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the new 911 gt2 the new cayenne gts the new 911 gt2 pages 16 ­19 the new cayenne gts pages 62/63 the new 911 gt2 is the most powerful road-going 911 model ever made visually striking it sets new standards in sportscar driving dynamics its performance capability is quite extraordinary ­ even by our own high standards its power and agility create a driving sensation that simply defies description with astonishing ease the car is propelled to the limits of the laws of physics it also tests the nerve and skill of even the most accomplished porsche driver even when stationary the car demands your absolute respect it also provides the equipment required to explore your ability on the track only then can you find your limits and develop your driving skill what exactly is a sportscar that s the question inherent in the cayenne a groundbreaking car in so many ways it combines off-road capability with exceptional sports performance with the new cayenne gts we ve gone one step further yet

model range the 911 turbo models the hood and bow structure are tough yet light thereby lowering the centre of gravity integral within the hood is a heated rear screen made from scratch-resistant glass as on the optional aluminium hardtop it naturally the active and passive safety features are commensurate with the power of the car the body structure is light yet robust with exceptional torsional and flexural strength for a two-plus-two electrically powered the hood is operated at the push of a button or via the key remote the concertina folding action is also designed to protect the interior fabric lining the hood opens or closes in around 20 seconds ­ even when travelling at up to 50 km/h approx 30 mph offers excellent rearward visibility the interior hood lining is made from a sound and heat-insulating fabric the resulting noise levels are almost as low as on the 911 turbo ­ even when travelling at high speed convertible as a result the car remains agile and responsive at

origin motorsport the 911 gt3 the 911 gt3 rs at porsche we have always based our success on two fundamental principles technical innovation and its consistent application to the genuine needs of the driver the resulting integration of driver and car is key to our many achievements these include more than 28,000 racing victories in little more than 50 years now we ve applied these principles once more in the 911 gt3 and 911 gt3 rs using race technology to achieve uncompromising results in both everyday driving and competition use the 911 gt3 is designed for the road ­ by porsche race engineers although exclusively track-derived it is perfectly well suited to the varied requirements of day-to-day road driving one of the most tangible benefits of its racing origins is the intuitive connection between man and machine two features shared by both 911 gt3 models are the narrow air vent ahead of the front lid and the two centrally positioned tailpipes rs for `rennsport ­ `motorsport in

model range the 911 models standard equipment includes 18-inch alloy wheels and black anodised four-piston brakes the monobloc fixed calipers are made from aluminium and come with cross-drilled vented discs the brake response is fast and precise with rapid deceleration and excellent stability suspension for added performance the optional sports suspension combines a 20-mm reduction in ride height with a mechanically locking rear differential the 911 carrera uncompromising in every detail inside and out with its power presence and precision engineering it will revolutionise your optional extras for the 911 carrera include porsche active suspension management pasm this adaptive damping system provides comfort and agility on 10-mm lowered concept of driving the first 911 caused a revolution just like every one since the 911 carrera pure power no excess ­ the essence of the 911 carrera the highly efficient 3.6-litre engine produces 239 kw 325 bhp at 6,800 rpm maximum torque of 370 nm

model range the 911 models the permanent all-wheel drive system is assisted by a specially revised version of porsche stability management psm standard on every all-wheel drive 911 model it stabilises the car during cornering manoeuvres and enhances driving dynamics the all-wheel drive psm has two additional functions not featured in the rear-wheel drive version electronic brake prefill and all-wheel brake assist the prefill function generates pressure in the brake lines when the throttle is suddenly released as a result the brake pads are brought into light contact with the discs if the driver then chooses to apply the brakes the response is quicker and the braking distance is reduced another driver aid exclusive to the all-wheel drive models is the 9-inch tandem brake booster its compact the brake assist function automatically detects when the driver is performing an emergency stop the system then uses the psm hydraulics to apply maximum braking on all four wheels dimensions

for those in search of enlightenment the 911 targa 4 the 911 targa 4s the porsche 911 has always been one of the most distinctive sportscars in the world of all the various models it s perhaps the 911 targa that is most individual of all originally conceived more than 40 years ago its unique charm is clearly reflected in its ongoing popularity for the targa enthusiast there is nothing to compare with its unique blend of qualities combining coupé and cabriolet in a single car its powerful performance and all-wheel drive deliver pure driving pleasure in all conditions thanks to a range of design features including angled rear side windows the 911 targa 4 models have an elegant and dynamic silhouette the classic 911 roofline is literally underlined by special trim elements in anodised and polished aluminium beginning at the a-pillar they extend rearwards across the car culminating beyond the rear side windows these stylish highlights bring a unique interpretation to the original 911

