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the new 911|introduction opposing forces in perfect balance platzhalter 911 carrera und 911 carrera s introducing the new 911 the porsche 911 has always been a study in contrasts at its 1963 debut it did more than delight enthusiasts with its race-bred technology it astonished them with its suitability for everyday driving here was a car replete with tracktested innovations a six-cylinder boxer engine fully independent suspension and four-wheel disc brakes that offered a spacious cockpit tractable road manners and ample room for groceries and luggage with this rare balance the new porsche ushered in a golden age of sports cars a new golden age in the new 911 porsche applies this singular balance to the priorities of a new era tradition dictates that a new 911 must outperform its predecessors in driving dynamics no small feat considering the 30,000 racing victories won by the 911 over generations at the same time it must prove its relevance to a new generation so the engineers at

the new 911 the 911 carrera s the superlative form of carrera the new 911 carrera s one letter can say quite a lot for porsche s designates the superlative form of the 911 carrera in the new carrera s track-ready performance is taken to a new level through a host of engine and chassis advancements impressively its improved power and agility coexist with fuel efficiency a suite of innovations including the standard auto start stop function thermal management and electrical system recuperation provides even greater fuel efficiency while freeing more power other carrera s sensations outstanding acceleration is just one sensation that sets the carrera s apart visually its standard 20-inch wheels make a bold statement while also improving stability the resonant engine sound shorter braking distance for the first time the new 911 carrera s features front brakes with six rather than four pistons in a solid monobloc red caliper resulting in even shorter braking distance the 911 carrera s

the new 911|engine efficiency meets power the 911 engines 408 381 354 326 299 272 245 218 190 163 136 109 82 54 1000 1500 2000 2500 3000 3500 4000 4500 5000 5500 6000 6500 7000 7500 8000 287 lb ft 350 hp 339 325 310 295 280 266 251 236 221 207 192 177 162 148 efficiency is not only compatible with performance it is essential from the giant killer porsche 550 of the late 1950s to the hybrid-powered 911 gt3 r of the 2010s our racing history is replete with examples of porsche engineers squeezing more performance from every drop of fuel and every cubic centimeter of displacement the engines powering the new 911 models bring this discipline once again to daily driving not just reducing fuel consumption but delivering higher output across the power band building on excellence our engineers analyzed an extensive series of engine components to discover the best solutions for improved efficiency this effort uncovered new possibilities including the rapid heating of the engine and gearbox to

the new 911|cabriolet technology open flexible independent a long-term relationship is in the air cabriolet technology cabriolet top our engineers have completely redesigned the top for the 911 carrera cabriolet models the result is a flexible roof comprising a glass rear window and three individual and integral cabriolet top elements which are manufactured from magnesium and covered in fabric this makes the top highly robust and lightweight another benefit of the new design is that the top is smooth and firm the fabric remains taut and has elegant design lines aerodynamic design produces a low drag coefficient of just 0.30 a further feat of porsche engineering the rear window is made from glass and is electrically heated and scratch-resistant to provide excellent rearward visibility a rain channel on the top carries away water to avoid dripping when the doors are opened electrically powered the new top is operated using a button on the center console or via the key remote it opens or

the new 911 body and chassis sport tuning at the touch of a button additional performance systems dynamic engine mounts dynamic engine mounts are included in the new sport chrono package based on the dynamic engine mounts formerly available in 911 gt3 and 911 turbo models they make a decisive contribution to dynamic performance by controlling centrifugal forces the electronically controlled system minimizes the oscillations and vibrations new sport button an exhilarating new feature is the sport button now standard on the new 911 the sport button adjusts the engine s response to suit one s preferred driving style pressing the sport button changes the electronic engine mapping so it engages a sharper throttle response in vehicles with porsche doppelkupplung pdk automatic upshifts take place at higher rpm s and downshifts happen sooner while pdk s coasting mode and auto start stop function are deactivated in cars equipped with the optional sport exhaust system a more assertive exhaust

discerning foresighted tenacious balanced intuitive uncompromising comfort precise controlled 51

the new 911|comfort find your comfort zone comfort and convenience features electric tilt/slide sunroof the optional electrically adjustable tilt/slide sunroof for the coupe models features an all-new design that opens outward so that it doesn t sacrifice headroom another advantage of the new design is the much larger sunroof opening adding to the sensation of open-air driving the new two-position nettype wind deflector protects against draft and minimizes wind noise roof transport system available as an option for the coupe models the new aluminum roof transport system is aerodynamically efficient very lightweight and easy to attach a range of attachments is available such as a roof box a bike carrier or a ski snowboard carrier maximum roof load is 165 pounds 75 kg luggage compartment the luggage compartment volume in the new 911 models is 4.7 cubic feet 135 liters the luggage compartment is fully trimmed in scratch-resistant materials perfect for weekend adventures climate

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the new 911|personalization the final ingredient in a truly exclusive sports car you personalization options the standard specification of the new 911 carrera models may be second to none but porsche still gives you the opportunity to make it unmistakably yours there are many ways to make your 911 carrera or 911 carrera s a true exclusive porsche exclusive each 911 that rolls out of the factory is different from the last thanks to the creativity of our customers and the porsche workers who love to accommodate their wishes explore the possibilities of porsche exclusive our legendary factory customization porsche tequipment to appreciate the full range of options consider porsche tequipment innovative accessories available exclusively through your porsche dealer your dealer will be happy to advise you and inspire you with ideas in the tequipment catalog porsche options one way to personalize your 911 is with a variety of exterior and interior options detailed in the following pages see

911 carrera s cabriolet product page product 911 carrera s cabriolet 911 carrera cabriolet 911 carrera cabriolet 911 carrera s 911 carrera s 911 carrera 911 carrera page interior sport seats plus adaptive sport seats plus 18-way with memory package including steering-column adjustment seat heating front steering-wheel heating only in conjunction with seat heating front seat ventilation only in conjunction with seat heating front fire extinguisher rev counter dial face in black sport seat plus interior leather · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · 57 57 58 56 58 multifunction steering wheel sportdesign steering wheel leather seats leather interior package in standard color leather interior package in special color leather interior package in two-tone combination leather interior package in natural leather leather interior in color to sample · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · 55 56 81 81

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