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philosophy our cars are state of the art and made to measure exclusivity individuality craftsmanship concepts which have always been associated with porsche porsche exclusive stands for the individual personalisation of your vehicle direct from the factory you tell us what you want and we will do our utmost to give it to you ­ provided of course that it is technically feasible and does not compromise quality when customising a car it is not enough just to use the best available materials our overriding principle has always been to make full use of the traditional skills of our craftsmen carrying out the work by hand our specialists have years of experience in the hand crafting of decorative hardwoods enabling us to bring out the individual character of this superb material what about carbon light and extremely durable expressing all the excitement of the racetrack or stainless steel very strong polished and with a chrome finish ­ pleasing to the eye and extremely resistant to heat

extendedextended trim package extended in carbon trim in package rear centre in rear carbon console rear in carbon centre steering console column in carbon casing steering in leather column rear-view casing in mirror leather in leather rear-view mirror in leather trim package carbon centre console in carbon steering column casing in leather rear-view mirror in leather 12 12 i i cayman caymanss 12 i cayman s cayman i 13 cayman s is

decorative side logo with model designation 19-inch carrera sport wheels mirror attachment point finishers painted rear apron grilles cayman aqua blue metallic fancy a return to normality wrong car exterior package in matt aluminium look rear apron grilles aluminium handbrake lever and gear selector for the 7-speed porsche doppelkupplung pdk strong of will after all it is a porsche find out more about the equipment details of the cayman in aqua blue metallic in the current cayman price list mirror attachment point finishers painted rear apron grilles exterior package matt aluminium look spoiler lips matt aluminiumlook look,mirror mirrorattachment attachmentpoint pointfinishers finisherspainted painted exterior package inin matt aluminium look spoiler lips inin matt aluminium 19-inch carrera sport wheels,decorative decorativeside sidelogo logowith withmodel modeldesignation designation 19-inch carrera sport wheels 16 i cayman cayman i i 17 17

decorative side decorative logo with side model logo designation with model 19-inch designation carrera 19-inch sport carrera wheels sport mirror wheels attachment mirror point attachment finishers point painted finisherspainted painted decorative side logo with model designation 19-inch carrera sport wheels mirror attachment point finishers rear apron grilles rear aprongrilles grilles rear apron pdk gear selector and handbrake lever in aluminium pdk gear selector gate surroundin inleather leather pdk gear selector and handbrake lever in aluminium pdk gear selector gate surround rear centre consolein inleather leather rear centre console 20 i cayman 20 i cayman 20 i cayman cayman i i 21 21

sports tailpipe short shifter 19-inch carrera sport wheel wheels painted in exterior colour cayman s option sæ3portsætailpipe sæ3portsæexhaustæsystem sæ3hortæshifter i no page option sæ inchæ#arreraæ3portæwheels1 sæ7heelsæpaintedæinæexterioræcolour sæ7heelsæpaintedæinædifferentæexterioræcolouræ black basalt black metallic speed yellow carrara white guards red other standard and special colours sæ7heelæspacersæonæfrontæandærearæaxle æ mm cayman s engine transmission and chassis cayman wheels cayman i no page ssss xls s xlf s xcz 9 26 14 26 s s s xrr s xd9 16 27 10 27 ssssssss xda s xdb s xdc s xdd s xde s crx s xrp title 9 ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ not available æænumberextra costæoptionææææsæstandardæequipmentææææ7æno costæoptionæ more detailed information on individual equipment and equipment packages can be found in the current vehicle price list 1 includes wheel centres with full-colour porsche crest 26 i exclusive options exclusive options i

rear centre console painted gear and handbrake levers in aluminium i extended door trim package in leather interior package in leather with exclusive cayman design seat belts in sand beige cayman s option sæ2earæcentreæconsoleæpainted1 sæ3portsæseatæbackrestsæpainted1 sæ3eatæbeltsæinæ silver grey sand beige guards red speed yellow sæ0 æpackageæpainted2 sæ$ooræstorageæcompartmentælighting i no page option sæ%xtendedætrimæpackageæinæleather sæ%xtendedædoorætrimæpackageæinæleather sænterioræpackageæinæleatheræwithæexclusiveæ#aymanædesign cayman s interior cayman interior leather and natural leather cayman i no page s s s xme s xsa 30 ­ sssss ebf s xtv s day s xng ­ 30 31 ­ sssssss xsh s xst s xsx s xsy s cuf s cef ­ 31 ­ ­ 28 ­ sænstrumentæclusteræsurroundæinæleather 1 ­ not available æænumberextra costæoptionææææsæstandardæequipmentææææ7æno costæoptionæ more detailed information on individual equipment and equipment

