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panamera sport turismo concept get started in a sports car that puts into driven by a new generation of high action everything you need to get ahead powered engines the courage to in your job in your everyday life and away defy conventions drives it forwards from it places you’ve always wanted to a genuine porsche an atypical visit sporty goals unfulfilled let’s go panamera the new panamera sport turismo is defined primarily by itself accept implement perform that is the principle of the panamera sport turismo made for those who don’t wait to be told a car characterised by unequivocal what to do next for all those who have sportiness excellent everyday practicality the courage to get up and go preferably and a design that sets new standards not straight away only at porsche the concept with which it conquers the road singularity the new panamera sport turismo venture on panamera sport turismo concept  

panamera turbo sport turismo

panamera 4s and 4s diesel sport turismo

panamera 4 sport turismo

interior when you’re happy to lean back in comfort new to the panamera sport turismo are you change nothing we disagree for only the seats in the rear compartment with those who know how to breathe calmly will the 4+1 seating concept incorporated as ultimately stay the course the ingenious standard a fifth person can now enjoy the sports car ergonomics of the panamera panamera driving experience the extra sport turismo are centred on the driver space provides more flexibility on short to and on performance – without disregard medium distance trips for the well-being of passengers and what else you decide seat variants the interior has been completely restyled – leather or two-tone interior schemes fine and nevertheless remains typically woods aluminium or carbon more sporty porsche examples include the ascending more luxurious both thanks to our centre console which enables swift hand extensive range of personalisation options movements from the multifunction

control concept analogue meets digital the new instrument groups in between the compact gear cluster of the panamera sport turismo selector a high-resolution 12-inch models is reminiscent of porsche touchscreen display is integrated into motorsport history – and at the same the dashboard from the customisable time it is as modern as only it can be start screen you have quick and easy access to the functions you find most in the middle and in direct view of the important in conjunction with optional driver is the analogue rev counter its four-zone automatic climate control and needle integral to its truly classic design individual power seats in the rear the to the left and right two high-resolution rear passengers also have a touchscreen displays provide you with a variety of display of their own information as and when you need it such as the navigation map or night vision porsche connect enhances existing vehicle assist functions with intelligent services and apps –

porsche exclusive make the extraordinary a touch more reinforced by 21-inch panamera extraordinary the principle we live by in sportdesign wheels painted in jet black the porsche exclusive manufaktur one metallic exterior mirrors painted in example of this special love for detail black and matching door release levers the panamera turbo sport turismo in the sports exhaust system including volcano grey metallic the sportdesign black tailpipes the tinted led taillights package painted in black high-gloss and the painted model designation in with its distinctive front apron matching black high-gloss on the rear complete sideskirts and its rear apron makes a the sporty exterior in style all in all an clear statement as far as sportiness is extraordinary phenomenon on every road concerned this individual look is porsche

technical data panamera 4 sport turismo engine panamera turbo sport turismo panamera 4s diesel sport turismo panamera 4s sport turismo weights cylinders 6 unladen weight din 2,035 kg 2,095 kg 1,915 kg displacement 2,995 cm3 unladen weight ec1 2,110 kg 2,170 kg 1,990 kg max power din at rpm 243 kw 330 hp 5,400–6,400 rpm permissible gross weight 2,690 kg 2,785 kg 2,615 kg max torque at rpm 450 nm 1,340–4,900 rpm 304 km/h 282 km/h 286 km/h compression ratio 11.2 : 1 3.8 secs 4.5 secs 4.4 secs 3.6 secs 4.3 secs 4.2 secs 2.4 secs 3.0 secs 2.9 secs urban in l/100 km 13.1–12.9 7.9 10.4–10.3 fully independent aluminium double wishbone suspension extra urban in l/100 km 7.4–7.3 5.9–5.8 6.9–6.8 fully independent aluminium multi-link suspension with chassis subframe combined in l/100 km 9.5–9.4 6.8–6.7 8.3–8.2 co2 emissions in g/km 217–215 178–176 189–187 performance top

technical data tyre labelling panamera 4 e-hybrid sport turismo panamera 4 sport turismo weights tyre type summer tyres size fuel efficiency class rolling resistance wet grip class external rolling noise external rolling noise class db 265/45 zr 19 c–b b–a –  73–69 295/40 zr 19 c–b b–a –  75–70 275/40 zr 20 c a 315/35 zr 20 c–b a 275/35 zr 21 c b–a 315/30 zr 21 c b–a unladen weight din 2,190 kg 1,880 kg unladen weight ec1 2,265 kg 1,955 kg permissible gross weight 2,810 kg 2,550 kg top speed 275 km/h 259 km/h acceleration 0–100 km/h – 5.5 secs acceleration 0–100 km/h with launch control2 4.6 secs 5.3 secs overtaking acceleration 80–120 km/h 3.1 secs 3.9 secs urban in l/100 km – 10.0–9.9 extra urban in l/100 km – 6.7–6.6 the models featured in this publication are going to print 02/17 porsche reserves dr ing h.c f porsche ag