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the new

the highlights of the new 718 boxster models power and efficiency increased design sharpened sport forever ready driving dynamics tremendous sound typically porsche new turbocharged horizontally opposed sharp snappy clean – inside and out the multifunctional gt sports steering wheel sporty chassis setup and direct steering for new engines – still delivering the engines for increased power considerably design is striking while the rear end with with mode switch and sport response excellent cornering performance new pasm characteristically powerful acoustics more torque high rpm limit and lower accent trim looks even wider the cockpit button sports suspension with ride height lowered by of a porsche horizontally opposed consumption variable turbine geometry is newly styled the specification exqui site 20 mm unit sounding even more urgent with vtg in the s  model the colour range has been extended the new sports exhaust system connectivity web-connected safety

between a and b there’s a whole world brimming with possibilities the driver and the driver’s destinations the world has quite a lot to offer and it’s the optional connect plus module adds good to know where to find it introducing real-time traffic information google® earth the new version of porsche communication google® street view as well as a telephone management pcm with 7-inch multi module and wireless internet access touchscreen as the innovational interface between the driver car and the rest of the for your listening enjoyment sound world a navigation module including voice package plus offers excellent audio control system is available as an option alternatively an even richer experience awaits with the optional bose® or with the new optional connect module burmester ® surround sound system pcm offers an even wider range of useful features such as porsche car connect for high levels of safety and comfort the apple carplay and a storage

how do you recognise a genuine athlete by the amount of time spent seeing them from behind when closed the fabric hood of the workings fashioned three-dimensionally 718 boxster completes the sleek four led brake spot lights are incorporated silhouette typical of a sports car at the into each of the horizontal rear light units push of a button it opens and closes between the two taillights an accent trim fully automatically in nine seconds – even makes the rear end look even wider on the move up to a speed of 50 km/h the wing above extends automatically at a the rear of the new 718 boxster is speed of 120 km/h reducing lift to provide an expression of superlative sporty even better roadholding performance performance – and of the superlative performance of our designers it is the black sporty rear apron encapsulates more cleanly defined more pared back a centrally positioned tailpipe or a twin and yet it’s anything but conformist tailpipe on the

in life too there comes a need to step down a gear when overtaking for example transmission 6-speed manual transmission porsche doppelkupplung pdk of racing cars – to the rear to shift up the 6-speed manual transmission offers 7-speed pdk featuring both a manual forwards to shift down for a racetrack short shift times for a sporty and directly and an automatic mode is available as driving experience wherever you are engaging driving experience the drive an option and offers extremely fast becomes even more of a snap in conjunction gear changes with no interruption in the a coasting function becomes available with the optional sport chrono package flow of power not to mention even faster where the situation allows the engine in sport and sport plus mode the acceleration performance and a further is decoupled from the transmission to dynamic throttle-blip function ensures the reduction in fuel consumption avoid deceleration caused by engine braking in this way optimum use is

yet another tenth of a second teased out of life high-performance systems sport button sport chrono package the sport button enables you to select a adrenaline at the push of a button goose suspension setup where the emphasis is bumps included the functions of the on either comfort or sporty performance optional sport chrono package enable an at the push of a button the engine even sportier tuning of the vehicle dynamics also become even more direct and the optional sports exhaust system1 is what’s new is the mode switch on the activated steering wheel derived from the 918 spyder to make you feel closer to the racetrack in vehicles with porsche doppelkupplung without your hand leaving the steering pdk upshifts take place at higher engine wheel you can choose any of four settings speeds and downshifts happen sooner normal sport sport plus and individual now you can adapt the vehicle even more to the way you want to drive 1 provisionally available from 07/2016 drive

life is now open 24 hours we’ll let the 718 legend be just that for now and we’ll turn our attention instead to what awaits us in the great outdoors to all the cities of this world and to all the world beyond those cities to the more than 35 million kilometres of road with their countless twists and turns and to being right in the centre of it all in a midengined sports car that conveys with every fibre exactly what it is insatiable the legend lives on in the new 718 boxster for the sport of it summary

­porsche car configurator the dream of the 718 boxster comes in the models featured in this publication many shapes and colours with the new are approved for road use in germany porsche car configurator you will discover some items of equipment are available as all text images and other information in the paper for this catalogue is certified in quickly and intuitively which dream suits extra-cost options only the availability of this publication are subject to the accordance with the strict regulations of you the best models and options may vary from market copyright of dr ing h.c f porsche ag the pefc programme for the endorsement © dr ing h.c f ­porsche ag 2016 dr ing h.c f porsche ag supports the use of paper from sustainable forests to market due to local restrictions and of forest certification on the way to realising your dream car regulations for information on standard any reproduction duplication or other use you can now create your own personalised and optional