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porsche rear seat entertainment system porsche panamera fixed luggage compartment cover in leather sunblind for rear side windows rear seat entertainment porsche porsche rear seat entertainment system price 21 inch alloy wheels 19 inch alloy wheels rear seat entertainment system rear seat entertainement system 14 way power seats fixed luggage compartment cover in leather speed limiter the rpm limit of the engine porsche adaptive cruise control porsche communication management porsche 19 inch wheels porsche luggage compartment cover twin turbo v8 multifunction steering wheel door sill guard door sill guards v6 twin turbo brake caliper rear rear wheel drives axles exterior metallic paints rear seat entertainment air intake grill sport steering wheel high gloss black rear wheel drive adaptive cruise control passenger seat height electric seats 21 inch wheels radar controlled adaptive cruise control rear seat center console 20 inch tires tires 8 way power seats 6 way power seat 20 inch alloys 6 way power seats 5 x 20 inch wheels 20 inch wheels edging high gloss black rear side windows high gloss black edging strips rear axle drive front wheel drive night blue metallic sport anti roll bar sd card slot rear anti roll bar wheel drive system front wheel front wheel 10 way power passenger seat electric motor generator gear ratio in 6th gear

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courage changes everything founding a company never swerving from the path you embarked on and doing things differently by continually reinventing your approach this takes courage courage that breaks with convention takes a clear stance and helps shape the future without courage today would be the same as yesterday and porsche would not be porsche european model shown some options may not be available 4

model shown left to right panamera 4s panamera 4s executive design the new panamera executive models silver-colored slats in the front air the standard specification includes combine sporty driving with a intakes and above the side skirts adaptive air suspension a panoramic executive models are also equipped comfortable rear compartment— and the high-gloss silver-colored air roof and a rear roll-up sunblind with rear axle steering and soft-close thanks to nearly 6 extra inches outlets behind the front fenders are particularly pleasant power seats in doors in addition a 4-zone climate added to the length of the body just a few of the executive model the rear compartment with heated control is standard in the panamera visual highlights seats and comfort headrests turbo executive 18 panamera 4s executive and turbo

drive and chassis courage changes the sports car of the future and the future of the sports car the panamera 4 e-hybrid it takes courage to tread new paths pure sports car performance in other we are discovering them with the new words the figures speak for themselves panamera 4 e-hybrid—and it’s going acceleration from 0 to 60 mph in only to change your perception of hybrid 4.4 seconds and a top track speed of technology just as it will your everyday 172 mph life with a maximum total system power of 462 hp sounds good read on the total system power is achieved by combining the 330 hp output of the 2.9-liter the crucial factor behind the performance twin-turbo v6 engine with the 136 hp output of the hybrid drive concept is the of the electric motor but a high-performance interaction between combustion engine electric motor also needs a powerful energy and electric motor the combustion store—and this task is handled by the engine builds power

shown porsche ceramic composite brake pccb drive and chassis brakes discs of pccb now have a diameter of for over 60 years we’ve been working 420 mm at the front and 390 mm at the on being faster even when it comes to rear—for even more formidable braking slowing down that’s why the new performance pccb features 10-piston panamera models are equipped with a aluminum monobloc fixed brake calipers brake system having 6-piston aluminum on the front axle and 4-piston units monobloc fixed brake calipers at the at the rear—all painted in yellow— front and 4-piston equivalents at the to provide braking forces that are rear the brake discs are internally considerably more powerful and vented and slotted this improves exceptionally consistent pccb enables braking behavior even under extreme shorter braking distances in even the conditions and heat is dissipated more toughest road and race conditions effectively the one-piece brake calipers

comfort and infotainment front seats backrest electrically adjustable they and comfort headrests with specially the front seats offer a high level of offer comfort on long journeys and contoured side bolsters comfort and provide support in fast made-to-measure lateral support in corners without restricting freedom the corners of movement the seat height cushion seat heating and ventilation the front seats of all new panamera and backrest angles and fore/aft rear seats models — and the rear seats of the position are electrically adjustable the most striking feature of the rear panamera turbo — come equipped with seats is that there are two separate seat heating to warm the cushion and power seats seats offering plenty of leg and backrest optional seat ventilation the panamera turbo and panamera headroom and excellent lateral support incorporates active aeration of the turbo s e-hybrid are equipped with in any panamera model 8-way power perforated seat center and

