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gas pressure regulating valve low pressure 90 cm in inches swivel 45 degree high pressure diving regulator high tech diving poseidon one suit sz 43 bungie cord scuba regulator lp hose discovery oxygen sensor gas regulator diaphragm black bungie cord dump valve dump valves dump valve 8 water servo valves rash guard water pressure regulator diaphragm lp high pressure regulator 2nd stage regulators second stage lp regulator car gas pressure regulating valve high pressure lp hose oxygen sensor circuit oxygen high pressure hose high pressure lp gas regulator regulator diaphragm for low pressures second stage regulator outlet pressure setting high pressure normally open safety valve 4 hose collapsible blue gas mixing valve high pressure float ball valve low pressure one way air flow valve quick dump valve 3 way high pressure picture 26 mm inlet valve zipper for marine environment how much pressure is in a power steering hose cave diving diving hose diving hoses hose diving dive hose hose dive low pressure diving regulator low pressure diving regulator hose dive hose fittings hose fitting diving dive caps military diving equipment dive down seat low pressure diving equipment dive equipment basic back strap diving

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rebreather bcd the rebreather bcd is a world s first of its kind the rebreather bcd is constructed to the highest quality and durability integrated exchangeable lungs weight system individual patch system

jetstream the benchmark for high performance controlling the power of a massive airflow astonishingly reaching some 2100 litres/minute is an engineering challenge the solution to this was to obtain a precision regulation keeping breathing pressure to within 5 mm.w.c throughout the inhalation cycle regardless of depth and demand called a servo-assisted valve it works in the same way as does the power steering you may have on your car ­ it s all about compensation prior to diving when you pressurize the regulator the main blue bladder valve is inflated with the interstage pressure along with all inner volumes including the upstream side of the servo valve when this is done a swoshing sound of streaming air is heard the system is then activated on inhalation the forces from the inhalation diaphragm easily overcome the light forces to crack open or tilt the servovalve and in turn evacuate all inner volumes the main blue bladder valve then collapses and in turn lets an amount of gas

glossary of terms used balanced this means that the regulated pressure is independent from the upstream pressure e.g ip independent from cylinder pressure or breathing pressure independent from ip the conventional way to obtain this is to arrange the valve in such a way that the upstream pressure either acts only on surfaces perpendicular to the opening and closing direction thereby having no effect on opening and closing forces or the upstream pressure leads through the valve to an opposite surface of equal area leading to an automatic equalisation balancing of forces in the opening and closing direction either way it leads to a more stable performance and higher regulating precision upstream valve vs downstream valve an upstream valve opens in a direction opposite of the flow direction which will be established when the valve opens a downstream opens in the same direction as the subsequent flow an upstream valve will seal tighter and tighter with an increasing upstream pressure

one suit sport neoprene poseidon s stunning multipurpose wetsuit nylon outer shell for extra durability prebent arms for highest comfort

one shoe a shoe worth wearing above and below the surface ykk waterproof supratex with rubber sole

flexihood semi-long neck for a good match with our dry suits liquid seams makes it highly durable colors black art no 0245 05 0245 10 0245 20 0245 25 0245 30 0245 40 0245 45 0245 50 description flexihood size xs flexihood size s flexihood size m flexihood size ml flexihood size l flexihood size xl flexihood size xxl flexihood size xxxl material 6.5 mm double ventilated hood with superstretch neoprene face seal in neoprene sandwich superstretch glideskin technical features now available with liquid seams and upgraded fit

phantom poseidon s double-glass mask designed for best possible view area a silicone mask that fits most faces flexible neck strap buckle for comfort colors black black/yellow black silicone clear silicone art no 0720-000 0720-001 0720-002 0720-003 description mask phantom black/black bs mask phantom black/yellow bs mask phantom black/black cs mask phantom black/yellow cs material pvc and silicon technical features high-tech design delivers an impressively wide angle of vision available in multiple color combinations

sports fin high force light weight travel-friendly fin adjustable heel strap with quick release system

ipad case/laptop case ipad case waterproof casing for ipad available in black nylon 1680 colors black art no 0650-010 description ipad case black laptop case waterproof casing for laptops 15 and17 made in nylon 1680 colors black art no 0650-011 description laptop case black