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aerodynamics and design 20 broad is how the rear looks and broad a trademark of the gt models and a is also its stance on the road that’s pointer in the direction of motorsport because the 911 gt3 is an extra 44 mm the fixed rear wing it is approximately 1.7 in wider and sits approximately 20 mm 0.8 in higher than on the 25 mm 1 in lower than the 911 carrera predecessor model for a further gain it’s because the led taillights are not in downforce only slim they are now also shaped three-dimensionally it’s because the four additional fins at the rear of the central twin tailpipe of the sport exhaust underbody paneling reinforce the system is a visual clue to the car’s aerodynamic effect of the diffuser and low center of gravity they also appear to pull the new 911 gt3 down closer to the racetrack especially like the front the revised rear fascia is also manufactured from lightweight polyurethane the rear lid wing and wing uprights are carbon fiber the central air outlet slit is larger and positioned higher than on the predecessor model the two black-finish ram-air scoops on the rear lid supply the engine with combustion air to those who just saw it overtake.