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“in the beginning i looked around but could not find quite the car i dreamed of… so i decided to build it myself.” ferry porsche the dream of a sports car for a great dream you have to fight for more than a bold vision the next victory is rarely laid in your lap because often you have to fight against something first against opposition against conventions and against rigid thought processes but because they give everything – for that decisive percentage more because just one single second can make the difference between triumph or tears for the dr ing in our company name and to revive sports car fascination again and again no matter what you set your heart on without passion bite and endurance you will achieve nothing ferry porsche gave everything for the sports car of his dreams his dream came true – not because he hesitated waited or was lucky but because he grew beyond himself this attitude this fighting spirit is in every porsche built since 1948 it’s deep inside the smallest screw and in every race won it is also in every idea because our engineers are not satisfied with 100 to have more horsepower was never our only thought rather to have more ideas per hp to have more efficient engines not larger ones to have a design that follows principles not fashion to have sports cars you can drive every day only when all this comes together we speak of porsche intelligent performance the core of the porsche brand and of its future we fight for that like on the first day for a dream for which our heart will always beat sports car fascination 7