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the new 911 body and chassis porsche dynamic chassis control pdcc pdcc a new option available on the 911 carrera s models is an active anti-roll system that reduces lateral body movement during cornering with this system hydraulic stabilizing actuators located at each wheel actively optimize wheel camber their action moderated based on steering angle and lateral acceleration the result is more stable lateral load transfer sharper turn-in and improved dynamic performance pdcc is also helpful in minimizing the car s lateral instability over uneven ground and in emergency maneuvers requiring sudden steering inputs in simple terms the vehicle holds the road better and you can steer through corners faster and in a more relaxed manner with greater ride comfort in this way pdcc contributes to a new benchmark in dynamic performance porsche stability management psm the new 911 models feature enhanced psm as standard equipment sensors within the car continuously monitor direction speed yaw velocity and lateral acceleration using this information psm is able to calculate the actual direction of travel at any given moment if the car begins to oversteer or understeer psm applies selective braking on individual wheels to help restore stability under acceleration on wet or low-grip road surfaces psm improves traction using the automatic brake differential abd anti-slip regulation asr and engine drag torque control edc electromechanical power steering research shows that a car drives in a when twists and turns beckon the steering system has the classic porsche feel it features a variable-steering ratio and responds sensitively and directly providing the driver with the agility and feedback customary in a 911 power steering plus power steering plus the speed-sensitive power-steering system is available as an option for the 911 carrera models at high speeds the steering is firm at low speeds the steering ratio of power steering plus adjusts for much easier maneuvering and parking tire pressure monitoring system tpms this safety system sends warnings to the onboard computer s display screen in the event of a gradual or sudden loss of pressure the individual pressures in all four tires can be displayed in the instrument cluster in cars equipped with the optional sport chrono package the driver can raise the psm activation threshold by selecting the sport plus setting for an even more dynamic experience the driver can fully deactivate psm the system is automatically reactivated only if the driver brakes hard enough to require abs engagement at one of the front wheels or both front wheels if the driver has selected sport plus mode abs and abd however remain active at all times straight line 90 percent of the time that inspired porsche to develop a new electromechanical power-steering system for the new 911 in place of a conventional hydraulic steering pump which constantly demands a portion of the engine s power this system employs an electric motor that uses energy only when the steering wheel is actually turned the absence of hydraulic fluid also makes the system more beneficial to the environment rapid cornering in the 911 carrera without pdcc illustrative example rapid cornering in the 911 carrera s with pdcc illustrative example 39 40