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Catalog The 911 all-wheel-drive model range 2012

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model range for every action there is a reaction good to know that it s the right one a sports car ought to be fast that s the conventional thinking it is our belief that a sports car must first and foremost be fast to react only then can it find the right and immediate answer to the current road condition and your individual driving style a direct response is required on each straight and in every twist and turn in other words a sports car must have the optimum reaction to each and every action for whenever one thinks about speed one must also consider the effects of traction and never disregard the importance of safety the 911 all-wheel-drive models put these theories into practice without hestitation intelligent all-wheel drive technologies offer high levels of safety without compromising the car s ability to deliver extraordinary performance the body is imposing and wide for excellent road holding and driving stability attributes epitomised by all 911 all-wheeldrive models the

to achieve peak performance time after time you need to have one thing unwavering belief in your principles 911 carrera 4 gts and 911 carrera 4 gts cabriolet the 911 all-wheel-drive models combine excellent safety with outstanding driving dynamics after all they observe the fundamental principle respected by any porsche the principle of performance with the 911 carrera 4 gts models we take things to a higher level whether it s the closed-top coupé or the opentop cabriolet these are the sportiest all-wheel-drive 911 carrera models that we ve ever created both variants are powered by an uprated 3.8-litre flat-six engine with direct fuel injection dfi and variocam plus which generates 300 kw 408 hp at 7,300 rpm or 17 kw 23 hp more than the allwheel-drive s models a top speed of 302 km/h is achieved and the 911 carrera 4 gts coupé completes the 0 to 100 km/h sprint in 4.6 seconds the cabriolet in 4.8 seconds how do they transmit this power to the road directly and for excellent traction

direct fuel injection dfi direct fuel injection dfi is fitted as standard with millisecond precision dfi injects fuel directly into the combustion chamber by means of electromagnetically actuated injection valves the spray and cone angles have been optimised for torque power output fuel consumption and emissions thus ensuring homogeneous distribution of the air/fuel mixture and consequently efficient combustion in the direct injection system the ems sdi 3.1 engine management system adjusts the injection timing individually for each cylinder and the injection quantity for each cylinder bank this optimises the combustion process and therefore fuel economy a hot-film air mass meter takes care of the airflow so that the combustion chambers contain exactly the right mixture at all times for faster heating of the catalytic converters after a cold start and for greater torque in the upper load range dual injection is implemented at engine speeds of up to 3,200 rpm and triple injection up to

chassis balanced relationships the optimum prerequisite to top-class performance what is there left to do when everything is running smoothly and ticking over nicely put your feet up that s one option another is to give absolutely everything and squeeze out every last drop of potential this can be achieved with a chassis that consents to every manoeuvre such as porsche stability management psm and with an all-wheeldrive system that responds decisively like porsche traction management ptm

safety attack or defend a controlled offensive what should you do when a storm is on the horizon or when the outlook is uncertain we believe that the correct response is to take action to proceed without hesitation but with purpose and sound judgment this is particularly true when it comes to safety one example is a brake system that responds swiftly at top speed another is an innovative lighting concept only in this way can we keep things under control in any s ituation it is not by chance that for us safety is worth more than performance figures alone

standard seats the partial-leather standard seats standard in all 911 all-wheel-drive models except the 911 carrera 4 gts models offer a high degree of comfort with good lateral support and optimised under-seat suspension they provide a reassuring level of safety through corners without the feeling of restriction the seats are equipped with manual height and fore/aft adjustment and electric backrest adjustment enabling virtually any driver to find the ideal seat position regardless of physical build and all seat positions on the driver s side using the control switches in the door panel it is possible to restore one of two personalised settings additionally you can store a further seat position in each of the ignition keys as soon as you unlock the door using the key remote the seat and exterior mirrors resume their stored position adaptive sports seats with driver memory the optional adaptive sports seats combine excellent comfort with first-rate track performance not only do they

storage storage solutions have been ingeniously and ergonomically designed from the driver s perspective the centre console and the storage compartments in the door panels provide storage space for personal items below the passenger airbag are two cupholders and below these is the glove compartment with cd storage two 12-volt sockets including the cigarette lighter provide power for a range of electrical devices roof transport system the aluminium roof transport system available as an option for the coupé models is aerodynamically efficient very lightweight and easy to fit a range of attachments is available such as a roof box a bike carrier or a ski/snowboard carrier maximum roof load is 75 kg homelink® the optional freely programmable garage door opener is incorporated into the roof console and offers remote control of up to three garage door gate home lighting and/or alarm systems cruise control `welcome home lighting for convenience particularly at night the `welcome home

standard interior colours leatherette/leather/soft-touch paint1 in interior colour.7 two-tone interior colours3 leather/soft-touch paint in interior colour natural leather interior leather/soft-touch paint interior colour carpet rooflining.2 carpet rooflining.2 carpet rooflining.2 black black black black and stone grey6 stone grey black espresso espresso black stone grey 6 9 stone grey 6 9 stone grey 6 9 black and sand beige4 sand beige black carrera red5 carrera red5 black sand beige sand beige sand beige ocean blue6 9 ocean blue6 9 ocean blue6 9 see separate price list for recommended colour combinations soft-touch paint in interior colour sun visors and inner door sill guards with film finish in interior colour rooflining in alcantara coupé models or black fabric cabriolet models b lack leather finish on dashboard upper section including instrument shroud dashboard forward section including front passenger airbag cover steering wheel rim and airbag module door upper panels

911 carrera 4 gts cabriolet 911 carrera 4s cabriolet 911 carrera 4 cabriolet 911 carrera 4 gts 911 carrera 4s 911 carrera 4 option 911 targa 4s 911 targa 4 i no page audio and communication navigation module electronic logbook telephone module1 2 cordless handset for telephone module1 2 mobile phone preparation with mobile phone preparation1 3 bracket1 3 · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · usb aux5 672 641 666 669 618 619 671 676 680 693 870 461 50 51 51 51 51 51 52 51 52 50 51 voice control system cordless handset for telephone module tv tuner bose® surround sound system six-disc cd/dvd autochanger4 ipod ® universal audio interface external aerial · · · · · · · · wwwwwwww porsche exclusive our cars are state of the art and made to measure with the range of options

911 targa 4 engine cylinders displacement max power din at rpm max torque at rpm compression ratio 6 3,614 cm3 254 kw 345 hp 6,500 390 nm 4,400 12.5:1 911 targa 4s weights 6 3,800 cm3 283 kw 385 hp 6,500 420 nm 4,400 12.5:1 unladen weight din unladen weight ec1 permissible gross weight 911 targa 4 manual/pdk 1,530 kg/1,560 kg 1,605 kg/1,635 kg 1,910 kg/1,940 kg manual/pdk 284 km/h/282 km/h 5.2 secs/5.0 secs ­/4.8 secs 11.3 secs/11.0 secs ­/10.7 secs 6.7 secs/­ ­/3.2 secs manual/pdk 15.9/15.5 7.7/7.4 10.6/10.3 249/242 911 targa 4s manual/pdk 1,540 kg/1,570 kg 1,615 kg/1,645 kg 1,920 kg/1,950 kg manual/pdk 297 km/h/295 km/h 4.9 secs/4.7 secs ­/4.5 secs 10.4 secs/10.1 secs ­/9.8 secs 6.3 secs/­ ­/3.0 secs manual/pdk 16.5/15.8 7.9/7.7 11.0/10.7 259/251 performance top speed 0­100 km/h with sport chrono package plus in conjunction with pdk 0­160 km/h with sport chrono package plus in conjunction with pdk flexibility 80­120 km/h 5th gear overtaking acceleration 80­120 km/h