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the 911 turbo concept efficiency the 911 turbo models efficiency and performance once again porsche finds a way to avoid compromise efficiency porsche engineers continue to design a line of 911 turbo sports cars that do the improbable power torque efficiency to understand the evolution of the 911 turbo you have to go back to 1974 to france and the paris motor show to the first turbocharged 911 some of the journalists in attendance the doubters and naysayers were quite convinced it was the wrong car at the wrong time their reservations were entirely understandable after all times were hard and oil was in short supply then porsche launched a car that anticipated the concept of the super sports car with its power output of 260 horsepower and 5.2-second sprint from 0­62 mph 100 km/h the power figures achieved by that first 911 turbo did cause a sensation after all the prevailing motto of most sports car manufacturers had been displacement equals power certainly the desire for

the 911 turbo concept model range the 911 turbo s the 911 turbo s is perhaps the embodiment of one of the original porsche principles to make do is not an option to stand still is inconceivable we move on and more awaits around the corner never anxious always composed and always looking forward the 911 turbo s is the next progression as a result of a modified valve control system an enhancement of the engine management and an increase in maximum boost pressure by 2.9 psi 0.2 bar to 17.4 psi 1.2 bar the 3.8liter boxer engine develops 530 horsepower between 6250 rpm and 6750 rpm the maximum torque is an impressive 516 lb ft between 2100 rpm and 4250 rpm this means an extra 30 horsepower and 36 lb ft compared with the 911 turbo yet even though power output has been increased fuel consumption and co2 emissions remain at the same low level thanks to the use of efficient technologies such as dfi vtg variocam plus and the expansion intake manifold visually the engine is distinguished by an

performance engine handling pressure demands composure another example of why things are done a little bit differently at porsche engine behind the wheel and relax about fuel consumption too fuel consumption is a consideration that is at least as important as performance gearbox uses less fuel and achieves a reduction in co2 emissions the car complies with the stringent lev ii emissions standard in the usa as well as the euro 5 emissions standard this has required the use of dfi system variocam plus variable turbine geometry vtg and the new expansion intake manifold on balance the engines of the 911 turbo and 911 turbo s models demonstrate power even when it s not just about power in the traditional sense of the word the 911 turbo models generate 500 horsepower between 6000 rpm and 6500 rpm and 480 lb ft.of torque between 1950 rpm and 5000 rpm 516 lb ft for a temporary period with the overboost of the optional sport chrono package turbo with dynamic engine mount system engine with

performance engine expansion intake manifold more power for less fuel what sounds absurd is sometimes quite simple you just have to have the nerve to question prin ciples that are seemingly written in stone the 911 turbo and 911 turbo s models have an innovative expansion intake manifold that was used for the first time on the 2008 911 gt2 its unique operating principle is unlike anything ever featured on existing induction systems our expansion intake manifold is a radical development that is the polar opposite of the resonance principle used on conventional turbocharged engines a resonance manifold increases engine output by forcing additional air into the combustion chambers to do this the manifold is designed in such a way that the air which vibrates due to the action of the valves is in a compression phase as it passes through the inlet ports unfortunately compression not only increases air volume it also increases air temperature and this has a negative effect on ignition

performance transmission porsche torque vectoring ptv porsche torque vectoring standard on 911 turbo s models optional for 911 turbo models with variable torque distribution to the rear wheels and a mechanical limited-slip rear differential is a system that actively enhances vehicle dynamics and stability as a function of steering angle and steering speed accelerator pedal position yaw rate and vehicle speed ptv is able to improve steering response and steering precision significantly by specific braking of the right or left rear wheel in simple terms this means that when the car is driven assertively into a corner moderate brake pressure is applied to the inside rear wheel at the same time different amounts of drive torque are distributed to each rear wheel via the rear axle differential consequently there is more drive force at the outside wheel and a rotational pulse yaw movement is generated around the vehicle s vertical axis this assists the steering input and results in more

performance chassis the second function is the motorsport-derived gearshift strategy using this porsche doppelkupplung pdk is geared up for the shortest possible shift times and optimal shift points for maximum acceleration a key component of the sport chrono package plus with dynamic engine mount system is the timer mounted on the dashboard porsche communication management pcm page 83 has a special performance display to view store and evaluate segment times or other driving times it shows the total driving time segment distance segment number and the segment times recorded so far you can view the current fastest segment and the remaining range until empty traveled distances can be recorded and benchmark times defined the personal memory function of the sport chrono package plus can also be used to store personalized settings for a range of systems including the welcome home lighting or air conditioning put more simply when you are driving into a curve in your new 911 turbo the

responsibility safety porsche side impact protection posip system posip fitted as standard consists of side-impact protection beams in the doors and two side airbags on each side namely a thorax airbag located in the side of each backrest and a head airbag incorporated within each door each airbag has an approximate volume of 2.8 cubic feet helping to ensure excellent protection in the event of side impact additional safety features include the headrests which form an integral part of each seat an energy-absorbing steering column threepoint seat belts with height adjustment coupe only seatbelt pretensioners and force limiters and energy-absorbing elements in the dashboard whether the vehicle is a closed or open-top design torsional rigidity and flexural strength are exemplary for a two-plus-two convertible body flexing is minimal even on poorly surfaced roads ensuring better handling and greater active safety the occupants are protected if the car overturns by an safety in the 911

personality comfort comfort seats the comfort seats fitted as standard in the 911 turbo and 911 turbo cabriolet models feature full electric adjustment of fore/aft position height backrest angle seat cushion angle and lumbar support also available at no extra cost for 911 turbo s models the high side bolsters provide excellent lateral support without restricting occupant comfort the generous range of adjustment options on the standard seats means that virtually every driver can find the ideal position regardless of physical build a memory function stores personal preferences for seat position lumbar support and exterior mirrors adaptive sport seats adaptive sport seats are fitted as standard in the 911 turbo s models optional for 911 turbo models they offer individual electric adjustment of fore/aft position height backrest angle sport bucket seats for the ultimate sports experience choose the sport bucket seats featuring a folding backrest integral thorax airbag and manual

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summary the 911 turbo s the 911 turbo in coupe or cabriolet they are our inventory of what is technically possible in terms of driving performance in terms of everyday practicality in terms of efficiency and it s proof that the unique path we started along back in 1974 was a valid one efficiency needs power · 99 · · 100