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79 motorsport capable of winning on the racetrack our never-ending mission we’ve been in motorsport since the very dream that ferry porsche had over vehicles indeed motorsport is where trend and never ever be satisfied with first second not because we have to be 60 years ago to build a sports car ideas emerge that will continue to be the new discoveries we may make for but because we simply can’t imagine it capable of winning on the racetrack a developed tested and trialled under the dream that ferry porsche envisaged any other way time and time again we vision that became a reality with the first the toughest conditions until they are not for the development of cars like the scrutinize every idea every technology porsche ever to be made in 1951 with only fit for victory but also fit for the new 911 gt3 and for our never-ending and every detail on the test bench the porsche 356 following its class road much like the new porsche 911 gt3 mission to build the sports car of the victory at le mans a street-legal race car developed on the future we don’t rely on the tried and proven same test track and made on the same but on our employees’ incessant drive to in the meantime we have recorded over production line as the 911 gt3 cup a car keep searching for new solutions we use 30,000 racing victories including that celebrates victories on the most the past our tradition as a source of countless class wins in sprint and demanding racetracks in the world and inspiration to develop new ideas for an endurance races all around the world as so we will continue to explore our own intelligent total concept with the well as 18 overall triumphs at the 24h direction to believe in our ideas to fight aspiration to ensure that every vehicle of le mans with one goal to apply the for our principles to resist the we produce reflects the principle of the lessons learned to our series production temptation to follow blindly any current mission future sportscar.