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we firmly believe in the laws of physics and in defying them time and time again aerodynamics and design the greatest resistance we know here in flacht headwind it’s a matter of confronting it – with optimum aerodynamics and favorable drag coefficients but it’s also a matter of exploiting it by using it to cool the brakes for example – or as a supply of combustion air and of course to generate downforce on the racetrack how do we reconcile these most conflicting of parameters with a harmonious overall concept and of course a design in which every detail must demonstrate its functionality first and foremost the new front end of the 911 gt3 makes one thing instantly clear this car is not here simply to make up the numbers large openings left and right together with new airblades on each side improve cooling even the customary 911 gt3 air outlet to the front of the luggage compartment lid helps to 16 aerodynamics and design ensure plenty of fresh air all

even negative acceleration cannot halt your record-breaking spree safety ­brakes the new 911 gt3 also demonstrates top performance when it comes to negative acceleration here we rely on our expertise of many years as well as technologies that have passed the acid test of motorsport the new 911 gt3 is equipped as standard with a particularly powerful brake system with a specifically matched brake booster the red six-piston aluminum brake calipers on the front axle and the four-piston equivalents at the rear are designed as monobloc units this makes them highly resistant to deformation and enables a more rapid response and release of the brake even under heavy loads the brake discs are 380 mm 15.0 in in diameter front and rear thanks to their two-piece construction with cast iron brake discs and aluminum brake chambers they save weight and thereby reduce unsprung and rotating masses the brake discs are cross-drilled and internally vented for powerful braking even in adverse

motorsport to touch interior the interior of a sports car is like an athlete’s clothing it must fit perfectly and feel like a second skin only then can human and machine function as a single sporty entity to deliver superlative performance the driver needs information that can be accessed quickly and an interior ergonomics concept that enables even faster use of it the requirement is fulfilled by an ascending center console that places the gear selector within direct reach of the steering wheel by ergonomic gearshift paddles on the steering wheel itself and by conveniently positioned controls that dispense with unnecessary gadgetry but do open up new possibilities on the racetrack over 30,000 racing victories were not achieved by engine power alone instruments precise not fanciful minimalist not trendy true to ­porsche style the five round instruments integrated into the cockpit lead the way the technometer resides in the middle its dial is titanium-colored and bears the

we believe in passion for the sports car and for every detail personalization just imagine if everything were possible if you could create the sports car of your dreams without restriction with a diverse range of colors with extra personality and performance like ferry porsche did all that time ago with the first ever ­porsche the 356 no 1 on the pages that follow we will show you how a dream car becomes a reality for a clear overview all available options have been organized by category with the extensive color palette and wide range of optional equipment you can give even more personality to your 911 gt3 let the following pages fill you with inspiration – and let your creativity run wild the possibilities are many the limits are few and far between take ­porsche ­exclusive ­manufaktur as an example where you can have your 911 gt3 personalized even more comprehensively and entirely the way you envisaged directly on the shop floor to the ultimate level and for

floor mats ◼ 810 smoking package ● 583 storage net in front passenger footwell ◼ 581 instrument dials colored – white – guards red ­porsche ­exclusive ­manufaktur ● chrono stopwatch instrument dial colored – white – guards red ­porsche ­exclusive ­manufaktur ● seat belts colored – silver grey – racing yellow – guards red – miami blue¹⁾ ­porsche ­exclusive ­manufaktur ● interior instrument dials in white ­porsche ­exclusive ­manufaktur chrono stopwatch instrument dial in white ­porsche ­exclusive ­manufaktur ●  standard equipment –  not available   i number/extra-cost option   available at no extra cost for more information on the options featured in this catalogue please refer to the separate price list personalization option i no interior package painted²⁾ ­porsche ­exclusive