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6 the new 911 r i am not simply just a sports car i am a radically pure 911 the new 911 r i am not simply just a sports car i am an unadulterated sports car a radically much more than that i am the r that pure 911 makes the difference i am the 911 that steals your sleep i am the reason for now i’m back – as one of only 991 editions getting up at 6 a. m on a sunday morning i am the echo of yesterday resonating after a long hard week through the corner this very second with the raspy sound of a 4.0-litre six-cylinder i am the recollection of lost childhood horizontally opposed and naturally i smell of petrol tarmac and the racetrack aspirated engine with 368 kw 500 hp i recount tales of historic races victories with a crisp 6-speed gt sport manual and records of naturally aspirated engines transmission with consistent lightweight and manual transmissions of red stripes construction with unfathomable driving and of the porsche logo on my side pleasure

sports car fascination 15 thanks to its extremely reduced weight an outstanding triumph followed in 1969 of 800 kg and air-cooled six-cylinder for gérard larrousse at the tour de france horizontally opposed and naturally automobile this extremely popular rally aspirated engine producing 154 kw of the time covered more than 5,000 km 210 hp the 911 r was highly powerful and was simply packed full of special and extraordinarily quick challenges from circuits to hillclimbs in the 911 r larrousse and his co-driver we’re still in 1967 and the 911 r has maurice gelin dominated the race from already written motorsport history on the first stage to the last the stories from an endurance trial at the autodromo di behind the scenes are enthralling – and monza. impeccable performance helped legendary the 911 r to break one record after the other five absolute long distance world records were accompanied by 11 class records for example over

26 design the stuff that sports car dreams are made of interior design full bucket seats in carbon featuring fabric every gramme counts the interior of the centres with pepita houndstooth pattern new 911 r is based on the lightweight sounds like the renowned swabian passion construction principle applied to the for meticulous detail it is and why not 911 gt3 rs the lightweight door trims with lightweight construction and purism for example feature door pull loops in the new 911 r does honour to its vintage silver colour sacrifice is the order of the role model and gives fans the stuff of day no automatic climate control or dreams porsche communication management pcm – unless requested at no extra cost the bose® surround sound system is available as an option to anyone who needs

32 engineering when the tears of joy flow horizontally engine the vintage 911 r acquired its engine from delivering such power would not be an extremely successful race car – the possible without a low weight-to-power porsche 906 the new 911 r derives its ratio the new 911 r achieves a powerful drive unit from the current remarkable 2.7 kg/hp 911 gt3 rs how fitting the results are direct responsiveness positioned low down in the rear of the and a car performance typically seen in new 911 r is the high-capacity six-cylinder motorsport combined with the inimitable horizontally opposed and naturally sound of a pure-bred naturally aspirated aspirated engine its high-revving concept engine which you’re going to feel in the delivers an impressive maximum speed pit of your stomach first not that you’ll of 8,500 rpm it exploits a displacement be complaining of 4 litres to produce 368 kw 500 hp equivalent to a power output per litre

engineering 39 high culture lower standing chassis the chassis of the new 911 r has been dynamic engine mounts this electronically derived from the 911 gt3 – and remains controlled system minimises the perceptible ultimately sporty in everyday use too oscillations and vibrations of the entire the tuning is extremely direct and the car drivetrain particularly the engine handling sits just as low as the 911 gt3 in addition becomes more stable – especially under all chassis control systems have been load change conditions and in fast corners configured to complement the manual transmission porsche active suspension management pasm 30 mm lower rear-axle steering at low speeds this electronic damping control system this system – specially tuned to the actively and continuously adjusts the new 911 r – steers the rear wheels in the damping force on each wheel based opposite direction to that of the front on current road conditions and driving

engineering 45 fun is a serious business porsche ceramic composite brake pccb lightweight construction also extends to the key advantage of pccb is the the brakes with the cross-drilled ceramic extremely low weight of the ceramic brake composite brake discs of pccb they have discs which are approximately 50  lighter a diameter of 410 mm at the front and than standard discs of a similar design and 390 mm at the rear – for even more size this results in better roadholding and formidable braking performance increased comfort particularly on uneven roads as well as greater agility and a the use of six-piston aluminium monobloc fixed brake calipers on the front axle and four-piston units at the rear – all finished in yellow – ensures extremely high brake forces which crucially are exceptionally consistent pccb enables shorter braking distances in even the toughest road and race conditions safety under high-speed braking is also improved thanks to its