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a statement not a whisper a natural authority not a charade a whirlwind not a breeze 700 hp with rear-wheel drive not run-of-the-mill a high-performance gt engine not an underperformer a leader not a follower a trend-setter not an imitator a 3.8-litre twin-turbo boxer engine not a poor compromise a fighter not a procrastinator a word not a novel unyielding the new

not a single gramme of fat and a huge appetite 911 gt2 rs concept 17 lightweight construction for the performance of a highly powerful lightweight components but also increases sports car such as the 911 gt2 rs weight their rigidity intelligent lightweight is just as essential as the drivetrain we construction using an aluminium–steel have therefore weighed every component composite reduces the vehicle weight and permanently sought the lightest functional materials another weight reduction that increases performance lightweight polyurethane with the evidence consistent lightweight hollow glass microspheres and carbon-fibre construction down to the last detail for a elements this light yet extremely strong power to weight ratio of just 2.85 kg/kw high-tech material has been used in the front 2.1 kg/hp – allowing outstanding and rear panels performance argumentation see below ­porsche has used lightweight glass for the the front wings wheel arch vents upper first time

performance for your wrist the ­porsche design chronograph 911 gt2 rs every second counts that’s why ­porsche the casing is made of titanium just like the each 911 gt2 rs chronograph is fitted with design has built a watch whose design roll cage in the weissach package the a leather strap in black or red alcantara® for the first time is just as consistent with individual chassis number is engraved on available in sizes m and l that can be maximum performance as that of the the back of the casing the winding rotor is easily swapped thanks to a quick-change 911 gt2 rs the ­porsche design chronograph a direct replica of the magnesium wheel in system and of course both are made from 911 gt2 rs the weissach package and painted in the the same materials used in the interior of original colour the dial is made of genuine the 911 gt2 rs jointly developed by ­porsche design carbon with a gt silver metallic stripe its and ­porsche motorsport this timepiece design

next gear and off we go drive 35 ­porsche doppelkupplung pdk a 7-speed power demonstration pdk alternately connects these two half and the gear change itself you can both trimmed for maximum performance for the gearboxes to the engine via two separate hear and feel it the electronic gt-specific new 911 gt2 rs with purposely short drive shafts depending on the current gear transmission control ensures faster more ratios and short succinct gearshifts via the when changing gear one clutch engages spontaneous traction upshifts – and shift paddles 7th gear is also ratioed for and the other simultaneously disengages extremely dynamic downshift thrusts in sport and designed for maximum speed allowing gear changes to take place in combination with sporty interim the manual mode on the gear selector milliseconds with no interruption in the flow applications of the throttle in pdk sport works as it does in our race cars of power mode downshifts are more aggressive when braking

­interior and infotainment 61 connect apps the vehicle and start route guidance of p ­ orsche communication management ­porsche connect portal also lets you create in addition to its range of smart services immediately even your smartphone calendar pcm with the siri voice recognition additional users at any time – such as family ­porsche connect also offers two can be viewed directly on pcm and stored interface you can conveniently use your members or friends smartphone apps the first ­porsche car addresses used for navigation what’s more apps on the move while keeping your full connect lets you use your smartphone or the p ­ orsche connect app gives you access concentration on the road apple watch to retrieve vehicle data and to millions of music tracks thanks to remotely control selected vehicle functions its built-in music streaming function at ­porsche connect portal free subscription period or purchase another feature is the ­porsche vehicle

78 personalisation personalisation colours being unyielding also means showing your solid exterior colours special exterior colours standard interior colours leather/leatherette/alcantara® soft-touch paint finish white gt silver metallic black and red black crayon guards red miami blue black and red racing yellow lava orange black true colours the colour palette of the 911 gt2 rs comprises a total of eight exterior colours there are four solid and four special colours to choose from as well as two interior colours – and the countless opportunities offered by ­porsche ­e xclusive manufaktur of course special interior colours leather/alcantara®/soft-touch paint finish