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the drive system of tomorrow it’s on then again that’s hardly surprising all everyone’s tongue in everyone’s minds the successes and lessons learned in but above all it’s in our hearts that’s motorsport are incorporated into our why we’re doing the very best thing we development process – like those can do exploring our own direction and acquired with the imperious 919 hybrid giving the world of electric mobility a our most technologically mature racing boost with p ­ orsche e-performance machine and two-time overall winner at le mans efficiency connectivity adrenaline ­porsche e-performance is each one of the hybrid drive is formed by the these and more more power of course optimum combination of combustion this forward-looking drive concept makes engine and electric machine as soon as our six e-hybrid models even better it presses you hard back against the performers – and the p ­ anamera turbo s driver’s

we don’t make compromises we make sports cars the core of ­porsche e-performance is the car for this reason our plug-in hybrid technology must combustion engine vehicle charge port fulfil two exacting demands at the same time first it must reduce fuel consumption and emissions second it must push the driver into the seat just as you would expect of a p ­ orsche on-board charger power electronics therefore a consistently high total torque and a dynamic response are available across a electric machine particularly wide engine speed range behind the wheel this means even greater performance at the push of a button and a new maximum limit for your adrenaline level car high-voltage cable lithium-ion battery principle diagram showing p ­ anamera 4 e-hybrid as an example 17

what marks the dawning of a new era the forerunners the new ­panamera turbo s e-hybrid and the new ­panamera turbo s e-hybrid executive vehicle features those who take the lead must always meanwhile the p ­ anamera turbo s keep on going here’s the proof the e-hybrid executive offers freedom to maximum system power output 680 hp ­panamera turbo s e-hybrid this high flourish extra legroom and greater 4.0-liter twin-turbo v8 engine 550 hp powered hybrid derives its potential from comfort in the rear compartment electric machine 136 hp a power-dense 4.0-liter twin-turbo v8 business class in fact – on the way to 8 -speed ­porsche doppelkupplung pdk engine and an electric machine that the airport or a meeting a ll-wheel drive speaks a clear language performance sport chrono package both models combine intelligent hybrid adaptive air suspension the ­panamera turbo s e-hybrid technology with comprehensive porsche dynamic chassis control accelerates from

where some might give up for others the excitement is only just beginning the new ­panamera 4 e-hybrid sport turismo a typical sedan a genuine sports car vehicle features the ­panamera 4 e-hybrid sport turismo maximum system power output 462 hp represents both it is characterized by 2.9-liter twin-turbo v6 engine 330 hp excellent everyday practicality and electric machine 136 hp unequivocal sportiness – with a total 8 -speed p ­ orsche doppelkupplung pdk system power output of 462 hp a ll-wheel drive what’s new is the 4+1 seating concept adaptive air suspension it means sports car driving and goose differentiation features in acid green bumps for up to five persons in total this instrument cluster needles brake calipers is made possible by the innovative design ‘e-hybrid’ logo surround on front doors and a higher rear end and a larger rear hatch model designation surround on tailgate sport chrono package together with a significantly lower

get more day out of your everyday we want to be among the first each and the connect plus module1 enhances every day so what do we do when we’re the existing vehicle functions of your about to be over taken – by our own ­porsche e-hybrid model with the everyday life we start over and we intelligent services and apps of take back control of our day with ­porsche connect – all of which are ­porsche connect intended to make the connection connect connect plus apple carplay™ • • car connect services • • lte telephone module with sim card reader – • wireless internet access  – • – • – • between car and driver even more connect app services enhanced p ­ orsche communication intimate to intensify that sports car navigation and infotainment services management pcm serves as your fascination and to make the challenges control center for audio communication of everyday

show electricity who’s in charge in which you can intensify the bond remote control of charging process and air conditioning between you and your p ­ orsche you also in addition you can remotely control have access to a range of extra functions hybrid-specific functions of your p ­ orsche find charging facilities tailored specifically to your e-hybrid for and at your total convenience for need a charging point somewhere on your model example you can decide the latest time route with the ‘charging pedestals’ by which the charging process should service of p ­ orsche connect you can find view hybrid status finish even the heating and air charging stations nearby or at your the car connect app for your smartphone conditioning can be optimally configured destination the results can be sorted or apple watch ® lets you view important to suit your daily routine so you’re always easily by distance information about your e-hybrid including ready to go

home advantage for your sports car 1 2 for fast and convenient recharging of carport the optional charging pedestal your p ­ orsche at home we recommend provides an alternative solution the installation of an 240v outlet a wall mount for the p ­ orsche universal charger is included with your e-hybrid model if you need any help with the installation of the charging equipment your ­authorized ­porsche dealer will be able styled by p ­ orsche design the optional to recommend a certified electrician on charging dock is a tidy solution that request makes the charger even easier to use like the wall mount it can be fitted to a wall right next to your preferred parking spot where wall mounting is not possible or if you would like a charge point for your 1 wall mount for the p ­ orsche universal charger ac 2 charging pedestal with charging dock charging at home 43

still one of our most important duties in the future generating power with electricity electricity is the energy of the mobile lithium-ion batteries and high-performance future it can be generated efficiently and electric machines which convert electrical with zero co2 emissions from renewable power into instantaneous drive force – and sources such as water wind and sunlight ensure pulsating thrills at the wheel we and it can be carried over long distances interpret electricity in our own way and by power grids what’s our contribution the result is as high-performing as it is with electricity we generate sustainable efficient ­porsche e-performance driving pleasure we build sports cars with electricity 47

technical data panamera turbo s e-hybrid  panamera turbo s e-hybrid executive panamera 4 e-hybrid  panamera 4 e-hybrid executive panamera 4 e-hybrid sport turismo cayenne s e-hybrid v8 v6 v6 v6 panamera 4 e-hybrid 1  panamera 4 e-hybrid executive1 panamera 4 e-hybrid sport turismo1 cayenne s e-hybrid1 192 mph / 192 mph 172 mph / 172 mph 170 mph 150 mph performance/range engine/transmission type/cylinders panamera turbo s e-hybrid 1  panamera turbo s e-hybrid executive2 top track speed displacement 4.0 liter 2.9 liter 2.9 liter 3.0 liter top track speed all-electric 86 mph / 86 mph 86 mph / 86 mph 86 mph 77 mph max total system power at rpm 680 hp 462 hp at 6,000   462 hp at 6,000  416 hp at 5,500  acceleration 0–60 mph 3.2 secs / 3.3 secs 4.4 secs / 4.5 secs