porsche connect apple carplay™ remotely benefit from greater safety charging process or air conditioning enjoy a range of iphone ® apps in your with emergency and breakdown calls that at any time porsche and with the siri ® voice include location information and protect recognition interface you can your porsche with security services conveniently use your apps on the need a charging point somewhere on your route with the “charging pedestals” move apple carplay™ helps minimize hybrid-specific connect services service of porsche connect you can find distractions and allows you to keep you also have access to a range of extra charging stations nearby or at your your full concentration on the road functions tailored specifically to your destination the results can be sorted e-hybrid model the car connect app easily by distance navigation and infotainment services for your smartphone or apple watch ® find out in real-time what’s going on in lets

personalization we believe in passion for the sports car and for every detail personalization just imagine if everything were possible the possibilities are many the limits if you could create the sports car of are few and far between take porsche your dreams without restriction with exclusive as an example where you can a diverse range of colors with extra have your panamera personalized the personality and performance like way you envisioned directly on the shop ferry porsche did with the first ever floor to the ultimate level and for the porsche the 356 no 1 most part by hand on the pages that follow we will show you can find out more about the ultimate you how a dream car becomes a reality form of personalization on the following for a clear overview all available pages we have taken special care to options have been organized by point out all the personalization options category with the extensive color available from porsche exclusive you’ll palette and wide range

personalization standard interior colors partial leather interior dashboard/trim/seats standard interior colors leather interior dashboard/trim/seats two-tone interior colors leather interior dashboard/trim/seats black roof lining black carpet black black roof lining black carpet black black and chalk roof lining chalk carpet black agate grey roof lining agate grey carpet agate grey agate grey roof lining agate grey carpet agate grey marsala and cream roof lining cream carpet marsala marsala roof lining black carpet marsala black and bordeaux red roof lining black carpet black saddle brown roof lining black carpet saddle brown saddle brown and luxor beige roof lining luxor beige carpet saddle brown standard two-tone interior colors partial leather interior dashboard/trim/seats black and luxor beige roof lining luxor beige carpet black club leather interior packages black and saddle brown roof lining black carpet black truffle brown club leather1 roof lining truffle brown carpet

i no i no seats cabin conditioning panoramic roof system option panamera panamera 4 panamera 4 e-hybrid panamera 4s panamera turbo panamera turbo s e-hybrid panamera 4 executive panamera 4 e-hybrid executive panamera 4s executive panamera turbo executive panamera turbo s e-hybrid executive option panamera panamera 4 panamera 4 e-hybrid panamera 4s panamera turbo panamera turbo s e-hybrid panamera 4 executive panamera 4 e-hybrid executive panamera 4s executive panamera turbo executive panamera turbo s e-hybrid executive personalization 4-zone climate control • • • • • • • • • • • panoramic roof system • • • • • • • • • • • 9ah driver memory package • • • • – – • • • – – 3l4 14-way power seats front with comfort

panorama the porsche experience center atlanta porsche european delivery porsche exclusive porsche tequipment porsche driver’s selection porsche travel club porsche sport driving school-usa porsche clubs the porsche experience center atlanta imagine touring the factory and then being realize your vision of the perfect personalize your porsche vehicle at with products ranging from fashion and embark on a thrilling adventure and at the psds-usa it’s all about practice since the first porsche club was offers guests an opportunity to increase handed the keys for an even more gratifying porsche with our factory customization any time with our range of aftermarket accessories to tailored luggage this feel the power of porsche stay in there’s no better place to hone your founded in 1952 its number has grown their driving prowess with challenging opportunity—touring europe in your brand program from styling enhancements accessories you will also find all unique

model shown panamera turbo s which side of your brain still needs convincing introducing justify it you’ve been dreaming about it for years you’ve done your research you’ve taken test drives you’ve even picked up this brochure now you just need that extra nudge to help inform and inspire your decision we understand that buying a porsche is as much a rational decision as it is an emotional one so don’t just take our word for it visit porschejustifyit.com and discover a world of owner input reviews specs facts inspiration and other content—all designed to arm you with as much justification as you need