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we firmly believe in the laws of physics and in defying them time and time again aerodynamics and design the greatest resistance we know here in flacht headwind it’s a matter of confronting it – with optimum aerodynamics and favorable drag coefficients but it’s also a matter of exploiting it by using it to cool the brakes for example – or as a supply of combustion air and of course to generate downforce on the racetrack how do we reconcile these most conflicting of parameters with a harmonious overall concept and of course a design in which every detail must demonstrate its functionality first and foremost the new front end of the 911 gt3 makes one thing instantly clear this car is not here simply to make up the numbers large openings left and right together with new airblades on each side improve cooling even the customary 911 gt3 air outlet to the front of the luggage compartment lid helps to 16 aerodynamics and design ensure plenty of fresh air all cooling air intakes are protected by air intake grilles in titanium color responsible for the leaner build lightweight polyurethane with hollow glass microspheres and carbon fiber elements the complete front end is made from this light yet extremely robust hightech material responsible for the extra downforce at the front axle the wide front spoiler lip responsible for clear vision bi-xenon™ headlights fitted as standard including dynamic range control and headlight cleaning system led headlights are available as an option direction indicators daytime running lights and position lights all designed with led technology have now been made even sleeker – leaving a larger surface area for the air openings the first impression is like the second the new 911 gt3 has a more imposing appearance and always looks ready to pounce more aggressive as well we prefer to say more impatient at least for those on the racetrack who see it approaching in their rear-view mirror.