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cayman the concept convention shaken senses stirred the cayman models two different characters one personality their drive for power is impressive their spirited nature fascinating two sport coupes that go beyond all conventions two cars that draw their drivers under their spell forever the concept behind the cayman models is the le mans coupe a sport coupe designed in 1953 specifically for this legendary race and based on the 550 spyder its mid-engine layout is what made this car special the car s low center of gravity gave it tremendous agility and cornering dynamics from this one basic idea came great success and with this success our experience grew the result two sophisticated sports cars the cayman and the cayman s their uncompromising performance is generated by two engine developments which stand out above all for their lightweight construction power output and efficiency the cayman has a 2.9-liter flat-six engine with a power output of 265 horsepower even more impressive

cayman the models the truth is in the driving the cayman the cayman is the driving force behind precisely one attitude the absolute conviction to remain true to oneself no middle roads no compromises no nonsense one of the features that exemplifies this attitude is the mid-engine layout which ensures a low center of gravity and thus a high degree of agility and an extremely sporty drive the six-cylinder horizontally opposed power unit has a capacity of 2.9 liters the engine delivers a power output of 265 horsepower at an engine speed of 7200 rpm a maximum torque of 221 ib ft is achieved between 4400 and 6000 rpm from a standing start the cayman accelerates to 60 mph in 5.5 seconds with the optional porsche doppelkupplung pdk this sprint takes just 5.4 seconds top track speed is 164 mph in conjunction with the manual gearbox the power of the engine is delivered to the road by a precision sixspeed manual gearbox fitted as standard are 17-inch wheels with a star-shaped design which

cayman drive cayman lightweight construction both cayman models are equipped with alloy engines the ingenious design down to the finest detail keeps the weight of the engines low therefore reducing fuel consumption one of the ways in which this lightweight construction was achieved was by fully integrating the camshaft bearings into the cylinder heads integrated dry-sump lubrication the purpose of integrated drysump lubrication is to guarantee a reliable oil supply while reducing engine temperatures even in sportily driven cars the oil reservoir is located inside the engine four oil pumps remove the oil from the cylinder heads directly into the oil sump a fifth pump in the oil sump directly supplies the lubricating points in the engine to reduce power loss and increase efficiency an electronically controlled oil pump supplies the lubricating points inside the engine as and when required this means that the oil pump does not work so hard when there is less demand for lubrication for

cayman drive 5 3 7 1 r 2 6 4 rear wheel multiplate clutch 1 multiplate clutch 2 5 7 3 1 r 2 6 4 engine rear wheel differential semi-gearbox 1 1st 3rd 5th 7th r gears semi-gearbox 2 2nd 4th 6th gears porsche doppelkupplung pdk pdk function diagram porsche doppelkupplung pdk in detail the crankshaft transmits engine torque to the dualmass flywheel which is then channeled through the clutch housing and onto the multiplate clutches or to be more precise the outer disc carrier under oil pressure clutch 1 closes and forms a frictional connection with input shaft 1 the torque is now transmitted through the differential to the rear axle at this stage pdk has already preselected the next gear engine torque is already acting on the other outer disc carrier and in response to a gear-change signal the overlap shift is initiated i.e as clutch 1 opens clutch 2 closes the non-positive connection with input shaft 2 is established and power is transmitted to the wheels the gear that is engaged is

cayman chassis car is still in sport mode for safety it is set to intervene automatically only when abs assistance is required on both front wheels a key component of the sport chrono package is the swivelmounted stopwatch in the center of the dashboard with analog and digital display in combination with porsche doppelkupplung pdk the sport chrono stopwatch request for launch mode and revs the engine to an optimal speed of approximately 6500 rpm engine torque increases and the clutch closes slightly the message launch control appears on the display on the steering wheel for pdk the driver now quickly releases the brake and prepares for maximum acceleration second the motorsportderived gearshift strategy using this pdk is geared up for maximum shift speed the shortest possible shift times and optimal shift points for maximum acceleration for uncompromising performance torque as percentage of maximum sport and sport plus buttons on the center console sport chrono package offers two

