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aerodynamics and design 20 broad is how the rear looks and broad a trademark of the gt models and a is also its stance on the road that’s pointer in the direction of motorsport because the 911 gt3 is an extra 44 mm the fixed rear wing it is approximately 1.7 in wider and sits approximately 20 mm 0.8 in higher than on the 25 mm 1 in lower than the 911 carrera predecessor model for a further gain it’s because the led taillights are not in downforce only slim they are now also shaped three-dimensionally it’s because the four additional fins at the rear of the central twin tailpipe of the sport exhaust underbody paneling reinforce the system is a visual clue to the car’s aerodynamic effect of the diffuser and low center of gravity they also appear to pull the new 911 gt3 down closer to the racetrack especially like the front the revised rear fascia is also manufactured from lightweight polyurethane the rear lid wing and wing uprights are carbon fiber

31 drive sport exhaust system the sport exhaust system of the new 911 gt3 has two front mufflers two catalytic converters and one rear muffler which discharges into the central twin-tract tailpipes the large volume of the exhaust system reduces exhaust back pressure and thus increases power output in response to data provided by two lambda sensors the stereo lambda control circuits regulate the composition of the exhaust gas separately in each exhaust tract another pair of sensors monitor pollutant conversion in the respective catalytic

55 safety porsche ceramic composite brake pccb the use of six-piston aluminum monobloc 50 percent lighter than standard discs fixed brake calipers on the front axle and of a similar design and size as well as airbags and porsche side impact protection system posip flacht is something like the gateway four-piston units at the rear – all finished enhancing performance and fuel advanced airbag technology is integrated between the race car and the series in yellow – ensures extremely high brake economy this represents a major in the form of full-size driver and production sports car the optional forces which crucially are exceptionally reduction in unsprung and rotating passenger airbags which are inflated in porsche ceramic composite brake consistent masses two stages depending on the severity racing series including the porsche pccb enables shorter braking distances this results in better roadholding and mobil 1 supercup it has been proven in even the toughest road and

infotainment 68 get more day out of your everyday porsche connect whether it’s on the racetrack or on the integrated proximity sensor for porsche connect services3 to use the porsche connect services3 road porsche connect enhances the userfriendly ease of operation the connect or connect plus module the car comes with an integrated existing vehicle functions of the 911 gt3 enhances the existing vehicle functions lte-supported sim card including data with intelligent services and apps – connect or connect plus of your porsche model with the intelligent allowance for the first time now you all of which are intended to make the the connect plus module implements services and apps of porsche connect 2 no longer need to provide a sim card connection between car and driver even connectivity in your porsche with it you – all of which are intended to make the of your own for use of the wifi more intimate to intensify that porsche can integrate your smartphone optimally

79 motorsport capable of winning on the racetrack our never-ending mission we’ve been in motorsport since the very dream that ferry porsche had over vehicles indeed motorsport is where trend and never ever be satisfied with first second not because we have to be 60 years ago to build a sports car ideas emerge that will continue to be the new discoveries we may make for but because we simply can’t imagine it capable of winning on the racetrack a developed tested and trialled under the dream that ferry porsche envisaged any other way time and time again we vision that became a reality with the first the toughest conditions until they are not for the development of cars like the scrutinize every idea every technology porsche ever to be made in 1951 with only fit for victory but also fit for the new 911 gt3 and for our never-ending and every detail on the test bench the porsche 356 following its class road much like the new porsche 911 gt3 mission to build the sports car of

91 personalization exclusive it’s the same in motorsport as it is for personalization you have to give it your all from start to finish the 911 gt3 in lava orange at porsche not only do we transfer black led headlights including pdls technologies from the racetrack into goal achieved every series production car we also incorporate your own personal ideas far from it inside the carbon fiber example par excellence the 911 gt3 interior package illuminated door sill in lava orange guards in carbon fiber and floor mats 1 in carbon fiber with leather edging and mission extreme sportiness coupled decorative stitching in platinum silver with the fulfilment of individual wishes take sportiness to a new level and requirements with for example supplemented by seat belts in silver painted sideskirts and numerous details grey and the white dials of the painted in high-gloss black – like the instrument cluster and chrono stopwatch ‘porsche’ logo the model

personalization option i no interior leather leather interior package in black including extended items in alcantara ® i no • clp • xlu • xlg • xlj • cln brushed aluminum interior package • standard anthracite brushed aluminum interior package ■ code pedals and footrest in aluminum • efa option standard interior package in black including selected items in alcantara ® • standard leather interior package in black including extended items in alcantara ® • code leather interior decorative stitching in red • 749 steering wheel rim with top center marking in red • 886 steering wheel rim and gear selector/lever in smooth-finish leather in black ■ 878 exclusive leather interior package1 ■ ekc/ekd storage compartment lid in alcantara ® with porsche crest dashboard trim package in leather exclusive door trim package in leather/alcantara ® exclusive sun visors in alcantara ® exclusive storage