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choose thrilling we are constantly on tour because our life is a live concert we immediately take to the stage and make the air crackle our pulse sets the beat then the performance starts the first chord shakes our world we experience the sound with every fibre of our body swept along into a torrent of possibilities mainstream has never been our thing we prefer to remain unconventional and feel alive we never compromise we always make our own decisions more adventure more life more thrills and even more acceleration who accompanies us a sports car that embodies all this and whose stage is the open

for us aesthetics are not simply superficial but always an expression of our personality

what forms true character headwind exterior design with its dynamic overall look the ­macan is unmistakably a sports car its redesigned rear appears extremely powerful like a bold line under its own signature the new characteristic taillight strip emphasises the ­porsche logo enhanced by the new four-point brake lights both functionally and visually the broad shoulders above its rear wheels are reminiscent of the 911 and a further visual demonstration of the roadhugging nature of the new ­macan its flank is also typically ­porsche from this angle every muscle appears to be energised – like a predator ready to pounce its roof line slopes to the rear just like a coupé thereby creating a characteristic sports car contour with high aerodynamic quality our designers call this the ­porsche

out into the world and straight into your sports car interior design you are seeking one experience after another of course you want to maintain an overview the sporty front seats convey a typical ­macan feeling you may sit high above the road yet you are still closely connected to it as a sports car manufacturer we understand that a car and its driver must form a single entity so you do not simply sit in the ­macan – but thanks to its architecture you are integrated into the vehicle the three-dimensional arrangement of the controls lends the interior a cockpit character the distance between the standard multifunction steering wheel and the pdk ­porsche doppelkupplung gear selector as well as the main vehicle functions is extremely short – via the ascending centre console characteristic of sports cars the ignition is on the left – as is typical of ­porsche one highlight of which we are particularly proud the new 10.9˝ touchscreen display in

a genuine thirst for adventure cannot be quenched but simply encouraged performance and handling it is no longer just about mobility we do not simply drive in order to travel from a to b along the way there is much to discover and to experience every second we want to feel that our life is dynamic on the road and in our sports car always focusing on absolute performance as we would expect of a genuine sports car but a ­porsche delivers more than power alone such as the active all-wheel drive system ­porsche traction management ptm for example traction safety outstanding steering and exceptional handling – clear evidence of traditional ­porsche engineering and what about comfort also in plentiful supply of course with all the sporty and control features the optional air suspension guarantees a constant ride height – on any terrain ­porsche active suspension management pasm also actively and continuously adjusts damping force for each individual wheel the

outwardly we are working flat out internally however all is calm comfort and

designed around you enhancing your journey comfort for us driving a sports car is an intense experience involving all our senses but endorphins are not just released by performance and adrenaline the interior of the new ­macan makes you feel happy as soon as you get in thanks to the optionally available high-quality leather interior for example or the ascending centre console beside the optional multifunctional gt sports steering wheel that contributes to the genuine sports car feeling your ears are also in for a treat the optional sports exhaust system makes the typical ­porsche sound appear even more powerful apropos the audio experience the bose® surround sound system and burmester® high-end surround sound system are available as options for the ­macan models to be able to breathe freely while enjoying the experience three-zone automatic climate control is fitted as standard the optional ioniser is a new addition – for improved air quality that enhances your

what is the only grey area in our lives the tarmac below us summary enthusiasm thirst for adventure the thrill of constantly experiencing something new this is what sets us apart what keeps us moving what shapes us the headwind on our journey through life what determines our character experiences that make our pulse beat faster every second the new ­macan choose

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