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porsche adaptive cruise control black high gloss doors 19 inch alloy wheels porsche twin turbo engine porsche communication management porsche 19 inch wheels porsche 19 inch wheels sport design porsche cayenne turbo porsche cayenne exclusive pcm porsche cayenne porsche cayenne turbo wood porsche cayenne sport seats porsche cayenne performance exhaust porsche cayenne exterior trim twin turbo v8 luggage compartment capacity brake caliper four pistons wheel arch extensions v6 twin turbo air motion tweeter brake disc diameter instrument cluster display multi plate clutch rear bench seats rear bench seat radar controlled adaptive cruise control sport steering wheel front centre console petrol tank capacity in litres automatic dimming mirrors rear skid plate rear wheel drive suspension system hydraulic drive drive led interior lighting activated carbon filter two tone black grey garage door opener rear differential lock garage door openers adaptive cruise control price 19 inch wheels sport design 21 inch alloy wheels shock absorber systems the front axle www facebook com rear side window trim central control unit comes into play 21 inch wheels out mirror left and right on board computer door and window door and windows engine and transmission you get in the car

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“in the beginning i looked around but could not find quite the car i dreamed of… so i decided to build it myself.” ferry porsche the dream of a sports car for a great dream you have to fight for more than a bold vision the next victory is rarely laid in your lap because often you have to fight against something first against opposition against conventions and against rigid thought processes but because they give everything – for that decisive percentage more because just one single second can make the difference between triumph or tears for the dr ing in our company name and to revive sports car fascination again and again no matter what you set your heart on without passion bite and endurance you will achieve nothing ferry porsche gave everything for the sports car of his dreams his dream came true – not because he hesitated waited or was lucky but because he grew beyond himself this attitude this fighting spirit is in every porsche built since 1948

1 led main headlights with matrix beam including pdls plus 5 slats with rhodium silver inlays in the air intakes 2 independent turbo front with significantly larger cooling openings 6 mixed tyres 3 new front with large central air intake 7 double-row turbo front lights in led fibre optics 4 ‘power dome’ on bonnet 1 4 3 7 2 6

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the porsche ceramic composite brake pccb 1 motorsports-tested the porsche ceramic composite brake pccb available on request for the new cayenne models the pccb perforated ceramic brake discs have a diameter of 440 mm at the front and 410 mm at the rear for even greater braking performance pccb has yellow 10-piston aluminium monobloc fixed calipers on the front axle and four-piston aluminium monobloc fixed calipers on the rear axle especially in the case of high operational demand there are favourable conditions for a short braking distance in addition the safety in deceleration from high speed increases due to the high fading stability of pccb another advantage of the ceramic braking system lies in the extremely low weight of the brake discs they are about 50 lighter than comparable cast-iron discs the result is a better grip of the tyres as well as increased driving and ride comfort especially on uneven roads and more agility and improved handling 3 1 porsche ceramic composite brake

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1 burmester® two-way centre speaker one should not enjoy great sound effects alone 2 3d surround loudspeaker 3 tweeter air motion transformer amt 4 midrange speaker burmester® 3d high-end surround sound system 1 2 3 5 subwoofer the burmester® 3d high-end surround sound system stages the sound as if in one of the best concert halls in the world the passengers listen to the full width of the stage with a recognisable distribution of instruments in the room 6 tweeter 7 two-way 3d surround loudspeaker 8 burmester® 400-watt active subwoofer with class d digital amplifier 4 6 5 4 7 9 quiet please for 1,455 watts total output 21 individually controlled loudspeakers including active subwoofer with 400-watt class d digital amplifier two-way centre system and more than 2,500 cm2 total membrane area the special air motion tweeter tapes ensure an unmistakably fine clear and undistorted high-pitch reproduction 9 burmester® 21-channel 1,055-watt digital amplifier 5 8 1 all

if you want to realise great dreams you must be able to predict lights and vision in order to pursue your dream you must never lose sight of one thing the path leading to the goal and it is perfectly illuminated all cayenne models come as standard with led main headlights – the new cayenne turbo even includes pdls unmistakably porsche the four-point daytime running lights and at the rear the four-point brake lights in led technology as well the light strip 1 porsche dynamic light system pdls pdls adjusts the light distribution to the speed the dynamic cornering lights turn the main headlights into the curve depending on the steering angle and driving speed the static cornering lights activate auxiliary headlights to illuminate narrow curves or turns 2 3 4 led main headlights with matrix beam including porsche dynamic light system plus pdls plus the matrix beam specifically deactivates segments of the permanent main-beam cone eighty-four individually controlled leds can be

standard colours – interior and exterior solid colours – exterior metallic colours – exterior standard colours – interior standard colours – interiors leather interior trim porsche exclusive manufaktur trim white carrara white metallic1 black black black high-gloss painted2 jet black metallic slate grey1 slate grey1 carbon2 leather2 two-tone interior two-tone leather interior textured aluminium anthracite chestnut with aluminium inlay2 special colours moonlight blue metallic1 palladium metallic2 biscay blue metallic mahogany metallic1 black and mojave beige black and mojave beige cross-brushed aluminium4 black and bordeaux red2 dark walnut1 interior in club leather 1 2 3 rhodium silver metallic3 4 truffle brown2 102 personalisation colours provisionally available from 01/2018 provisionally available from 05/2018 provisionally available from 08/2018 exclusive for cayenne turbo series natural olive grey2 colours personalisation

door handles painted in black high-gloss porsche exclusive manufaktur ● ● ● 6ja led main headlights including porsche dynamic light system pdls tinted led main headlights including porsche dynamic light system pdls ● 8is ● ● ● 8jt ● 2jx porsche exclusive manufaktur deletion of model designation ◼ ◼ ◼ 0na led main headlights with matrix beam including pdls plus ● ● ● 8iu electrically extending towbar system3 ● ● ● 1d9 tinted led main headlights with matrix beam including ● ● ● 8ju ● ● ● 8sb ● ● ● 3s1 ● ● ● 5w1 ● ● ● 3s2 porsche exclusive manufaktur roof rails in black aluminium including roof transport system1 4 5 ● ● ● 5w4 ambient lighting ● ● ● qq1 exterior package in black high-gloss – – ● qj4 automatically dimming exterior and interior

porsche world porsche service your competent partner for all current porsche models both for young and vintage cars no matter whether maintenance care or special repair techniques porsche centres here you will be assisted by experienced professionals with absolute reliability they offer you a variety of services original spare parts accessories and parts of extreme quality porsche exclusive manufaktur here you will find many suggestions on how you can have a porsche refined at the factory following your own ideas visually technically or both in any case absolutely handcrafted porsche tequipment the porsche accessory range with which you can design your vehicle according to your individual wishes all the options for your model are available for you online at www.porsche.com/tequipment using the tequipment accessories finder porsche driver’s selection sporty leisure fashion intelligent accessories or luggage especially optimised for the porsche luggage compartment with the

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