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the new 911 body and chassis porsche torque vectoring ptv and porsche torque vectoring plus ptv in conjunction with the manual transmission or ptv plus with porsche doppelkupplung pdk are available as options for the 911 carrera models and standard in the 911 carrera s models both systems actively enhance vehicle dynamics and stability operating in conjunction with a mechanical ptv or electronic ptv plus rear differential lock they work by braking the rear wheels as the situation demands speed ptv and ptv plus are able to improve steering response and steering precision by specific braking of the right or left rear wheel to be more precise this means that consequently a greater amount of power is distributed to the outside rear wheel inducing an additional rotational pulse yaw movement around the vehicle s vertical axis this results in a direct and sporty steering action as the car enters the corner at low and medium vehicle speeds ptv and ptv plus increase agility and steering precision at high speeds and when accelerating out of corners the rear differential lock ensures greater driving stability with ptv the differential lock is regulated mechanically with ptv plus it is regulated electronically and the torque distribution is infinitely variable both systems interact with porsche stability management psm to improve driving stability on a range of surface conditions for the driver this means greater stability easier handling and outstanding traction as well as greater agility precise steering and stable load transfer characteristics what else unrivaled driving pleasure at every twist and turn as a function of steering angle and steering speed accelerator pedal position yaw rate and vehicle when the car is driven assertively into a corner moderate brake pressure is applied to the inside rear wheel 43 44