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standard colours – interior and exterior solid colours – exterior metallic colours – exterior standard colours – interior standard colours – interiors leather interior trim porsche exclusive manufaktur trim white carrara white metallic1 black black black high-gloss painted2 jet black metallic slate grey1 slate grey1 carbon2 leather2 two-tone interior two-tone leather interior textured aluminium anthracite chestnut with aluminium inlay2 special colours moonlight blue metallic1 palladium metallic2 biscay blue metallic mahogany metallic1 black and mojave beige black and mojave beige cross-brushed aluminium4 black and bordeaux red2 dark walnut1 interior in club leather 1 2 3 rhodium silver metallic3 4 truffle brown2 102 personalisation colours provisionally available from 01/2018 provisionally available from 05/2018 provisionally available from 08/2018 exclusive for cayenne turbo series natural olive grey2 colours personalisation 103