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designed developed and tested over three years and then gone in under three seconds performance the hallmark of an exceptional consistently delivers the maximum which operate in cylinders made phenomenon no sooner do you torque of 750 nm the sprint from from an aluminium–silicon alloy catch a glimpse of it then it’s 0 to 100 km/h is over and done in two turbochargers with variable gone again that could be down 2.9 seconds 200 km/h is reached turbine geometry vtg help to the ‘s’ on the rear at porsche in 9.6 seconds top speed over to ensure a dynamic response this mark has forever been the 330 km/h high torque and extraordinary performance values signature of supreme performance beyond all conventions these figures are made possible by the horizontally opposed engine simply put a gentle press of the the 3.8­litre six­cylinder twin­turbo so typical of the 911 benefiting accelerator pedal is enough to set and horizontally opposed engine from a lightweight construction it not only the 911 turbo s exclusive of the 911 turbo s exclusive series offers impeccable balancing of series racing – but your heart produces 446 kw 607 hp – 19 kw masses combined with low­vibration rate too 27 hp more than the 911 turbo s running its position deep down this power upgrade comes thanks in the rear contributes to the car’s to the exclusive powerkit reserved low centre of gravity dry­sump exclusively for the 911 turbo s lubrication is an integral feature exclusive series with a constantly we’ve used forged connecting elevated boost pressure the engine rods and forged aluminium pistons for fuel consumption co2 emissions and efficiency class please refer to page 56 performance 27