rear centre console in leather storage compartment cover with porsche crest seat belt buckles in leather inner door sill guards in leather door sill guards with personalised logo in stainless steel illuminated personalised floor mats with leather surround storage compartment cover in alcantara with porsche logo cayman s option sæ2earæcentreæconsoleæinæleather sæ3torageæcompartmentæcoveræwithæ0orscheæ#rest sæ3torageæcompartmentæcoveræwithæ#aymanæ3ælogo sæ3eatæbackrestæclothesæhooksæinæleather sæ0orscheæ#restæembossedæonæheadrests i no page option sæ3eatæbeltæbucklesæinæleather sæ&useæboxæcoveræinæleather sænnerædooræsillæguardsæinæleather sæ&looræmatsæwithæleatheræsurround sæ0ersonalisedæflooræmatsæwithæleatheræsurround sæ+eyæpouchæinæleather cayman s interior leather and natural leather cayman interior leather and natural leather cayman i no page s s ­ s xmz s xpt s xuv s xvy s xsc 18 34 34 ­ ­ 15 sssssss cdt s cuj s ctg s

gear and handbrake levers in aluminium i fuse box cover in leather sports-style footrest pcm package in aluminium look pdk gear selector gate surround in aluminium look cayman s option sæ earæandæhandbrakeæleversæinæaluminiumæ sæ earæandæhandbrakeæleverætrimæpackageæ sæ earæandæhandbrakeæleversæinæaluminiumæ sæ earæandæhandbrakeæleverætrimæpackageæ sæ0 ægearæselectoræandæhandbrakeæleveræinæaluminium sæ0 ægearæselectoræandæhandbrakeæleverætrimæpackage sæandbrakeæleveræinæaluminiumæ sææ andbrakeæleveræinæaluminiumæ æwithædecorativeæstitchingæ in contrasting colour i no page option sæ earæleverselectorætrimæinæ!luminiumæ,ook sæ0 æpackageæinæ!luminiumæ,ook sæ3ports styleæfootrest sæ3portsæbucketæseatæbeltæpassagesæinæ!luminiumæ,ook sæ0 ægearæselectorægateæsurroundæinæ!luminiumæ,ook cayman s interior aluminium/aluminium look/stainless steel cayman interior aluminium/aluminium look/stainless steel

designing your porsche porsche exclusive ­ what else is exclusive to each and every car exclusive advice everything starts with the right advice and the focus is on you and your exclusive wishes and requirements we offer personal support and individual expert advice to each and every customer here among other things you so why wait make an appointment with your porsche centre to discuss your requirements can select the materials exclusive woods paint colours and leather of your choice and plan your own you can see what we really mean by customisation at our porsche exclusive customer centres in zuffenhausen and leipzig the porsche new vehicle warranty applies for all porsche exclusive options and special designs please note that delivery times may be extended for certain porsche exclusive equipment or contact the porsche exclusive customer centre in zuffenhausen directly tel +49 0711 911-25977 or e-mail customercenter-exclusive@porsche.de porsche using the porsche car configurator

to prove something to yourself sometimes you need only follow your dreams in 2009 with the 911 sport classic we proved what we stand for making dreams into reality dreams of design performance style and exclusivity the 911 sport classic may have been limited in quantity but your dreams are not this is why we aim to do whatever possible to fulfil your wishes make your porsche cayman even more exclusive by having it personalised to your own requirements direct from the factory handcrafted with the utmost care using the finest materials and with a passion for detail in short with expertise and genuine devotion then there are the appealing extras as featured on the 911 sport classic would you like painted wheels the gear and handbrake levers in aluminium i and the mirror attachment point finishers and exterior mirror lower trims in a black painted finish almost anything is possible this is the way in which unique cars continue to be made and how dreams come