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driving a sports car means being able to fully focus on the driving experience while being confident that nothing will tarnish this adaptive cruise control acc automatically adjusts the distance from the vehicle ahead – for added comfort on country roads and motorways as part of intelligent porsche innodrive including adaptive cruise control the system increases the prediction horizon to up to 3km with the aid of navigation data and information supplied by the radar and video sensors it determines speed limits and topographical road features long before you reach them and modifies the speed and gearshift strategy to suit the selected driving mode all according to porsche standards so you get more driving pleasure and efficiency from every metre active lane keeping which uses longitudinal and lateral control to help keep the taycan in lane and regulate the distance from vehicles in front is also an integral part of this system – as is traffic jam assist which keeps the vehicle in the middle of the lane on congested roads for greater comfort on longer journeys 34 assistance systems lane change assist indicates whether a vehicle is in your blind spot as you move to change lanes – extremely practical when driving on the motorway and at night night vision assist uses an infrared camera to provide support – pedestrians and wildlife are displayed as thermal images and also highlighted in colour porsche entry drive allows you to leave your car key in your pocket by recognising the encrypted access code stored on the key the taycan can be conveniently started using the electric power button to the left of the steering wheel or by simply selecting a gear surround view ensures optimum care when parking and manoeuvring using one hand making every metre in the taycan a driving experience – regardless of the speed assistance systems 35