cayman safety passive safety airbags each of the full-size airbags is inflated in two stages depending on the severity of an accident in less serious accidents the airbags are only partially inflated thereby minimizing discomfort for the occupants also fitted as standard is porsche side impact protection posip it comprises side impact protection elements in the doors and two airbags on each side an integral thorax airbag is located in the seat backrests while each door panel contains a head airbag with each having a volume of approximately 0.28 cubic feet 8 liters these airbags offer excellent protection in the event of a side impact other passive safety features include headrests integrated into the seat backrests an energyabsorbing steering column three-point seat belts seat-belt pretensioners and force limiters energy-absorbing elements in the dashboard and flame-resistant materials throughout the interior cayman anti-theft protection both models are equipped with an immobilizer

cayman comfort storage surface above the engine cover and the luggage compartment behind it this design enables the convenient loading of longer items of luggage it has a capacity of 9.2 cubic feet 260 liters and a highquality finish on request you can have the panels surrounding the engine cover and the integral strut tower moldings finished in the vehicle s exterior color a retaining rail at the front of the engine cover helps to secure any luggage under braking a luggage stop behind the seats is also available as an option smaller items can be secured on top of the engine cover using a luggage cayman with matching luggage set from the porsche design driver s selection front luggage compartment net with four lashing eyelets a stainless steel partition provides an elegant transition to the lower rear luggage area this is the ideal space for larger items and also has four lashing eyelets for attaching a luggage net another useful feature is the covered service opening which conceals

environment challenge the laws of physics while obeying the laws of nature the cayman models exude character they are strongwilled unyielding but never disagreeable it shows in their attitude especially toward the environment resolute compliance with environmental regulations is the law they follow as do all porsche models because efficiency too is a question of character 94

cayman personalization bi-xenontm headlights with dynamic cornering lights and led daytime running lights roof transport system with roof box cayman s exterior option · metallic paint · special colors · color to sample · bi-xenontm headlights with dynamic cornering lights and led daytime running lights · deletion of model designation exterior code page 131 131 option · parkassist parking aid at rear · cayman aerokit · rear wiper 63 106 · auto-dimming interior/exterior mirrors with integrated rain sensor · roof transport system basic load carrier · side stripes with model designation cayman s code cayman cayman page 81 · · · · w · · · · w code code code p75 498 · · · · · · · · · · · · 635 xam 425 p12 549 cmx 81 81 85 107 the vehicles illustrated in the chapter on personalization may include additional options not featured in this catalog for information on these options please consult your authorized porsche dealer ­ not available extra-cost option ·

porsche tourist delivery you won t be able to sleep the night before the night after you won t want to many of our customers dream of collecting their new porsche in person they want to be there when the car of their dreams leaves the factory this way they can be the first to take their porsche to its rightful place on the road today all porsche engines are constructed here in our main factory in zuffenhausen where the legendary 356 was built you can collect your cayman from here there s no need to rush just yet take your time and make the your porsche dealer will be happy to answer any questions you may have please note that delivery times may be extended for certain porsche exclusive equipment factory tour one of the highlights of your visit see porsche production processes in action for yourself from engine assembly and the preparation of upholstery to final installation experience is one of the key moments in the construction of any car the marriage of engine/chassis and body

special interior colors natural leather leather/soft-touch paint solid exterior colors metallic exterior colors special exterior colors carpet roof liner black two-tone black and stone grey stone grey volcano grey4 basalt black metallic macadamia metallic cream white1 natural leather in carrera red2 carrera red black guards red platinum silver metallic meteor grey metallic gt silver metallic carrara white dark blue metallic aqua blue metallic amethyst metallic1 speed yellow1 peridot metallic1 ruby red metallic 1 available until 07/11 130 porsche racing green metallic1