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the new 911 body and chassis sport tuning at the touch of a button additional performance systems dynamic engine mounts dynamic engine mounts are included in the new sport chrono package based on the dynamic engine mounts formerly available in 911 gt3 and 911 turbo models they make a decisive contribution to dynamic performance by controlling centrifugal forces the electronically controlled system minimizes the oscillations and vibrations new sport button an exhilarating new feature is the sport button now standard on the new 911 the sport button adjusts the engine s response to suit one s preferred driving style pressing the sport button changes the electronic engine mapping so it engages a sharper throttle response in vehicles with porsche doppelkupplung pdk automatic upshifts take place at higher rpm s and downshifts happen sooner while pdk s coasting mode and auto start stop function are deactivated in cars equipped with the optional sport exhaust system a more assertive exhaust note is also activated turning the sport button off allows the driver to adjust for a more leisurely driving style with smoother throttle response pasm and in the s models the optional porsche dynamic chassis control pdcc switch to a firmer damping setting for more direct of sport plus adds two additional high-performance functions ideal for motorsports the first is launch control which can be used on the track or autocross course to achieve the fastest possible standing start the second is a motorsport-derived gearshift strategy shifting becomes lightning-fast for maximum acceleration the sport chrono package includes a stopwatch mounted on the dashboard the driver can store and evaluate lap times via the porsche communication management pcm system the display shows lap distance lap number individual lap times and total driving time of the entire drivetrain especially the engine the engine is bolted to the body by two mounts like any mass it obeys the law of inertia this means that it will continue moving in a uniformly straight line unless some force causes it to change direction dynamic engine mounts minimize the centrifugal effect steering angle and both longitudinal and lateral acceleration are constantly recorded by sensors the stiffness and damping performance of the engine mounts adapt to changes in driving style and road surface conditions which is achieved by use of a fluid magnetized in an electrically generated field this results in greater traction and more stable handling under load change conditions and in fast corners sport chrono package the sport chrono package is optional in the new 911 models with a touch of the sport plus button this integrated system adjusts engine and transmission for high-performance driving in addition it includes a performance display with both digital and analog stopwatches and the sport plus button an additional display in the steering wheel and instrument cluster indicates whether the sport button and launch control have been activated on activation of sport plus mode porsche active suspension management steering and better roadholding in sport plus mode the trigger threshold for psm is raised agility is perceptibly enhanced when braking for corners with psm allowing for sportier braking and exit acceleration for maximum dexterity psm can be set to standby while the car is still in sport plus mode for safety it is set to intervene automatically only when abs assistance is required on both front wheels in cars equipped with porsche doppelkupplung pdk the selection 41 42