2019 Porsche Macan by Porsche USA

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we do not simply follow our instincts we surpass them the ­macan concept we have proven that we will not be dictated to do not follow trends but prefer to write our own adventure stories such as that of a compact suv that inextricably combines sportiness design and everyday practicality the new ­macan this is also evident in our models of course the new standard taillight strip lends the ­macan a confident appearance the led main headlights with four-point daytime running lights and the four-point brake lights are also standard and are not only visual highlights but also clear features of ­porsche dna this visual appeal also extends to the interior in the ­macan models ­porsche communication management pcm has a large 10.9˝ touchscreen display providing access to ­porsche connect services – in full-hd.