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the car highly specialised in low lap times our racing history confers obligation not the new 911 gt3 cup is due to make its than ever before the character of the only to strive for the next victory but also first outings in the porsche carrera cup porsche 911 sports car icon and new to keep on improving like we’ve done with germany in the porsche mobil 1 supercup ­technologies from motorsports the 911 gt3 cup thanks to its ongoing and in north america over the course of development it has become one of the next season it will participate in further most competitive race cars in customer one-make-series around the globe as well racing today and it has proven to be one as in various gt and endurance races of the most successful for some time with more than 3,500 examples made it why because the 911 gt3 cup has what it has been the car of choice for the porsche takes especially the newest generation one-make-series since 1990 and is the thanks to an updated

the production resolutely one line one drives on the road the other tears 911 gt3 cup and the porsche 911 have around the race track what sets them more in common than the three legendary apart exactly not much that’s because digits in their name they originate from there’s more to the 911 principle than the the same production line in the main unwavering continued development of factory in zuffenhausen it is only once a sports car icon it represents over they are fully assembled that their paths 50 years of motorsports history and a diverge the porsche 911 gt3 cup major contributor to over 30,000 racing receives its finishing touch in flacht our victories every porsche 911 is also the motorsport manufaktur in weissach so platform for a pure-bred race car entirely that ultimately it lives up to its calling in keeping with ferry porsche’s dream to uncompromising performance on the race create a sports car capable of winning on track the race track as such the

the races superlative sporty performance profoundly engaging duels motorsports is a hard-fought contest for mobil 1 supercup one of the fastest fierce challenges on the track are not every fraction of a second and every ­international one-make-series in the the only things that await our customers millimetre for opportunities victory and world. all follow the same philosophy the races attract a bumper audience glory it’s a contest in which we participate to promote customer racing events that’s because porsche one-make-series all around the world with heart and soul all follow the same principle equal are almost always staged as part of with our engineers and with countless opportunities by means of technically the world’s most important race series teams and drivers what is it that drives us identical cars all teams compete with this exposure pays dividends huge winning recognition of our feats of the 911 gt3 cup this makes the races

porsche carrera cup germany the ability to call on superlative sports the porsche carrera cup germany is opportunity to cheer on their favourites performance in the exact tenth of a steeped in tradition as one of the longest while crossing their fingers second it’s required whether it’s in the standing one-make-series in the world corner on the straights or in the chicane it is staged as part of the german touring in the 2017 season drivers will compete that’s precisely what makes the car masters dtm not only does this in the new porsche 911 gt3 cup a car porsche carrera cup such a spectacular guarantee maximum attendance it also based on the second-generation 991 racing event and the excitement is means that the competition is one of the just as the race cars are identical for all intensified by its field of drivers talented most effective marketing platforms for teams so are the michelin tyres no more newcomers meet seasoned racers aspiring teams and

porsche mobil 1 supercup drama – with drivers pushing themselves racing teams which use two to three organisation while the specialists of to the limit passion – among the teams race cars in the championship each porsche motorsport offer professional partners and sponsors as the most race covers a distance of approximately assistance in all aspects – from technical exacting series of the 20 porsche one 70 kilometres the drivers which include support and replacement parts sourcing make-series staged around the world the established personalities alongside to press coverage and hospitality porsche mobil 1 supercup not only offers promising new talent give everything experiences centralised organisation and utterly electrifying excitement it has also they have from start to finish after all a rulebook enforcing technical equality established itself as an excellent business another prize might just be up for grabs ensure the greatest possible transparency

international one-make-series from the fastest one-make-series in like their german equivalent these series those who make it here can fight their germany to the top international event in many countries provide support races way to the very top the same since the porsche carrera cup germany for prestigious highlights of the philosophy applies equal opportunities for was held for the first time back in 1990 motorsports calendar including the btcc every competitor this is guaranteed by a number of international spin-offs would and the fia wec races are held on uniform rules and technically identical soon establish themselves today the almost every weekend of the motorsports porsche 911 gt3 cup cars only the drivers and teams compete against each season the passion to win fuels the fight vehicle setup is allowed to be determined other with their porsche 911 gt3 cup in for every hundredth of a second young by the teams themselves in true keeping 29 countries across

the data concept transmission bodyshell single-seater production-based race car porsche six-speed sequential dog-type transmission intelligent lightweight construction in aluminium and steel composite modified 911 cockpit base model 911 gt3 sealed weld-in roll cage certified compliance with fia homologation regulations – weight-optimised magnesium subframe gear ratios engine for safety cages – ergonomic driver-oriented centre console – ring and pinion gear 14/22 i 1.571 front lid with two air intakes for cockpit ventilation quick-release catches – control switch trim with fluorescent lettering – final drive 17/41 i 2.412 removable roof section in compliance with the latest fia safety regulations – steering wheel with quick-release coupling control panel and shift paddles – 1st gear 13/41 i 3.154 fastening point preparation for central safety net attachment – adjustable steering column with steering angle sensor aluminium

chassis brake system forged control arms two independent brake circuits with brake pressure sensors for front and rear axle – optimised stiffness adjustable by the driver via brake balance system – double-shear track rod connection – heavy-duty spherical bearings derivative sensors and harness for retrofitting an abs system wheel hubs with central locking device racing shock absorbers non-adjustable multi-piece steel brake discs internally vented and slotted double-blade-type adjustable anti-roll bars diameter 380 mm tyre pressure monitoring system racing brake pads optimised ventilation routing front axle – mcpherson suspension strut adjustable for height camber and toe front axle – forged and adjustable top mounts – electrohydraulic power steering with external control function for easy car manoeuvring with ‘anti-knock back’ piston springs rear axle rear axle – four-piston aluminium monobloc racing brake calipers with

wheels/tyres electrical system weight/dimensions delivery front axle cosworth colour display icd with integrated fault diagnostics total weight ca 1‚200 kg 2,645.55 lbs december 2016 – march 2017 – single-piece centre-lock alloy wheels conforming to porsche specification cosworth electrical system control unit ips32 total length 4‚564 mm 179.01 inch electronic throttle total width 1‚980 mm 77.95 inch – t readed michelin transportation tyres tyre size fire extinguishing system extinguishing agent gas total height 1‚246 mm 49.06 inch battery 12 v 70 ah agm leakproof in co-driver’s footwell wheelbase 2‚456 mm 96.69 inch and design 10.5 j x 18 et 28 27/65-18 175-a alternator rear axle weight-optimised fan – single-piece centre-lock alloy wheels conforming to porsche specification – t readed michelin transportation tyres tyre size and design 12 j x 18 et 53 31/71-18 windscreen wiper with direct drive intermittent

aftersales packages from porsche motorsport exhaust system – pre-silencer – open tailpipes endurance fuel tank upgrade fuel tank top plate with adapters for closed circuit fuel handling external digital engine oil level display engine oil quick refill passenger seat for taxi rides auxiliary weight plates for car weight balancing window safety net in compliance with the latest fia safety regulations centre safety net in compliance with the latest fia safety regulations cockpit illumination start number illumination heated windscreen suspension travel sensor package external charging cable power supply extension connecting additional consumers available at cosworth electronics cosworth icd display upgrade for endurance races 

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