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1 central injector position of the direct fuel injection dfi even more powerful dynamic and efficient – this is how we wanted to design the new engine generation of the cayenne so we did not do things by half but started from scratch and completely redesigned all the engines so that you are already equipped for the future 2 variocam plus 3 variable oil pump 4 weight-optimised aluminium block with cast-iron cylinder liners 6 7 5 integrated oil/water heat exchanger 6 direct fuel injection dfi with 250-bar injection pressure let’s start with the first two new creations the 250 kw 340 hp turbo v6 engine in the cayenne as well as the twin-turbo v6 engine in the cayenne s that delivers 324 kw 440 hp the turbochargers are located between the cylinder banks on both drive units this shortens the paths of the exhaust stream to the charger – for a faster response in addition their engines are equipped with variocam plus a system for adjusting the camshafts and valve lift 7 7 twin turbocharger in central turbo layout 5 2 1 twin-scroll turbines are used in the 404 kw 550 hp twin-turbo v8 engine of the cayenne turbo and the turbo v6 engine of the cayenne the exhaust gas flows separately to the turbine wheel – for an optimised charge change result high torque already at low speeds 4 the direct fuel injection is now carried out via a central injector in the combustion chamber this optimises the fuel injection and combustion mix for more efficiency and greater output speaking of efficiency all engines also benefit from the electrical system recuperation the thermal management and the automatic start/stop with coasting function in addition porsche active aerodynamics paa is another essential building block for improved efficiency and further optimised driving performance paa is the active design of the aerodynamics e.g by means of numerous air intake flaps integrated in the air inlets unique to the cayenne turbo is the new adaptive roof spoiler and the fun it is greater than ever in all the cayenne models 1 2.9 l cayenne s twin-turbo v6 engine 3 1 drive and chassis 39