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motorsport to touch interior the interior of a sports car is like an athlete’s clothing it must fit perfectly and feel like a second skin only then can human and machine function as a single sporty entity to deliver superlative performance the driver needs information that can be accessed quickly and an interior ergonomics concept that enables even faster use of it the requirement is fulfilled by an ascending center console that places the gear selector within direct reach of the steering wheel by ergonomic gearshift paddles on the steering wheel itself and by conveniently positioned controls that dispense with unnecessary gadgetry but do open up new possibilities on the racetrack over 30,000 racing victories were not achieved by engine power alone instruments precise not fanciful minimalist not trendy true to ­porsche style the five round instruments integrated into the cockpit lead the way the technometer resides in the middle its dial is titanium-colored and bears the ‘gt3’ logo steering wheel change gear like a motorsport professional – using the ­sport steering wheel with gearshift paddles the sporty shift throw of the paddles is authentically short making gearshifts even more direct and precise the instrument cluster with 4.6-inch color screen provides you with a continuous stream of data from the on-board computer including average speed and fuel consumption fuel range and outside temperature and allows you to view tire pressure monitoring system tpms information as well as the stopwatch of the optional chrono ­package it also reminds you of your selected communication and audio settings or displays the map of the navigation system – but only for the rare occasion you aren’t on the racetrack the ­sport steering wheel offers up to 40 mm 1.5 in of height and reach adjustment the steering wheel rim in black ­alcantara® is easy to grip and remains in firm hands even on sporty drives useful before yet another left-right chicane on the racetrack the top center marking in red available as an option interior 67