model range the cayman models all good design is inspired by nature where efficiency is the key to performance the cayman s externally the cayman s differs from the cayman in its colour-coded front lip spoilers and dual-tube tailpipe design in keeping with its higher performance the cayman s comes with 18-inch wheels as alternative there s the porsche ceramic composite brake pccb the lightweight ceramic discs offer even faster deceleration and consistent friction properties they are also approximately 50 lighter than conventional metal discs dashboard standard features include a leather finish on the steering wheel gear lever handbrake lever door handle facings and storage compartment lids on the doors and centre console one of the most important principles in porsche engineering is achieving performance through efficiency in the cayman s the six-cylinder boxer engine develops 217 kw 295 bhp from a 3.4-litre displacement maximum torque of 340 nm is available between 4,400 and 6,000

model range the boxster models how much difference can one letter make prepare to be surprised the boxster s the boxster s brings an added edge to the porsche roadster concept the 3.4-litre flat-six engine is also equipped with variocam plus maximum outputs are 217 kw 295 bhp at 6,250 rpm and 340 nm of torque between 4,400 and 6,000 rpm the resulting performance is equally impressive 0 to 100 km/h 62 mph in just 5.4 seconds and a maximum speed of 272 km/h 169 mph a more important factor when it comes to cornering and overtaking is the medium-rev response from the engine every throttle input is immediately converted into copious acceleration the six forward ratios in the standard manual gearbox are perfectly matched to the engine performance handling and agility safety is enhanced when braking from high speed thanks to excellent fade interior details unique to the boxster s include leather-trimmed lids for the storage compartments on the doors and rear centre console their tactile

obligation is one thing compulsion is another entirely the new cayenne gts developing the new cayenne gts was an exercise in what we do best more performance more agility a more immediate driving experience the 4.8-litre naturally aspirated v8 features direct fuel injection and a range of performance enhancements the revised intake manifold and engine management system enable greater performance and efficiency the results 298 kw 405 bhp at 6,500 rpm and 500 nm of torque at 3,500 rpm drive is transmitted through a high-performance six-speed manual gearbox or optional six-speed tiptronic s the gts model has a shorter final-drive ratio which increases acceleration the benchmark sprint to 100 km/h 62 mph requires just 6.1 seconds with standard manual gearbox maximum speed is 253 km/h 157 mph the standard sports exhaust features twin chrome-plated dual-tube tailpipes and contributes significantly to the unique engine sound naturally that power is also expressed in the exterior of the new

technical data cylinders displacement max power max torque transmission top speed acceleration 0 ­100 km /h 0 ­62 mph flexibility 80 ­120 km/h 50 ­75 mph 3.8 secs 5th gear 3.5 secs 4th gear fuel consumption in l/100 km mpg urban extra urban combined co2 emissions in g /km 911 turbo 6 3,600 cm3 353 kw 480 bhp at 6,000 rpm 620 nm 6-speed manual gearbox 5-speed tiptronic s optional 310 km/h 193 mph 310 km/h 193 mph 3.9 secs 3.7 secs 18.8 15.0 19.8 14.3 9.5 29.7 9.6 29.4 12.8 22.1 13.6 20.8 307 326 the new 911 turbo cabriolet the new 911 gt2 6 3,600 cm3 353 kw 480 bhp at 6,000 rpm 620 nm 6-speed manual gearbox 5-speed tiptronic s optional 310 km/h 193 mph 310 km/h 193 mph 4.0 secs 3.8 secs 3.9 secs 5th gear 3.6 secs 4th gear 19.2 14.7 20.2 14.0 9.5 29.7 9.6 29.4 12.9 21.9 13.7 20.6 309 328 6 3,600 cm3 390 kw 530 bhp at 6,500 rpm 680 nm 6-speed manual gearbox 329 km/h 204 mph 3.7 secs 4.1 secs 5th gear 18.8 15.0 8.9 31.7 12.5 22.6 298 911 gt3 6 3,600 cm3 305 kw 415 bhp at 7,600 rpm

the models featured in this publication are approved for road use in germany some items of equipment are available as extracost options only the availability of models and options may vary from market to market due to local restrictions and regulations for information on standard and optional equipment please consult your porsche centre porsche 911 carrera cayenne boxster tequipment pcm tiptronic pccb psm and the porsche crest are registered trademarks of porsche reserves the right to alter specifications and other product information without prior notice colours may differ from those illustrated technical data valid at time of going to press errors and omissions excepted dr ing h.c f porsche ag porscheplatz 1 70435 stuttgart germany © dr ing h.c f porsche ag 2007 edition 07/07 printed in germany wvk 230 220 08 e