise with the top down new 911 targa 4 models is innovative – elements provide optimum tensioning of windscreen cowl surround models has a fixed glass rear screen and speed of 50 km/h soundproofing properties are no match and extremely robust with the vehicle the fabric hood while the heatable rear stationary the roof opens and closes screen is made from laminated safety the roll-over protection of the targa roll feel of a

safety and environment   69 for ferry porsche even then standing still was unthinkable with one exception brakes pccb enables shorter braking distances chambers at the front axle are now porsche ceramic composite brake pccb made from aluminium brake disc proven in motorsport the porsche conditions safety under high-speed are a source of potential so we’ve upsized diameters are 350 mm at the front ceramic composite brake pccb is braking is also improved thanks to its the brake system of the new 911 to match 330 mm at the rear for enhanced available as an option on the new 911 excellent fade resistance the increased power output stability and braking performance the cross-drilled ceramic brake discs of pccb now have a diameter of 410 mm at another advantage of pccb is the the 911 carrera base models are fitted on all models the brake calipers have an the front and 390 mm at the rear – extremely low weight of the ceramic with newly developed

comfort   85 a fresh wind blowing through the sports car segment has some decidedly pleasant side effects air conditioning and glazing climate control detected by a solar sensor for which the for increased driving pleasure under the all models feature two-zone automatic air conditioning system automatically open sky the net-type wind deflector climate control as standard offering an compensates in order to maintain the protects against draught and further enhanced ventilation effect and separate comfort of both the driver and front reduces wind noise temperature controls for the driver and passenger slide/tilt glass sunroof front passenger slide/tilt sunroof on request the electrically adjustable an active carbon filter traps particles the electrically adjustable slide/tilt slide/tilt sunroof is available in tinted pollen and odours and an automatic air sunroof is available as an option for the toughened safety glass an integral recirculation function permanently 911

exclusive personalisation    101 the transition from handicraft to craftsmanship is a fluid one porsche exclusive manufaktur our wealth of experience goes back one thing above all else your particular a long way since the very beginning wishes and requirements we fulfil them porsche has been dedicated to giving with composure and meticulous care customers the opportunity to personalise by means of precision handcrafting and their vehicle as part of our special request the use of exquisite materials such as service known until 1986 as the porsche leather alcantara carbon mahogany or ‘sonderwunschprogramm’ today we call aluminium it porsche exclusive manufaktur the philosophy has remained the same hand on heart added value is achieved with dedication and finesse in other words we handcraft a product that blends sporty performance we love what we do we love our work comfort and style and reflects your own every seam every square inch of leather personal

personalisation  option i no interior exclusive air vents painted air vent slats painted cdn exclusive sports bucket seat belt passages painted cmt exclusive vehicle key painted with key pouch in leather exclusive  131 i no interior leather ctr exclusive air vent slats painted option 911 carrera 911 carrera s 911 carrera 4 911 carrera 4s 911 carrera cabriolet 911 carrera s cabriolet 911 carrera 4 cabriolet 911 carrera 4s cabriolet 911 targa 4 911 targa 4s  personalisation 911 carrera 911 carrera s 911 carrera 4 911 carrera 4s 911 carrera cabriolet 911 carrera s cabriolet 911 carrera 4 cabriolet 911 carrera 4s cabriolet 911 targa 4 911 targa 4s 130  dfs leather interior package in standard colour code leather interior package in special colour code leather interior package in two-tone combination code leather interior package in natural leather code leather interior package in natural leather two-tone combination code leather interior package in colour to

146    technical data technical data technical data  911 carrera / 911 carrera cabriolet 911 carrera s / 911 carrera s cabriolet engine 911 carrera cabriolet 911 carrera s 911 carrera s cabriolet manual / pdk manual / pdk manual / pdk manual / pdk cylinders 6 6 unladen weight din 1,430 kg/1,450 kg 1,500 kg/1,520 kg 1,440 kg / 1,460 kg 1,510 kg / 1,530 kg displacement 2,981 cm3 2,981 cm3 unladen weight ec1 1,505 kg /1,525 kg 1,575 kg/1,595 kg 1,515 kg / 1,535 kg 1,585 kg / 1,605 kg max power din at rpm 272 kw 370 hp 6,500 309 kw 420 hp 6,500 permissible gross weight 1,875 kg / 1,890 kg 1,925 kg/1,940 kg 1,900 kg / 1,915 kg 1,950 kg / 1,965 kg max torque at rpm 450 nm 1,700–5,000 500 nm 1,700–5,000 performance manual / pdk