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6 why do we build sports cars to get there more quickly the route to e-mobility everybody is talking about e-mobility so far so visionary the electric motor – a short interim assessment shows that finally people are asking for answers we call it an e-drive – is already making with our e-hybrid cars we are currently to one of the greatest challenges of full use of this potential with immediately at the very edge of what is technically our time is there a replacement for our available torque for spontaneous response feasible but we are not resting on our scarce petroleum resources how and high performance with the utmost laurels we are continuing to work on the can co2 emissions be reduced can level of efficiency now we have to focus future of mobility and on the future of the we lower the demand for energy on the strength of the battery because sports car because we firmly believe cars that run purely on batteries are that common sense can be fun and can the answers lie

10 11 electric the car is driven by the electric motor only for emission-free driving without consuming any fuel car types of driving the heart of porsche e-mobility is the car thanks to its considerably greater energy a porsche e-hybrid has five main types of or rather the e-hybrid the foundation content the electric range is significantly for this was laid by hybrid technology with longer the powerful high-torque two types of intelligent drive because electric drive ensures adequate electric a drive concept that combines high perform ance a new type of purely performance with utmost efficiency electric driving experience is possible can concentrate on what’s important could only be achieved by the seamless especially city driving without any enjoying the drive interaction of the combustion engine fuel consumption or local emissions 6 combustion engine driving the car is driven by the combustion engine depending on its state of charge and load requirements the battery can also

12 13 every relationship thrives on its tension the panamera s e-hybrid 3 as a plug-in hybrid the panamera s optimum interaction in the new battery which is housed beneath the and with e-mobility services you also e-hybrid has reached the next level of panamera s e-hybrid they are syn luggage compartment floor in order to have remote control of your panamera s technological development at 36 km chronized by the electronic engine save space in total this provides a top e-hybrid for example you can control the measured in the nedc the range on management system both drives are speed of 270 km/h and an acceleration charging process conveniently via smart electricity alone is much better than with connected directly to the axles so from 0 to 100 km/h in just 5.5 seconds phone or activate the car’s optional a conventional hybrid vehicle as is the between 1,250 and 4,000 rpm a total of with an average of 3.1 l/100 km parking pre-climatisation top speed it can reach on electricity

16 17 crossover between driving with combustion engine and boost with electric support displays s w i t cu fo ving i dr crossover between efficiency range 4 state of charge display on the charging socket 5 e-mobility services smartphone app compactly this is ensured by the the ready display provides information represents the energy flow provides information on the car’s state provides information on the current intelligent linking of different information on the operating condition can be used to program three charge of charge and shows whether it is status of the car systems in the instrument cluster on the displays the current system power timers connected to the mains can be used to check the charging screen of the porsche communication boost and recovery range can be seen displays useful information such as the state of charge led pulses when processes and optional pre the electric range charging – the slower the pulsing the climatisation heating and cooling fuller

19 time machine direction future the 918 spyder concept car you know to expect something special a high-performance trend-setting control when porsche conducts a concept study concept the 918 spyder is set to change however many would not have expected the very essence of driving a sports car three engines and plug-in hybrid and quite soon in fact – the 918 spyder technology in a super sports car and for it will go into series production in 2013 to bear a name that combines the past a first prototype drove the nordschleife with the future the 918 spyder in just 7.14 minutes – and has therefore already overtaken the future to us the this concept car demonstrates the e-hybrid isn’t just lip service it is a clear future of e-mobility here too ‘hybrid’ statement – for sports cars is not always the same thing first the arrangement and operation of the motors make the 918 spyder a highperformance e-hybrid and the driver is also an integral part of

23 charging at home to charge your car quickly and the electrician commissioned comes conveniently at home we recommend to you and checks where the charging you install an industrial electrical dock can be installed e.g on a wall outlet and the charging dock you close to where the vehicle is parked can connect the porsche universal the charging dock is installed – you charger ac to the heavy current can now fill up with electricity even socket and place it in the charging more conveniently and quickly at home dock your car will be fully charged in contact your porsche centre regard approximately 2.3 hours ing installation if required they will arrange a suitable time for a qualified electrician to visit you of course the installation can also be performed by any proficient electrician that you

24 charging on the road close to shopping centres in car alternatively you can fill up with parks or at the roadside a lot of cities electricity using the porsche universal now already have public charging charger ac at any normal electrical stations that you can use socket e.g while at work or visiting with the increasing number of plug-in friends there are special easy-to hybrid and electric vehicles the change plug adapters for this number of charging stations is also the charging equipment can be continuing to increase stowed in the transport case in the luggage compartment to save

28 connectivity 2 electric range management we have put together the package of this service is included for five years e-mobility services especially for our when you purchase a porsche e-hybrid call up information on remaining e-hybrid cars under the term ‘porsche car and can then be extended at a charge electric range and total range 4 parking pre-climatisation remote control this function is available as an option connect’ they include many options for controlling your porsche not just via the you can use it to activate pre 1 state of charge steering wheel but also via smartphone monitor the state of charge of your you can call up a variety of information e-hybrid 3 charge timer with user-defined charging times and control individual functions climatisation inside your car from the outside – straight away or time control the charging process remotely controlled whether it’s hot or cold with your smartphone outside bring the temperature inside the car to

30 31 faq questions about the car 1 what does ‘e-hybrid’ stand for questions about charging and more electric performance the ‘e-hybrid’ stands for the innovative high-voltage battery should be charged plug-in hybrid drive from porsche a externally from the mains drive that combines combustion engine 4 what is the car’s fuel consumption in everyday driving 6 how safe is the car in an accident are based on the same standards cars and charging equipment have for optimum safety and comfort fuel consumption varies according to safety standards have been used as in to charge your car at home is with ac that is provided as standard for been fitted with a lot of additional however we recommend using the the style of driving and type of road models with conventional drive there the porsche universal charger ac this purpose safety functions to make charging charging equipment that has been the higher the proportion of purely is a special crash housing to

34 electric motor or combustion engine coasting or dynamic driving heart or mind the answer is still porsche when we build a hybrid we build it in the porsche way because it’s not just about horsepower or revs per minute it is about using existing resources as efficiently as possible for the overtaking lane – and for city traffic we are constantly encountering contradictions in truth we look for them in order to combine them that is how we find new – and sometimes surprising – solutions for the future and for the driver with e-mobility they have been given a name a tangible concept that you can take onto the road yourself – and drive for ward every day direction future as the

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