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1 burmester® two-way centre speaker one should not enjoy great sound effects alone 2 3d surround loudspeaker 3 tweeter air motion transformer amt 4 midrange speaker burmester® 3d high-end surround sound system 1 2 3 5 subwoofer the burmester® 3d high-end surround sound system stages the sound as if in one of the best concert halls in the world the passengers listen to the full width of the stage with a recognisable distribution of instruments in the room 6 tweeter 7 two-way 3d surround loudspeaker 8 burmester® 400-watt active subwoofer with class d digital amplifier 4 6 5 4 7 9 quiet please for 1,455 watts total output 21 individually controlled loudspeakers including active subwoofer with 400-watt class d digital amplifier two-way centre system and more than 2,500 cm2 total membrane area the special air motion tweeter tapes ensure an unmistakably fine clear and undistorted high-pitch reproduction 9 burmester® 21-channel 1,055-watt digital amplifier 5 8 1 all loudspeaker chassis are precisely matched to one another and provide a maximum bass foundation resolution and pulse accuracy the result is a natural and substantial sound even at the highest volume particularly impressive is the new 3d sound experience which is generated by loudspeakers integrated into the a-pillars and a special auro 3d algorithm the sound enhancer also optimises the sound of data-compressed music the system fits perfectly into the overall picture also visually thanks to the burmester® loudspeakers in the doors 1 burmester® high-end 3d surround sound system burmester® comfort and infotainment 75