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if you want to realise great dreams you must be able to predict lights and vision in order to pursue your dream you must never lose sight of one thing the path leading to the goal and it is perfectly illuminated all cayenne models come as standard with led main headlights – the new cayenne turbo even includes pdls unmistakably porsche the four-point daytime running lights and at the rear the four-point brake lights in led technology as well the light strip 1 porsche dynamic light system pdls pdls adjusts the light distribution to the speed the dynamic cornering lights turn the main headlights into the curve depending on the steering angle and driving speed the static cornering lights activate auxiliary headlights to illuminate narrow curves or turns 2 3 4 led main headlights with matrix beam including porsche dynamic light system plus pdls plus the matrix beam specifically deactivates segments of the permanent main-beam cone eighty-four individually controlled leds can be adjusted to the situation by switching off or dimming vehicles in front of you or on the opposite side of the road are no longer dazzled the areas in between and next to them still fully illuminated in order to optimise target fixation not only are the lights selectively dimmed to fade out oncoming vehicles the area to the right of the light void is lit more brightly for better guidance of the driver’s visual attention the segment-specific dimming of reflective traffic signs avoids driver dazzle in addition to the pdls functions pdls plus also features electronic cornering lights and an intersection light based on navigation data as you approach an intersection or junction the intersection light function activates the left and right cornering light – the main-beam cone becomes wider and shorter for better illumination of the environment 1 led main headlights 2 led main headlights including pdls 3 led main headlights with matrix beam including pdls plus 4 functional graphic – automatically dimming mirrors for oncoming traffic with led main headlights with matrix beam including pdls plus lights and vision 89