2018 Porsche 911 Turbo S ES by Porsche USA

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in our endeavours we rely on in recent decades for instance precision skill and hard work the 911 sport classic limited to and on the interaction between 250 examples the 911 speedster human and machine on tradition limited to 356 units or the and future on craftsmanship panamera exclusive series and high technology – no matter produced in a limited run of whether it’s during refinement only 100 painting cutting or stitching this is how we seek and find the now we are interpreting our ideal com­bination of innovative passion in particularly dynamic production technology and fashion with a power upgrade instinctive feeling for each car of 19 kw 27 hp over the only the result is ever the same 911 turbo s result 446 kw an unrivalled amount of character 607 hp 750 nm of torque and individuality with plenty of 500 examples lightweight love for detail construction meets craftsmanship carbon meets character in this way we have created some perfection meets performance extraordinary collectors’ items accomplishment the 911 turbo s exclusive series for fuel consumption co2 emissions and efficiency class please refer to page 56 ­porsche exclusive manufaktur 15