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the concept got any plans this sports car will take you to a place you haven t been for a long time closer to the road and closer to yourself the new 911 carrera t is a thoroughbred 911 made for drivers not collectors made for the next corner not the garage made for the journey not the destination what s needed a six-cylinder twinturbo and horizontally opposed engine a 7-speed manual transmission a chassis that celebrates every corner and a driver like you come on get in not some time but right now go on a road trip that begins with the turning of the key and preferably never ends it’s t time the new 911 carrera t the new 911 carrera t the unfiltered truth for fuel consumption co₂ emissions and efficiency class please refer to page 46

exterior design you might find it difficult but it s something we recommend switch on your indicators pull over get out stop for a while and feast your eyes – on the new 911 carrera t it s a promise a temptation a challenge a means of escape – from everyday life the 911 carrera t has everything you want from a 911 timeless silhouette prominent front wings swooping roof line and an imposing rear end sports car proportions – as only defined by the 911 turn your gaze forwards to the front end of the 911 carrera t with its clear form large air intakes and aerodynamically adapted front spoiler lip to the bi-xenon main headlights with integrated four-point led daytime running lights take a quick break   enjoy the view eye-catching along the side decorative strips with the ‘911 carrera t’ logo and sportdesign exterior mirrors in agate grey 12

interior design are you sitting comfortably that s exactly our intention every component every switch and every bit of padding in a 911 is tailor-made for sporty driving and for you your hands are gripping the gt sports steering wheel in direct reach the mode switch offering the driving modes normal sport sport plus and individual which you can use to define a driving style of your own the interior black and pure surfaces within grasp are finished in smooth-finish leather in contrast the trim strips are painted in black high-gloss the door closes with a solid satisfying sound one hand reaches for the ignition key the other for the shortened gear lever – designed for even more direct shift throws the shift pattern in guards red reinforces the sporty appeal time to get on with the journey hard shell hard core 22

the good news you have to do everything yourself transmission analogue driving pleasure lessons i–vii depress the clutch pedal shift gear accelerate smile contentedly – and repeat when changing gear everything is in your hands driving pleasure included the dynamic throttle-blip function in active sport or sport plus mode ensures the optimum engine speed during downshifts for an even more emotional driving experience and of course for sensational sound the 7-speed manual transmission represents sportiness in pure form this means short shift movements and an optimum transition from one gear to the next in other words swift gear changes and an intimate relationship between the driver and the car the gear lever has been shortened the shift pattern in sporty guards red shows how it s done for extremely fast gear changes with no interruption in the flow of power 7-speed porsche doppelkupplung pdk featuring both a manual and an automatic mode is available as an option for fuel

mode switch left corner right corner then the long straight an invitation you can really only accept with a sports car with the new 911 carrera t above all thanks to the mode switch integrated as standard your hand can remain on the steering wheel as you select any one of four settings normal sport sport plus and individual mode with which you can adapt the vehicle even more precisely to your personal style of driving in sport mode the electronic engine management system demands a sharper response engine dynamics become more direct and the sports exhaust system is activated in sport plus mode the new 911 carrera t can unleash its full potential engine chassis sports exhaust system – everything is geared 100 for performance the result an even mightier sound even sportier damping and even better driving dynamics individual mode follows your driving style you can select and store various vehicle settings to suit your own preference for fuel consumption co₂ emissions and

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